9 Strategies to Increase Sales on Shopify – Detailed Breakdown, FAQs, & More

Shopify is one of the most famous online platforms to sell unique products. You can use it to create a stable stream of sales. 

However, there are certain methods to further increase your sales.

In today’s post, we’ll shed light on various strategies you can use to boost sales on Shopify. 

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9 Tested Strategies to Increase Sales on Shopify

Shopify has various tools that you can use to elevate your sales revenue. However, for beginners, it can be tough to get around them. 

Other than these tools, there are some strategies you can use to create a strong brand image. Now, let’s discuss what these strategies are and how they impact your sales in detail

Email Marketing

One of the most used tactics by retailers on Shopify is email marketing. It helps them accomplish various tasks effectively. 

You can use email marketing to provide discounts and promote future products. There are multiple ways to get your customers to provide their emails. 

What are the methods to get emails from my customers?

You can use various forms of opt-in forms to get your customer’s emails. Some of the most commonly used interactions include popup windows, flyouts, and discount windows. 

Here’s an example from PC Gamer’s website.

PC games

It depends on your personal preference if you want to use one or all of them. Generally, it is a good practice to use a combination of two. 

Social Media Marketing

When it comes to online sales, social media marketing can prove to be quite beneficial. You can drive sales from other platforms with little to no effort. 

This is mainly because of the massive user base. Moreover, social media platforms also provide a low rate for ad placement. 

How do I drive sales from social media platforms?

You can simply do this by creating a promotional account. For example, Instagram lets you create a detailed portfolio for your products. 

This adds a new flair to your marketing and helps you capture the curiosity of many potential customers. 

Here’s the outlook of Nike’s Instagram page. 

social media marketing

Generate Traffic with SEO

It goes without saying that SEO is one of the most important tools to drive sales organically. There are multiple ways to use SEO as well. 

You can use various tools to focus on your entire store or specific products. It includes the research of market trends and essential keywords. 

How do I implement SEO strategies?

To put it simply, you can use SEO tools to streamline the entire process. These tools will do all the hard work for you. 

You can then use the data to enhance your landing page, product page, product descriptions, titles, and whatnot. 

Utilize Paid Advertisements

Another useful strategy you can use is in the form of paid advertisements. You can use social media platforms for this purpose or Google itself. 


Moreover, paid advertisements can help you tap into undiscovered target audiences as well. You can also create personalized ads with specific discounts. 

What sort of ads should I place on other platforms?

Generally, it is highly recommended that you use intriguing images and descriptions to create a sense of curiosity. 

This will push your target audience to click on your Shopify store link and ultimately turn into customers. 

Create Personalized Landing Pages

Off-platform marketing can help you generate sales but it is no good without landing pages. It is quite essential to have personalized landing pages for your Shopify store. 

Otherwise, your potential customers will have to navigate through the entire store to reach the desired product. This can add unnecessary hassle for them. 

How many landing pages do I need to create?

As a rule of thumb, there should be a landing page for every single product. Either that or you can create landing pages for individual categories. 

Here’s an example from Corsair’s main website.

landing plages

Both strategies can create convenience for new and old customers alike. 

Multiple Payment Options

Next up we have the utility of multiple payment options that you can implement as a strategy. Since Shopify is a global platform, it is essential to provide convenience for customers around the world. 

Generally, Shopify stores only have the option for credit cards or PayPal. While these options are sufficient, you can also use installments and cash on delivery. 

How does that improve my sales? 

Just the idea of multiple payment options can drive your potential customers to buy products. You can also use third-party services for this purpose. 

Improve Text and Image Quality

The next strategy we have on our list heavily relies on your outlook. Shopify is an eye-pleasing platform. This is mainly achieved through high-quality text and images. 

Almost every single description on your Shopify store is accompanied by an image. It is essential that you use the highest quality of images for it. 

Here’s how NVIDIA does it.

latest news

How do high-quality images increase my sales? 

To put it simply, high-quality images and text add professional value to your store. Customers are more likely to click and purchase from stores with high-quality content. 

Moreover, these images can also showcase your various products in natural settings. 

Offer Shipping Options

Just like multiple payment options, several shipping options can also drive your sales. Most of all, free shipping can turn a potential customer into a permanent buyer. 

Here’s an example from Amazon.


You can also offer free shipping over a certain amount of purchase. This can also help you promote other products and earn more through sales. 

Do I offer free shipping locally or globally? 

In terms of shipping, usually, local shipping is cheap and can be done free of cost. However, for global shipping, you’ll have to charge a specific amount. 

Showcase Reviews

Another way to improve your home page is through reviews. You can collect these reviews from your customers and place them on a banner. 

This instantly triggers curiosity for anybody who visits your store. Ultimately, it can result in higher sales. 

How many reviews should I showcase?

Usually, it is good to put at least 1-2 reviews on a single banner. If you overcrowd it, there’s a high chance your potential customers won’t even pay attention to it. 

Wrapping Things Up…

With this, we reach the end of our post on 9 Strategies to Increase Sales on Shopify. We hope this information proves to be useful for you.

Shopify is a highly beneficial platform to establish your own brands. On top of that, you can implement multiple strategies to further cement yourself as a high earning brand. 

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