Selling Your Online Course

Marketing to Sell Online Courses - Complete Guide with FAQs & More

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Once you have successfully created your courses, you need to develop an effective marketing strategy to promote and sell them online.

It is important to understand that the sales of your business could heavily depend on your marketing technique. It could help you turn visitors into potential buyers in the long run. 

In this guide, we will help you understand how to attain profitability by effectively selling your courses online.

Creating And Choosing A Topic For Your Course

Now that you have created your online course, we will help you understand how to market and sell it online.

There are several ways to market and create a course online.

Set a Price for Your Course

Choosing a suitable price for your content could help engage more customers and at the same time boost up your profits.

It is crucial that you pick a price depending on the value of your course, the quality of your content, and the service you are offering.

Let’s take a closer look at the pricing strategies you could pick from.

Offer A Course for Free

If you want to showcase your expertise, offering a free mini-course could attract one-time users and potential customers in the long run. Part-time free courses could help test run websites. You could later improve the features based on customer requirements.

Moreover, free resources enable you to generate leads for future opportunities. This way you will be able to build strong customer relations by engaging with your users. However, you could pitch them on purchasing the full course at the end.

We noticed that websites offering free courses generated more traffic in comparison. In case you are a new business who just entered the market, we highly recommend you to allow free courses for a short period of time.

One Time Payment

One-off payments give your users full access to the courses after they make their payments. This is the most straightforward method to offer online courses to your users. This technique allows users to understand the value of your service.

Offer Subscriptions

Creating subscriptions allow you to create more payment options for students. You could create monthly or weekly pages that could facilitate one-time users.

Moreover, you could limit or add advanced features based on the subscription packages.

Competitive Pricing

This is when you set your price based on the amount your competitors are offering. Studies show that more users are attracted to lower prices. Hence, setting a lower price could potentially attract more customers to purchase your online course.

However, it is important not to set an incredibly low price as it could give the impression of poor service.

Psychological Pricing

Psychological pricing is a key factor in getting your users to pay more than they actually think they do. This means you set your price at a lower round-off figure, giving the impression that you are charging less than the user may perceive.

Marketing Guide to Sell Your Online Course

Marketing plays a vital role to sell your online course. It helps engage customers and compels them to purchase your product or service.

Effective marketing techniques could attract more students to your online course.

Identify the Interests of Your Target Market

Before you create an online course, it is important to identify the needs of your target market. This will help you understand what your users expect from you.

By understanding their demands, you will be able to create content based on their preference.

This could potentially save you a lot of time and effort since you will know what type of online course you need to create.

Moreover, it will help you attract potential students and teachers to purchase your online course.

Create Awareness Through Social Media Platforms

Creating awareness could help increase engagement. You will be able to attract an audience that is already looking for the online course that you have created.

Moreover, you will be able to generate more traffic towards your website. As a result,  you generate leads for future potential opportunities as well.

If students are able to identify that your course provides appropriate solutions to their problems, they will most likely visit your page again.

Use Sales Funnel

After thorough research, we were able to conclude that using a sales funnel is an effective way to engage with users on a free site and direct them towards your landing pages. We noticed that it efficiently helped potential customers identify the value of their website.

Email Marketing

Email marketing allows you to directly target your potential buyer.

100% of businesses acknowledge that email marketing helps you attract more users to your website.

This is a cost-effective way to interact with your buyers and has a huge amount of return on investment.

Social Media Traffic

The use of social media has significantly increased in today’s era.

Recent studies show that there are over 3.96 billion individuals who actively use social media.

Therefore, using various different platforms could increase your audience and help you target more buyers.


Influencers and social media strategists talking about your web page could create more awareness about your website. This is a key marketing tool that allows students to engage with your course.


By creating newsletters, you could inform instructors and students about the updates and packages you are offering. This could help target individuals of different interests and ages. You could create a blog or an article containing information about any new updates.

Affiliate Program

Affiliate programs could help promote your course online. Moreover, this could potentially increase your sales and help you build strong relationships with course promoters.

Platforms You Could Use to Market And Sell Your Course

We would highly advise you to promote your course sales page on social media platforms. This will help you engage with a large audience.


Youtube is a popular e-learning forum for students. It helps transmit information in the form of videos. You could create video lectures or tutorials to attract individuals who do not prefer reading. 

Blog Posts

Creating a blog post is a more professional way to attract students and teachers. By running SEO tools you could significantly attract a wide range of users to your service.


Perhaps the biggest social media platform that could help you engage with your audience is Facebook. You could create groups or personalized pages to generate traffic. You could even create Facebook ads to create awareness.


If you want a business-to-business website, LinkedIn is perfect for the job. It will allow you to engage with corporate and business-related sectors.

Tools for Selling Online Courses

There are hundreds of tools that can help you sell courses online.

It would be difficult to review everything in this article. However, here’s a review of some of the tools that can help you sell your online course.


Webfire 3.0 is an online marketing software that allows you to find purchase-driven customers to buy your course.

Moreover, through Webfire 3.0 you can identify countless leads, which will help you identify new course topics for the future. 

Bluehost SEO

Bluehost will help you find a detailed plan of action related to your marketing strategy. Moreover, it will help your course sales rank on the top search engines. 

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is an email marketing software that allows you to monitor marketing efforts and allows you to build websites.

This could help increase your online course sales by bringing in new customers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can competitive pricing attract more customers?

Yes, offering lower prices in comparison to your competitors is an effective way to market your online course. It will help you attract more visitors and potential buyers in the long run.

How do I pick my target audience for online classes?

It is important to identify what course you want to offer and which segment it might benefit from. You can also conduct market surveys to understand what topics online users are searching for the most.

Moreover, you can also take a look at what your competitors are offering. This could help you identify a niche.

What is the best way to promote my online courses?

Marketing your online course through social media could help create an immense amount of awareness. You could promote your online course through paid advertisements or even get influencers to talk about your service.

What are the top sold courses?

There are a number of subjects that are high in demand. These include:

  • Cloud computing
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Software development
  • Career Development
  • Health and fitness
  • Arts and craft
  • Entrepreneurship

How do I sell courses online?

After creating an online course, there are a number of things you should do. These include:

  • Identifying your target market.
  • Identify which platform you want to use to offer your courses. These could be through blogs, Youtube videos, or a personal website.
  • Create your platform.
  • Promote through ads depending on your forum eg: Youtube ads and Google Adwords.

Are selling courses online profitable?

Yes, definitely. If you are able to provide adequate information and market your course to the appropriate target market. You could increase your sales by creating more domains for your courses.

Wrapping it Up…

Marketing and selling your course online could bring a lot of revenue. However, it is important that you provide quality content to keep your users engaged.

Effective marketing could help increase traffic to your website. Moreover, you will be able to generate leads that could help you sell more courses in the future.

We hope this guide helps you understand how to market to sell your course online.