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Audience Conversion (CRO) to Sell Online Courses - Step-by-Step Guide with Examples & More

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It is important for any business to have customers in order to sustain itself. To convert your audience it is crucial that you identify a strong marketing technique. 

Keeping your audience engaged is another key tool that could increase buyers for your website

If you are an online course creation business and are confused about how you could convert your audience into full-time customers, you are in the right place. 

This guide will help you identify key strategies to increase traffic for your website and find long-term buyers for your curriculum. 

Strategies to Convert your Audience

Build an Audience

It is crucial to create awareness about your online course business if you want to attract buyers. You can do this by Identifying the interests of your visitors to find future prospects for your business.

Base your courses on customer demands to create a unique experience. This will help you build long-term customer relations and potential customers in the future as well. 

Segment Your Audience

In our opinion, segmented marketing is more profitable if you’re selling online courses. Based on research conducted by Business Wire companies that segment their audience are able to exceed revenues. 

A survey conducted by Mailchimp concluded that running segmented campaigns results in 14.31% higher returns in comparison

Moreover, it is easier to provide courses to a lookalike audience because of similar interests. You can easily create your content based on the demand of your segment and market it through a single platform.


Customer Relationship Management tools can help you convert your leads into paid customers. We strongly advise you to choose one that will automate your tasks so you can divide work tasks and save time. 

An automated CRM software will help your sales team to reach potential customers through several marketing techniques.

Personalize Messages

According to Grow. Segment’s 2017 report, 49% of customers are impulse buyers because the product or service is presented to them through a personalized message.

Once you drive an impulse through a personalized message, you convince them that you know them better. This allows you to influence their purchase decision and persuade them to purchase your course. 

Invest in Paid Advertisement

By using paid advertisements you can easily expedite course sales. Advertisements can help create more exposure for your online courses. The more students you reach out increases the more chances of attracting customers. 

Moreover, paid advertisements also increase traffic for your website. This will ultimately increase engagement and help you find more domains as well. By creating courses based on customer demand, more customers will be willing to purchase from your website. 

Create An Email List

Once you collect the personal information of your subscribers, create an email list of clients. You can easily inform them about the new courses your website offers. This is a cost-effective method to reach out to your selected audience. 

Sales Funnel

A sales funnel is an extremely effective way to gather information and create awareness about your website at the same time. Through a sales funnel, you can nurture your audience into purchasing your online courses in the future. 

Create a Lead Magnet

Lead magnets are great if you want to attract a new audience and collect their personal information. Through a lead magnet, you can establish a brand image of a credible website to attract more users. 

You could offer subscriptions, free trials, or add a download checklist to identify your customer interests.

Conversion Methods for Personal Reach

Address Small Groups

Find small groups and convince them to purchase your course by giving them incentives. We advise you to visit networking events to reach out to prospective students.

Direct Conversations

One-on-one conversations are a great way to grasp customer attention. You will be able to inform individuals about the courses you are offering and clarify any queries that they have. 

Conference Platforms

Create platforms where you can interact with your potential buyers. These could be online platforms through Zoom or Google Meet. 

Engage in constructive conversations, try to get contact details of your prospective students. Once you’ve convinced them to purchase your course, you can follow up with them in the future.

Market and Sell Your Online Courses Through Advertisements

We suggest you run Ads on various social media platforms to increase engagement and traffic for your website. 

Here are a number of platforms you could use to market your online courses.

facebook ad audience conversion to sell online courses sales page ads show your ad ads manager blog post custom audiences lead magnet facebook

Facebook Ads

Facebook is a great platform to generate consistent sales and leads for your online website. 


Once you’ve identified the online courses you could: 

  1. Run Facebook campaigns:
    Consider this as an umbrella under which several different groups of advertisements will be marketed. These advertisements usually have the same objective. 
  2. Run a Facebook Ad:
    This will make your advertisement visible to your specific target audience. You can create several different variations of an ad and test to see which one generates the most traffic. 

You could also hire a sales expert to manage your social media campaigns for your online business. 

facebook ad facebook show your ad ads manager campaign spend money free marketing time consuming advertising creating little bit money object selling example facebook

Blog Posts

Blog posts are an extremely professional method of interacting with your audience. We highly recommend course creators integrate SEO tools to increase customer engagement. 

The software will automatically make your website more accessible by ranking it on the front page of Google. 

facebook campaign ads free marketing advertising creating money facebook selling objective retargeting example budget facebook pixel free marketing


Youtube has its own fan base when it comes to e-learning. You can not only post your courses in the form of videos but also run advertisements on popular subject videos. 

This will compel viewers into visiting your online course creation website. 

Pricing Strategies

The price of your courses will help create value for your online business. Your prices could convince individuals to purchase your course. 

Price Skimming

If you want to reach your revenue goals quickly. After analyzing how much your buyers are willing to pay, market your course at the highest price. Once you reach your cost target, you can lower the price. 

Price Penetration

Once you introduce a new course in the market, we suggest you offer it at a lower price. This will help you attract more buyers in the initial stage. You can add advanced versions of the course and charge a higher price for them. 

Monthly Subscriptions

A monthly subscription package is an effective technique to attract potential buyers to your course. For example, students might want to purchase your content during exam season. 

So they might only be interested in purchasing your course for a single month. This way students will only be charged per month based on when they register.

Competitive Pricing

There is no doubt that your audience will be comparing the price of your course with your competitors. 

We advise you to incorporate a psychological pricing technique to give an illusion of a cheaper course. This will attract more buyers and will possibly convince your audience to purchase the courses from your website. 

Effective Softwares for Online Conversion

There are several tools and platforms you could use to increase your page traffic and engagement. Let’s discuss some of these in detail.  


