6 Side Hustles You Should Absolutely Get into in 2022

Side hustles are an easy way to boost your monthly income. You can earn from a couple of hundreds to thousands of dollars from your home setup.

However, it is important that you select the right hustle to yield the maximum income. This is why we have compiled a list of side hustles you should get into.

Quick Summary

Today’s post will primarily focus on the following:

  • 6 side hustles you shouldn’t miss
  • Quick insight on which websites you can use

6 Hustles To Maximize Your Monthly Income

You can get into any only hustle to earn money online but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it will yield a high income. 

Let’s check some side hustles that, in our opinion, will enable you to earn large sums of money. 

1. Marketing Research Groups

Since the start of the pandemic, a lot of jobs that include physical presence have moved to an online workspace. One of these jobs includes research and focus groups. 

Before the pandemic, you had to sign up and go to a certain location to be a part of such a group. But now, you can do it just from a laptop. 

focus groups

How much can I earn from such groups?

There is no baseline earning from focus groups. You can earn a hundred dollars or a thousand dollars depending on the brand. 

For example, Coca-Cola and Amazon pay hundreds of dollars for one single research session. You just have to keep an eye open for such opportunities. 

Where do I sign-up for a focus group?

The easiest way to find these opportunities is by subscribing to the newsletter of different brands. On top of that, you have to check their websites on a daily basis. 

This is mainly because advertisements for focus groups aren’t widely shown on social platforms. It helps the brands narrow down the participants and streamline the process. 

2. Online Course Store

Online courses have gained traction over the past few years. However, this market has seen a significant boost in the pandemic. 

There are two ways you can earn from online courses. Either you can develop your own courses or you can compile courses and sell them on your own website/store. 

How do I develop an online store?

It is quite simple to do so. You can go to websites like Treehouse or Pluralsight and create an online page for your courses. 

online courses

After that, you can list your courses and sell them through your page. We have detailed reviews of Treehouse and Pluralsight for a better idea.

How much can I potentially earn from this hustle?

It depends on what type of courses you list on your online store. Some courses are more demanding than others and can be sold for a higher price. 

For example, coding courses are high in demand and thus, can earn you from $500 to $1000 per course. 

3. Freelance Writing

Freelancing is a wide market that has numerous opportunities. However, freelance marketing in particular is interesting if you are looking for a side hustle. 

You can get paid by the hour or choose to get paid per task. It depends on your personal preference how much you want to earn. 

What are the best platforms for freelance writing?

Upwork is undoubtedly the most viable option. You can start an income stream the minute you sign up on the website. All it takes is just a couple of minutes to make your profile. 

freelancer, freelancing

Once it is done, you can then choose any project of your liking/technicality. Some people offer basic blog post writing tasks while some advertisements are looking for a rather long-term writer. 

How much can I earn on a monthly basis? 

Depending on which route you take, there is potential for you to earn hundreds of dollars each month. Let’s take an example.

Suppose you find an opportunity that pays by the hour. Their hourly rate is $5 and you work at least 8 hours daily on it. 

That is $40 per day. So, on a monthly basis, you can potentially earn $1200 by simply just writing articles, blogs, or anything for that matter. 

4. Website Moderation

Every website needs some sort of upkeep to maintain its running condition. This requires the presence of an active moderator to check a website’s traffic inflow. 

Even with highly sophisticated servers, websites are prone to shut down due to large traffic inflow. An active moderator makes sure there are no such issues. 

website management

Do I need any past experience for it?

You certainly need some level of expertise in web development and management for this task. Otherwise, it will do you no good if the website goes under. 

On the other hand, if you don’t have any past experience, there are multiple tutorials online. You can learn from these guides and learn how to manage a website. 

What is the baseline earning for this hustle?

It comes down to the scale of the website. Large websites like IGN or Polygon pay thousands of dollars to their website moderators. 

Even with smaller websites like Shopify, you can earn hundreds of dollars. 

5. Social Media Moderator

Just like website moderation, brands and individuals are always looking for moderators that can handle their social media accounts. 

It includes management of old posts, uploading, and handling queries from different sources. In most cases, it is an entire team of moderators that handles these tasks.

What are some examples of such a field?

Let’s say there is a startup business that wants to increase its reach on social media. Your task will be to upload new posts every day and find ways to engage their targeted audience

social media moderation

The best part? You will be provided with all materials you need. Your task is to only manage them. 

How much can I earn from it?

Depending on the size of your social media accounts, you can earn $200 to $2000 per month. Moreover, you have the space to moderate more than a single account. 

You can potentially earn $3000 to $4000 each month easily by simply monitoring social media accounts. 

6. Paid Surveys

The online marketplace is filled with brands looking for people to evaluate their products/services. They often pay large sums of money for such surveys.

You can earn up to $100 per survey. Divide that over a month and you can easily earn up to $1500 to $3000 from just surveys. 

Do I need any previous expertise in this area?

The only thing demanded from your end is an honest and critical opinion on a particular brand or service. 

These surveys are options in the form of yes or no questions. Whereas some surveys ask you to write a detailed analysis of a brand’s product/service. 

Final Thoughts…

With this, we come to the finish line of your post on 6 unique side hustles you can use in 2022. We hope this post proves to be beneficial for you. 

Online hustles have lots of potentials when it comes to earning from home. You can make various income streams that can yield hundreds of dollars on a monthly basis.