Best Soundcloud Tags – Full Breakdown with Tips & Tricks

Over the past decade, SoundCloud has become the hub for tagging and uploading music by independent artists. 

But in the presence of so many different genres, how can you get your podcast or music across the platform? We will answer all these questions in today’s post. 

Quick Summary

By the end of this article, we will discuss the following points.

  • What are SoundCloud Hashtags?
  • Which hashtags should you use?
  • How do hashtags impact your posts and search results?
  • Frequently Asked Questions.

Without further ado, let’s get into it.

SoundCloud Hashtags



Hip-hop has been on the rise due to the ever-growing size of pop artists. If you wanna get your audio material across SoundCloud, there is no better way to do so. 



Unlike other platforms, SoundCloud allows you to use original music for fair use. This has caused a huge surge in the creation of instrumental music. 



Ever since artists have moved to Spotify, SoundCloud has become a hub for podcasts. You can also use other related hashtags to get your informational and educational podcasts across the platform. 

Hashtags have been a part of social media since Twitter introduced them. This concept migrated from Twitter to Facebook and now Instagram is using it as well. 

Hashtags for SoundCloud were introduced alongside the implementation of hashtags on Tumblr and Linkedin. It’s been almost 3 years since all the websites have moved towards the use of the hashtag system in one way or the other. 

But how does a hashtag work on SoundCloud?

The hashtag system is different yet the same for every website. For example, Twitter allows you to hashtag anything. You can hashtag a tweet, a picture, even a video. 

Once you click on the hashtag, you are taken to a new screen with all the related hashtags and posts. 

SoundCloud uses popular hashtags for relevant genres. You can use or separate music based on the main genre. Once you click on a specific tag, your music is then distinguished based on the keywords. 

Which SoundCloud hashtags should I use?

There is a long list of hashtags that listeners use to search and listen to their desired music. Musicians also use these words to sort out their track pages. 

Following is a list of hashtags and genre tags you can use to improve your search results. 

1. #HipHop

HipHop music has gained a lot of traction in the past few years due to the rise of artists like Drake and Travis Scott. Search results show almost a 40% increase in the use of this hashtag.

Moreover, many hip-hop artists have released new albums that enabled other artists to make remix tracks of the same or electronic genre. 

Besides that, hashtags related to HipHop have also been quite popular on Instagram and Twitter. 

2. #Instrumental

The second most used tag among SoundCloud tags is Instrumental. After the shift of big labels from SoundCloud to Spotify, there was a void of original music from famous artists.

But that gap has been filled by solo artists by their instrumental versions and acapella versions of famous songs. Listeners now use genre tags and instrumental tags together to search for specific tracks.

Other related hashtags to Instrumental on SoundCloud are #acapella, #vocals, #solo, and #beats. 

3. #Podcast

There are also SoundCloud tags for podcasts as well. The one is the podcast itself but you can use related hashtags like #informational or #discussion as well. 

Podcasts have gained a lot of popularity due to the lack of original music on SoundCloud. Since people are using Spotify for original music from big labels, SoundCloud is now a place for people to subscribe and listen to podcasts.

You can even use hashtags of other social media to promote your podcasts as well. These hashtags include Facebook and Instagram because they are the main platform to advertise such media. 

How can related hashtags improve the reach of my podcasts?

Related hashtags are used to summarize a post. Listeners can instantly judge by hashtags if the podcast post or a track is according to their liking or not. 

Furthermore, this allows users to search for specific SoundCloud tags and land on their desired tracks/podcasts. 

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SoundCloud Tags and Account Reach

best soundcloud tags

A lot of people misunderstand that hashtags are only words used to distinguish between different genres of music and podcasts. 

But in reality, these hashtags can also be used to increase the overall reach of an individual post. 

But how does that work?

Let’s take an example for this. Suppose you want to listen to a podcast about the ongoing trends in the online course selling market. 

You can search using the podcast, informational, courses, online courses, and market hashtags. This enables you to scroll through pages on SoundCloud without the need for a specific title.

So, a listener, without the title of your podcast can find your podcast and listen to it. This can be done without any advertisement or promotion. 

How many tags should I use for my post?

You have to be careful when you use tags on SoundCloud. Because if you use too many tags, your post can get lost in the sea of tags.

One basic trick is to use the tags that are related to SoundCloud and your post. Let’s say your post is related to international affairs.

You can use tags like #news, #currentaffiars, and #discussion for your SoundCloud podcast. This way, you can target a wider audience while also being precise.

Now let’s take a look at some of the commonly asked questions around the web.

Note: If you are yet to decide on choosing SoundCloud, comparing it with other services like Libsyn, MixCloud and Podbean may help you

Frequently Asked Questions

Can SoundCloud hashtags help my track in any way?

SoundCloud tags work in more ways than you think. People can use a certain tag to listen to their desired genre of music. This also makes the entire search process easier for the user as well.

Is SoundCloud worth using in 2021?

Definitely. If anything, the number of podcasts and new music has increased every single year. SoundCloud provides a free platform where you can upload a track or podcast without the worry of being copy striked by a big media outlet. 

Is SoundCloud Premium worth my money?

SoundCloud Premium plan is designed for people on a tight budget. In comparison to Spotify Premium plans, SoundCloud is a lot cheaper.

Is SoundCloud quality better compared to YouTube?

Since SoundCloud is mainly an audio platform, the quality of media available on this platform is generally better than on YouTube.

Final Thoughts

With this, we come to the end of our article on Best SoundCloud Tags. 

In conclusion, there are no specific tags to a single type of track or a podcast to state a clear winner. These related hashtags change the nature of your post and they vary especially if it is a podcast. What matters is your precision between the related hashtags and the material inside your posts. 

We hope this post proves to be informational for you. 

Do let us know what you think of SoundCloud as a platform for podcasts.