7 Course Categories to Get Into in 2023 – All You Need to Know, Pros, Cons, & More

As an online course seller, your main goal is to find a course that will sell the most. While it can be tough to predict market trends, there are some safe options that you can choose. 

This is why our team has gathered a list of course categories you can get into. Along with that, we’ll also mention some important FAQs for you. 

Quick Summary

This post will highlight the following topics:

  • 7-course categories you need to get into
  • Important tips and FAQs

Let’s get you started. 

7 Course Categories You Should Get Into in 2023

In the recent past, online courses have gained much attention. Mainly due to their accessibility and cheap costs. 

You can use this market space to create a successful business and earn profit. Let’s see which categories you can choose in the year 2023. 

Digital Marketing

The first category on our list is related to digital marketing. While the field itself is pretty vast, you can choose a niche and create courses related to it. 

We picked this field because of the natural demand for digital marketers. Many online business owners are always looking for skillful marketers that can promote their products.

Which niche should I choose?

The process of selection will require some research on your end. However, social media marketing is quite famous these days. 

Digital Marketing

Other than that, you can create courses for email/SMS marketing. Both of these categories are essential for digital marketing. 

Cloud Computing

Just like digital marketing, cloud computing is essential for online businesses. It revolves around data collection, storage, and analysis. 

Many people are looking to learn various aspects of cloud computing. This is because the career path in any IT field provides high-paying jobs. 

What sort of content should I include in my cloud computing courses?

You have to have to be careful about the content you add to your courses. Most individuals that want to learn cloud computing are beginners. 

Cloud Computing

So, your content should be easy to consume and cover the basics of cloud computing. You can also create a program with progressive expertise.

Data Analysis/Data Scientist

Next category you can get into is for data scientists. Since it is one of the most sought-after fields, there are thousands of individuals searching for online courses. 

We must also mention that courses for data scientists will require a level of expertise on your end. While you can earn a lot from these courses, the process might prove to be difficult. 

Are data scientist courses expensive?

In comparison, the courses for data scientists are generally expensive. This is mainly due to the research that goes into developing such a course. 

Data Analysis/Data Scientist

Additionally, these courses are longer than a month. In most cases, these courses are over the $100 price range. 

Artificial Intelligence

Our next pick is for the AI and Machine Learning field. With the rise of automation, there are a lot of opportunities to create such courses. 

On top of that, the field itself is pretty broad. You can easily find a niche and create multiple courses for it. 

How much can I earn from AI courses?

On average, you can price a course between $80 to $150. Moreover, you can create module-based courses that span over multiple weeks. 

Artificial Intelligence

This can help you attract new individuals for your courses. Since it is easier to learn a course if it is broken down into multiple pieces. 

Blockchain Development

It is no surprise that blockchain as a concept has taken off in recent years. Since it is a fresh market, you can easily gain a lot of traction with the right courses. 

We must mention that blockchain courses might prove to be difficult to create. This is mainly because there isn’t much knowledge to go around. 

Blockchain Development

Are blockchain development courses in demand?

While the demand for such courses isn’t high in comparison, people are willing to pay to learn about blockchain. 

You can create courses that highlight the basics of blockchain. Moreover, you can also create courses that focus on blockchain implementation in various other fields. 

Cyber Security

Another field that you can into is cyber security. There is a long list of niche categories to choose from. 

The list includes aspects like cloud security, app security, data protection, and much more. As a course developer, this gives you a lot of room to select the right niche. 

Cyber Security

What is the potential in this field as a course creator?

One important thing to note is that the field is saturated. You might have to find fresh content to stand out. 

Otherwise, you won’t be able to price your courses at a high price range. Mainly because there are cheaper options already available in the market. 


Lastly, we must include coding as a category in our list. The reason behind it is the ever-growing demand for front and back-end developers. 

Almost every IT-related company is looking for proficient coders. With such an opportunistic landscape, you can easily create substantial profit margins. 


What is the optimal price range for such courses?

Due to the abundance of present courses, the price range is naturally low. You can find competitors’ courses between the $50 to $150 range. 

So, before you price your courses, find the optimal balance between your breakeven point and profit.

Important Tips to Keep in Mind

Now, let’s check out some essential tips you need to keep in mind.

  • Always do your research about the trends. You can always find a niche that can provide a good opportunity for you to attract new customers. 
  • Look for data online about the sales of various course categories. This can help you project which categories will provide good sales in the future. 
  • Check what your competitors are doing. This will help you understand their tactics to gain new customers.
  • Do not put all your resources in one category. Make sure that you also create courses for other relevant categories. 
  • Always create courses with the most recent knowledge available. While your basics can be timeless, expert-level content should be fresh. 
  • Break down your courses into modules. Your customers will find it easier to overview what your courses have to offer. 

Wrapping Things Up…

With this, we come to the finish line of our post on 7 Course Categories to Get Into in 2022. We hope you can use this information to create a successful online course-selling business. 

Online course selling business has a lot to offer. However, it is quite crucial to select the right category if you want to be one step ahead of your competition.