How to Cancel Constant Contact? Step-by-Step Guide, FAQs & More

If you are confused about how to cancel your Constant Contact, you are in the right place.

Canceling a subscription is usually a simple process. However, canceling your Constant Contact account could be intimidating because they have purposely made it more confusing than it should be.   

To help make the process easy for you, we have compiled this complete guide with tips and tricks that will help you delete your account easily. 

Read the instructions carefully to understand the process and constraints of deleting your Constant Contact account. 

What is Constant Contact? 

constant contract

Constant Contact is an online email marketing software company that enables small businesses to keep track, monitor emails, and build websites for small-scale businesses. 

Moreover, Constant Contact also helps businesses utilize social media strategies and build online stores. 

Delete Your Constant Contact Account – Complete Guide

Deleting your Constant Contact account is a complicated step because you won’t find a cancel button on their page. This is because you have to get the approval of the billing team before you can actually get your account permanently removed. 

These are three different methods through which you could delete your account. 

1. Email:

First, open your account with the registered email.

Then, compose an email to the billing team or to with the subject “Request to Delete My Account”  for a cancellation request. 

2. Chat:

Open Constant Contact’s website and select the “chat” option on the top right of their page. 

Next, Inform the customer agent that you would like to delete your Constant Contact account.

3. Call:

You can call their online customer representative and ask them to cancel your account. 

An agent will contact you or send a confirmation email within the next few business hours, in all three cases. This could be through an email or a phone call. 

After obtaining feedback from you, the agent will permanently cancel Constant Contact for you. 

Suspend Your Account Temporarily 

Getting your account suspended is an option for users who do not want to delete their account permanently but would like to disable it for a short span of time. 

How to Suspend Your Account 

If you don’t want to cancel your account you could contact the billing team and ask the company to temporarily disable your account. 

Constant Contact Features You Can Still Use With a Suspended Account

There are a number of services you could still use whilst your account is suspended, such as: 

  • Allows you to store emails created during the suspension period
  • You can still generate emails 
  • Manage reports for your websites
  • Access your contact lists 
  • Store information about your contacts 
  • Continue to collect customers contacts by keeping the sign-up forms active 
  • You can continue to send automated messages to your users 
  • Store business-related documents in the library

Constant Contact Features You Cannot Use While Your Account is Suspended 

You will not be able to use any advanced features once you suspend your account. This includes:

  • Schedule and send test or live emails 
  • Send automated responses to clients
  • Use their Social Share feature 
  • You can not open sign-in options for previously closed pages
  • You will no longer be able to use their Social Post Feature
  • Details about survey responses will be closed for your website

If you think you will need to use your account again in the future, we would suggest you get it suspended. This will allow you to use their service at a low price. 

Can I cancel my free Constant Contact trial?

It is important to understand that you cannot cancel or pause if you have signed up for a free month trial.

The free trial period ends automatically in approximately 60 days.

Do I have to pay to cancel my Constant Contact?

If you want to cancel Constant Contact, you will not be asked to make an additional payment. 

However, it is important to understand that you should not have any pending payments. This is because it could hinder the process of unsubscribing from the service. 

We would suggest you cancel Constant Contact before your next billing date. 

Can I Use my Account After I Delete it?

If you have canceled your constant contact account subscription, you will not be able to use it again. This is because your account is permanently removed from the system. 

We would advise you to get your account suspended if you think you will have to use it again in the future. 

If you are interested in other mail tools other than Constant Contact, we have created guides and reviews for the best ones in the market like Filemail, Zoho, MailBird, and Thunderbird.

Frequently Asked Questions – (FAQs)


Can I unsuspend my account during an invoice cycle? 

Please note that you can not unsuspend your account in the same invoice cycle, once you have suspended it. Once your billing cycle resumes, you will be able to use your account again. 

You can select the unsuspend my account option to resume using your profile. 

What is the monthly price of a Constant Contact account?

The prices for a Constant Contact account may vary based on the packages you choose. 

On average the estimated amount for a package could range between $20 to $45 per month. If you want any additional features, you will have to pay more. 

Here’s a complete list of their prices:

constant contact pricing

Can I suspend my account online? 

Constant Contact does not allow you to suspend your account online or on chat. You will have to speak to the representative through a phone call. 

How long will it take for my Constant Contact account to permanently be deleted? 

Once an agent contacts you for confirmation, it could take approximately 24 hours for your account to be permanently canceled.  

However, if you have not paid your monthly subscription amount, the company may ask you to pay your due amount before they start the cancellation process. 

What happens to my account after I suspend it? 

If you do not want to cancel your account but no longer want to use it, you could suspend it. 

Once your profile is suspended, you will not receive campaigns from any Constant Contact accounts.

How do I suspend my account?

If you no longer want to use your accounts, you could suspend them. However, it is important to understand that they will charge you a small monthly fee in this case. 

Once you contact the Billing team, they will confirm your request. You will be asked to make your payments through your PayPal account or any other credit card. 

The company will then confirm your payment, and suspend your account. 

How do I cancel my Constant Contact subscription? 

If you want to cancel your Constant Contact subscription, you will have to call or email their billing team. The representative will ask you for feedback and then delete your constant contact account. 

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Software companies make deleting your account more difficult. This is a marketing strategy that allows users to keep their accounts. For this same reason, deleting your Constant Contact account is more complicated than it should be. 

However, this article contains all the necessary information you need before you cancel Constant Contact. We hope this information was helpful. 

If you feel we have missed out on anything, you could visit their website for further clarification. 

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