17Hats vs Dubsado – Side-by-Side Comparison, Tips, FAQs & More

We highly recommend a CRM for an online course creation business. This is because it could be almost impossible to manage all the tasks on your own. 

Our top two picks are 17Hats and Dubsado. They both provide effective CRM, customizable templates, and easy scheduling for your business events. You can easily automate your work and save time. 

17Hats Vs Dubsado, which one is better? This guide will help you pick the best option for your website.

CRM Project Management4.5 stars out of 5 4 stars out of 5 
Task Automation4.5 stars out of 5 4.2 stars out of 5 
Customization4.8 stars out of 5 4.5 stars out of 5 
Security 4.9 stars out of 5 4 stars out of 5 
Marketing Automation4.8 stars out of 5 4.3 stars out of 5 

The debate between Dubsado Vs 17hats can be quite confusing. However, this complete guide will help you understand which software could be the best for your creative businesses. 

17Hats Review – Best All in One Suite for Businesses 

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17Hats has all the features you need to successfully manage and run your business effectively. 

How Can 17Hats Help? 

Their high-end CRM tool allows you to keep track of your users and vendors. The software will instantly notify you if someone visits your website or clicks on the provided links.

Is 17Hats Effective?

For your online course creation business, 17Hats has effective CRM strategies that are integrated into the software. It will help you find leads and business ideas that you could use in the future. 

This is crucial if you want your online business to continue and grow in the market.

You can do the online marketing of your online course with the help of our guide.

Features of 17Hats

  • Helps you store customer contacts in a Contact Card
  • Allows you to create personalized profiles for each contact
  • Automated Booking process
  • Easy to make a to-do list 
  • Automated holiday gift card sales 
Pros Cons
Easy to use

24/7 customer support center 

Provides a great value for money

 Sends an automatic payment reminder

Manage your deadlines
It could take time for the customer service to respond

Benefits of 17Hats 

17Hats has a variety of quality tools that help you manage and automate your online course creation business functions. 

Generate Leads

You can easily find more leads by hooking in a lead capture form on your website. This will direct your users to the information customers are looking for. You can create domains based on the responses of these forms and create an excellent client experience. 

Store Client Information

Creative entrepreneurs understand the importance of CRM platforms. 17Hats enables you to create a contact form where you can store information of multiple clients and provide services based on their demands. 

Create Templates

Moreover, 17Hats allows you to create templates and store them in your library. This will save you a lot of time and effort. 

You will also be able to make contracts, invoices, business documents, and quotes and store them for future use. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy 17Hats

Easy Plan Scheduling

17Hats allows you to plan and schedule meetings with your customers and vendors easily. We noticed that the software allows you to set reminders in advance.

Hence, you will never have to miss a task or an important email. 17Hats’ automated scheduling feature will automatically send your emails to the potential recipient at the designated time.

Interactive Client Portal 

17Hats client portal is an effective CRM platform that allows you to engage with your users. It provides great customer service where you can respond to your clients directly. 

17Hats Financial Management Tool

Managing your finances can be difficult. 17Hats provides you with a number of tools that can help you keep track of the inflow and outflow of your money. 

By keeping a track record of your expenses, you can reduce costs and unnecessary spending. 

Billing And Invoice Reminders

17Hats advanced features send automated billing reminders and invoices on your due dates. The software will prevent you from missing out on any important payments by sending reminders prior to your deadlines. 

Effective CRM 

Client relationship management is crucial for all businesses. 17Hats enables you to build long-term relationships with your customers by providing up-to-date CRM domains

The software allows you to track your customers actions. This will help you find potential leads for future subjects. 

What Do the Customers Think?

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dubsado vs 17 hats vs dubsabdo honeybook vs client

Whilst searching for customer reviews for 17Hats, we noticed that most users were satisfied with their experience and would recommend others. 

17Hat’s Integrative Feature

Customers were extremely satisfied with 17Hats integrative features. They were able to connect their Gmail and Paypal accounts with 17Hats, which allows them to manage their contacts and payments through a central place. 

Easy to Use

Most users claimed that the software was extremely easy to use and has an effective client management system. They were able to stay organized and manage their tasks easily. 

You Can get Separate Billing Invoices

Not just this, customers were happy that 17Hats allows you to create separate billing invoices for each project. 

This allowed them to send automated billing forms to the users depending on their chosen service. 

Best All In One Suite For Businesses 

The Best All In One Suite for Businesses is 17Hats because it allows you to automate all your business functions and manage them without any difficulty. 

Dubsado Review – Best Business Management Tool

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Dubsado has one of the best workflow capabilities that help you manage your business without any sort of hassle. 

It helps you provide quality services to your loyal customers by managing their information and storing it automatically. Dubsado’s free trial allows you to manage up to three clients for as long as you want.

This is beneficial for online course creators as it allows them to manage their clients and understand what features they need before purchasing a package. 

Features of Dubsado

  • Helps you convert leads into paid customers. 
  • Allows clients to directly book from your website 
  • Does a complete analysis of your outstanding payments 
  • Conducts financial analysis of your expenses for you 
  • Helps you manage your tasks 
Pros Cons
Customizable templates and forms 

Fast customer service 

Allows you to integrate emails

Built-in scheduler

Helps you set up fillable forms
The software could slow down at times

Benefits of Dubsado

Customizable Contact Form

Dubsado provides a number of features that could benefit your business. This includes creating a customizable contact form that allows your users to automatically schedule appointments through your website. 

Inbuilt Scheduler 

Moreover, you can easily mark dates in the inbuilt scheduler and manage your invoices. You can also receive payments directly from your customers. 