You can create a landing page through SeedProd, which will help you increase your email list even before you create an online course. Once you launch your curriculum you can inform interested customers by contacting them through their emails. 

facebook campaign ads free marketing advertising creating money facebook selling objective retargeting example budget facebook pixel free marketing


Zoom will help you build trust with your audience. You can reach out to your audience through audio, video, and live chats. 

Increased interaction with your attendees could compel them into purchasing your course if they are satisfied with your presentation method.

SEO tools

You can track your conversion progress through the SEO optimization feature. SEO also helps rank your website on the front page of Google which will attract greater audiences. This will increase the chances of more students purchasing your courses. 

facebook campaign facebook objective facebook pixel facebook campaign


WordPress is a budget-friendly tool that will help you create a flawless course creation website. You can track your conversion rate and identify leads for future prospects. Through WordPress, you will be able to identify which strategies work best for your business.

Use Social Media Techniques

Social media is a powerful source that will help you find interested buyers for your courses. Here are some extremely successful techniques that will increase your conversion rate. 

Guest Post on Blogs

Collaborating with a well-known content creator could help you attract their audience as well. You could convince potential customers that your curriculum is worth its value. Once you reach out to a greater audience, you can increase traffic for your page and identify new leads as well. 

Online Webinar

Webinars will connect you to your potential students. You can inform your students about the topics your courses will cover and add a sign-up link to get information about interested buyers. 

You can also run ads in your webinar and sell a course through it. This is an effective way to boost up sales for your online course. 

Self-Promote through Podcast

Podcasts are a great way to create hype about your online courses. This is a technique you could use to self-promote your website. 

You can find information about the type of courses you are creating and how your customers will benefit from it. This could help build up your paid audience in the long run.

Celebrity Endorsement

This is a powerful technique to lure in potential buyers. For example, if celebrities use their platform to talk about your course and speak about their experience, they could convince their audiences to purchase your content. 

Translate Your Course In Multiple Languages

We highly recommend that you offer your courses in multiple languages. This is an effective technique to broaden your market and reach out to millions of potential buyers around the globe. 

Here are some effective ways to translate your online course pages for your website. 

  1. Hire a translator:
    A translator will manage your content and do all the work for you. Once you assign the task, they will translate your course into a different language. This will help you increase your website engagement massively. You can offer different payment techniques so that international buyers can also purchase your content. 

  2. Find contractors:
    Translators can be really expensive. If you are on a strict budget, you could use Fiverr or Upwork. These sites will help you get contractors to sell your course at a lower price. 

  3. Use online Plugins:
    Translate press is a great plugin that allows you to convert your content in a different language at once. This is another effective technique that saves you a lot of time and effort as well. 

Offer Discounts

Who doesn’t like a good discount? Offering a discount to your students will help you generate tangible revenue for all your courses. These are crucial methods that could help you build long-term relationships with your customers. 

Discounts also help increase traffic. With increased engagement, you can identify what your customers are actually looking for. Convert these leads into future subjects to involve more students. This is also beneficial for retargeting one-time buyers into purchasing your course again.  

Moreover, you will be able to understand what price attracts buyers the most. You could offer courses at a discount price to keep your audience engaged for the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What can online businesses do to attract more customers?

If you’re selling online courses, here are the top 3 things you can do to attract more customers: 

  1. Create a sales page to engage with your potential buyers 
  2. Build an attractive website to increase engagement 
  3. Use Search Engine Optimization tools (SEO)

Is it illegal to resell an online course?

Unless you own a copy of a copyrighted work in a CD, DVD, or book, it is illegal to resell a course in the US. However, the rules might be different for each country. 

How do I convert my audience into customers?

Probably the most important thing in our opinion is to identify what your target audience is looking for. Then you should analyze your content and increase your productivity accordingly. It is crucial that you also keep an eye on where and how your competitors are getting their traffic. 

What is an effective audience conversion strategy?

If you’re selling online courses, there are a number of things you can do: 

  1. Add value to your online course business
  2. Create a unique customer experience to attract repeat buyers 
  3. Give incentives to your existing audience
  4. Offer a lead magnet such as a free trial or subscription
  5. Market your business using Facebook ads
  6. Run an ad campaign on google forums
  7. Create awareness about your online course business to attract your target audience

What is a lead-conversion for course creators?

Lead conversion refers to the notion of successfully converting your audience into paying customers through a strategic plan. 

Can I convert my Facebook followers into customers?

Yes, you could create a “fan-only” coupon and give incentives to users. Moreover, you could create membership groups based on the content you’re providing. 

Moreover, Customer Testimonials can help build a positive brand image to attract potential buyers in the future.

Does paid marketing attract a larger audience?

Yes, definitely. Paid marketing will increase your organic reach, which will increase the number of customers for your business. 

What is the average conversion rate for a course creation business?

If you’re selling online courses, the average rate in the US is 2.63%. However, this could vary depending on the state you are in.

Is selling online courses profitable?

Yes, professionals have achieved up to 6 or 7 figure incomes by creating and selling courses online. 

According to E-learning Market Trends, the e-market is expected to exceed $300 Billion in the next 5 years. 

How do I use Facebook Ads to sell my courses?

You could use a sales funnel to convert your targeted audience into full-time customers.  However, paid advertisements can be really expensive and there is no guarantee that customers will pay for your course.

Wrapping Things Up…

Once you identify your leads, you can generate an effective curriculum to increase traffic. The more engagement youtube on your website, the more chances of you being able to convert your audience. 

We recommend you build an email list and contact your users through direct interaction. This will help build trust with your users. 

Try to retarget your one-time visitors by giving incentives and discounts to repeat buyers and your subscribers. 

The key is to build an effective relationship with your audience and to create quality content for all your users. 

We hope this guide helped you identify which strategies you need to implement for audience conversion for your online course creation business.