7 Key Courses for Web Development and Management – All You Need to Know & More

Web development is a highly demanded skill in the online world. However, for some individuals, it can be hard to find an entry point. 

This is why in today’s post, we’ll highlight various courses you can get for web development. Moreover, we’ll also discuss some FAQs related to these courses. 

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Without further delay, let’s get started. 

7 Major Courses for Web Development and Management

When it comes to web development, you can find various ways to enter the field. However, unlike other fields, you need specific skills to do so. 

There are multiple courses you can find online, although it can be a tedious task to choose the right one. Now, let’s check what various courses have to offer and where you can find them.

Introduction to HTML5

The first and foremost pick on our list is a course from the University of Michigan. Our team selected this course because it is specifically designed for beginners. 

You can learn all the basics related to HTML. It includes skills in URLs, coding, editing, contextual tags, and multimedia. 

Introduction to HTML5

How long is this course?

We noticed that this course approximately takes 3-5 months to complete. You can even shorten this duration by skipping tests and assignments. 

The reason behind its long duration is that it is made for undergrad students. On top of that, it is taught by Collen Van Lent. 


  • Easy to follow content
  • Covers basic concepts
  • Downloadable lectures
  • Lifetime access


  • Not suitable for advanced skills

Introduction to Web Development

Next course on our list is from the University of California. You can access this course on Class Central’s platform. 

We picked this course because it is focused on the basic principles of web development. You can even learn to code in languages like HTML and JavaScript.

Introduction to Web Development

Does this course offer any professional value?

Another advantage of this course is that it provides a verified certificate. This certificate is also issued by the university itself. 

You can use it to find numerous job opportunities. However, it is important to note that it is only useful for entry-level jobs.  


  • Basic content
  • Highly focused topics
  • Covers multiple languages
  • Video guides


  • Certification requires a series of tests

IBM’s Introduction to Web Development

For our next pick, we have a course offered by IBM. You can access this course on Class Central and Coursera. 

We handpicked this course for people that are short on budget and require an entry point. You can enroll in this course without any cost. 

IBM’s Introduction to Web Development

What sort of skills can I learn from this course?

At a general level, this course is centered around cloud programming. It uses various languages and frameworks to explain back-end, front-end, and full-stack concepts. 

You can use these skills to find numerous opportunities in the corporate sector. Tech companies like Google are always looking for such individuals. 


  • Provides professional value
  • No prerequisites required
  • Free of cost
  • Short duration


  • Lacks multiple advanced concepts

Programming Foundations

Next course on our list comes from Duke University. We picked this course because it explains multiple concepts from varying levels of expertise. 

You can use this course to master a singular skill or expand your portfolio with multiple skills. Moreover, it also provides a verified certification after completion. 

What are the major skills I can learn from it?

For starters, you can learn algorithms and programming. Although as the course progresses, it highlights the use of functions, loops, and variables. 

Other than that, you can also use their hands-on projects to test your skills. This will help you polish your skills to the next level. 


  • Includes advanced concepts
  • Focuses on professional use
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Certification available


  • Quite extensive

Responsive Website Basics

For our next course, we have selected one from the University of London. It offers an introduction to various languages and their use in web development. 

We found that this course teaches skills related to navbars, lists, layouts, and hyperlinks. All these courses are essential for web development. 

How long will it take to complete this course?

In its entirety, you’ll need at least 25 hours to complete. This also includes a series of tests and assignments that you can perform. 

Moreover, we found that this course provides downloadable content. You can keep the lectures and listen to them on the go.


  • Expert-level content
  • Practice tests and quizzes
  • Lifetime access
  • Budget-friendly


  • Requires multiple prerequisites

Responsive Web Design

Next pick on our course comes from freeCodeCamp. We selected this course because it highlights the use of HTML and CSS.

You can learn HTML forms and CSS toolkits in a step-by-step process. Other than that, it features skills related to organizing and structuring. 

Responsive Web Design

Is this course paid?

One main advantage of this course is that it is free of cost. You’ll simply have to sign up on the main website and all the content of this course will be free to access. 

Besides that, the course itself is divided into 2-4 subcourses. Each module focuses on a unique topic. 


  • Beginner-level concepts
  • Free certification
  • Flexible schedule
  • Video-based guides


  • Quite lengthy

Web Programming

Lastly, we have a course from Harvard University. Our team picked this course because it revolves around the modern use of Python and JavaScript. 

You can learn a number of skills that are currently high in demand. The list includes SQL models, interactive web applications, and database utilities. 

Web Programming

Is this course difficult?

Our team found that you require multiple prerequisites to start this course. Especially, you’ll need a background in mathematics. 

However, the course itself is quite short. You’ll only need 9-12 hours to complete the entire course with its tests. 


  • Suitable for expert individuals
  • Provides certification
  • Taught by multiple professors
  • Short duration


  • The certification is paid

Important Tips to Keep In Mind

Following are some essential tips to keep in mind at all times. Let’s check them out.

  • Web development courses are highly practical. Always select a course that teaches the use of tools.
  • Always go for certifications. Even if you don’t use them for jobs, it is good to expand your portfolio. 
  • Never try to rush through your courses. All the courses are designed in a certain way to teach multiple things step by step.
  • Always take the available tests and assignments. These activities will help you polish your skills even further. 

Wrapping Things Up…

With this, we come to the finish line of our post on 7 Key Courses for Web Development and Management. 

Web development can be quite tricky to get into. However, with the right information, you can grow professionally in no time at all. 

We hope this information proves to be useful for you.

Let us know if you have any further queries.