Identify Leads

Furthermore, Dubsado allows you to identify new leads and convert them into future business opportunities. 

You can also convert these leads into paid customers. Dubsado’s automation feature will help you capture customers and potential clients.  

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Dubsado

Effective Onboarding Process 

Dubsado allows you to convert potential leads into paid customers. When you find new clients, the software will automatically direct them into instantly creating a Dubsado account.

 This is crucial for your online course creation business as it ensures that your users will not slip away. 

CRM Project Management 

Through Dubsado’s CRM Project Management feature, you can manage your work by scheduling a time limit for each task. 

Moreover, you can also automate your billing and invoices, which allows the software to automatically make payments without your involvement. 

Automated Payments

Since managing all your finances can be time-consuming, you can easily streamline your payment process through automotive features. 

Your software will automatically make payments to your clients without any sort of hassle. 

Email Integration 

It is important that you can integrate your email account to manage your contact. Dubsado offers effective integration with Gmail and Microsoft Outlook.

 Once you integrate your accounts, you can easily control contact functions from a centralized account. 

Customizable features 

Dubsado offers a wide range of customizable tools that allow you to personalize templates and documents based on your preference.

By creating and storing templates in your library, you can save time and focus on other course creation activities. 

What Do the Customers Think?

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dubsado vs 17hats

Customers who have been using Dubsado to manage their business activities have overall been satisfied with their experience.

Free trial

They claim that the free trial provided them with quality features and helped them understand if the software is worth their money. Effectively managing their clients through Dubsado convinced the users to purchase the software.  

Easy to Use

Moreover, users found Dubsado incredibly easy to use and ideal for all sorts of small to medium businesses. They were able to automate their business tasks without any hesitation and divide the workload. 

Manage Tasks with the Help of Dubsado

The best thing about Dusado in the customer’s view was that it helped them save a lot of time. Since the software can easily manage their payments, they can focus on creating more services for their website.  

The Best Management Tool

The best management tool for online businesses is Dubsado because it helps you automate payments. This saves a lot of time and allows you to never miss or delay any invoices. Moreover, Dusado allows users to schedule their posts and time them for future posting. 

Finding the best Marketing and Management tool can be tedious. However, there are some products other than 17Hats and Dubsado which are worth mentioning like Webfire, and Hubspot.

17Hats VS Dubsado – Buyers’ Guide


If you are a freelancer who works for an online course creation business or owns one, you would want to choose software that offers all the quality features at a lower price. 

The monthly plan for 17Hats starts from $45. You may have to pay more in case you want new features. In case you want a yearly subscription, you can get their package through their annual payment bundle. 

However, Dubsado provides quality features at a relatively lower price. You can get their monthly plan at a starting price of $35 only

The prices can vary based on the bundle you choose and the duration of the package. 

Effective CRM

Your software should help you manage customer profiles by allowing you to save their information for future purposes. 

Moreover, your software should allow you to track user engagements so that you can identify their trends to create future domains. 

Both 17Hats and Dubsado allow you to integrate your Gmail account, which helps you manage your contacts from one account. This decreases redundancy or repetition of tasks. 

Not just this, 17Hats and Dubsado’s integrative feature also allows you to share task boards and event details with your users. 

Free trial 

Free trials are a game-changer. They help you understand whether the software is worth the value. You will also be able to identify if the software provides all the features you need to successfully run business operations. 

Dubsado offers an unlimited free trial, which is an excellent opportunity for online course creation businesses. You can easily manage up to 3 clients through Dubsado’s free trial for a lifetime. 

However, 17Hats’ free trial period lasts only for 7 days. After that, you will have to purchase their software if you want to use their services. 

17Hats provides easy payment methods including debit card payments and online bank transfers. 

Moreover, you can easily subscribe to a free email course and get instant updates about the new features for both Dubsado and 17Hats. 

Business Automation 

For multiple brands, automating repetitive tasks helps them save a lot of time. Both 17Hats and Dubsado allow you to automate invoices and email scheduling

Both software automatically saves client information for you directly from your websites.  

You can also automate a setup process that can help convert your visitors into potential customers. By adding an affiliate link, your users can automatically sign up with your software and make money online.

App Integration 

Integrating your apps and managing them through one centralized account could be incredibly beneficial. This will save you a lot of time and prevent any repetition of tasks. 

The 17Hats Integrative feature allows you to manage a wide range of applications under one roof. You can also deal with a new client and store information at the same time. 

Similarly, Dubsado allows you to integrate over 3000 different applications from a single account.

Customizable Templates 

Pre-made software could save you a lot of time since you won’t have to create a document for each new platform. 

Customizing pre-made templates allow you to personalize email templates and then send them to users based on your preference. This can help you build strong customer relations. 

Effective Workflow Capabilities 

Dubsado Workflows allow you to automate your business activities such as sending emails and setting up forms. Similarly, the 17Hats workflow allows you to automate templates and pre-made guides and them to additional users. 

Both Dubsado and 17Hats have the workflow feature. However, in our personal opinion, Dubsado helps you create better and new workflows. 

We have created a VERY detailed guide for you in which we talk about every single thing you need to know about making money by creating, selling, and managing online courses.

Dubsado vs 17Hats – Final Verdict

It is important to consider purchasing software that can help you manage your tasks, especially if you own an online course creation business. 

We advise you to choose between 17Hats and Dubsado as they provide the best CRM, time tracking, and automated admin work features. 

Feel free to contact us if you want to know any further information about 17Hats or Dubsado.

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