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Sales Funnel to Sell Courses Online - Detailed Guide with Tips, FAQs & More

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Online course selling has grown over the past decade at a rapid rate. The competition in the market is growing by the minute.

But so are the techniques to sell these courses online. Sales funnel is one of these effective techniques to sell your courses and maximize your revenue.

Quick Summary

By the end of this article, we will discuss the following topics.

  • What is a sales funnel?
  • Best sales funnel builders in the market.
  • Which funnel builder is suitable for small businesses?
  • What type of funnel should you use if you are an established business?
  • What are Affiliate Programs?

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Sales Funnel and How it affects Online Course Sales

The first question online course creators ask is how to sell online courses effectively. The answer to this question is to create a sales funnel by using a sales funnel template?

But, what is a sales funnel?

Sales funnels are based on a step-by-step process that takes your site leads towards the buying end of your business. 

It starts by applying different marketing tactics and then convincing potential customers to buy your product. In this case, the products are your online courses.

You can use multiple marketing techniques which include email sequences, webinars, and advertisements on different platforms.

You can advertise a new course or free content available on your website and gradually push the customer to buy your course.

How do the sales funnel help in this process?

A sales funnel is merely a tool to streamline this process. It monitors different aspects of your online course business and allows you to optimize it.

As a course selling business, your ultimate goal is to increase your online course sales. Creating a sales funnel for your business helps you to increase your exposure on social media and other platforms as well.

How can I create a Sales Funnel?

Over the past decade, a lot of online services have emerged with unique tools to create lead magnets and have shown promising conversion rates.

We have created a list of the best Sales Funnel Builders available in the market. You can check this list by clicking on the link.

We have also discussed their pricing and perks in detail so you can choose the best funnel for your online course selling business.

How to choose from different Sales Funnels?

Sales Funnel to Sell Courses Online

It is quite a tough decision to make when it comes to sales funnel builders for online courses. Even though there is a lot of variety, each of them serves a different purpose.

This is why we have distributed these funnels into two main categories. 

  • Sales funnel builders for new and small businesses.
  • Sales funnel builders for established and large-scale businesses.

Let’s discuss them one by one.

Funnel Builder for a Small-Scale Business

When it comes to small businesses, the most important thing is the first impression you leave on your first-time customers. Your business is judged by the quality of your landing page.

But, what is a landing page?

A landing page is the follow-up page that an individual views when they click on ads or a link provided to them via email marketing.

It can either be a sales page, a blog post, or even an introductory page. It depends on what you want the customer to see first.

Currently, there are two leading funnel builders that experts prefer for small businesses. The two marketing tools are Infusionsoft and ClickFunnels. We have compared them with each other for your better understanding.

What about their pricing?

You can check their performance and perks by clicking on the link. Besides that, we have also compared their pricing plans so you can choose which one suits your business model.

You can study other businesses and how they implement a sales funnel in their model. You can then apply the same practices to your own business.

This idea is known as Funnel Hacking. It is quite beneficial for small-scale businesses.

Funnel Builder for a Large-Scale Business

In order to create a lead magnet for a large-scale business, you need a service that can pitch your course to a wider audience.

For this purpose, we reviewed the funnel services offered by Kartra. We also discussed and compared Kartra Pricing Plans in one of our blog posts. 

How is Kartra Funnel Builder beneficial for me?

Kartra allows you to create an email sequence that can target up to 10000 people at one time. You can also create a webinar and execute it without manual interference. 

Furthermore, it monitors different prospects of your business i.e. website traffic. It guides you to take action in order to increase the numbers for that area. 

You can opt for a video tutorial as well. It includes a series of steps that you can use to troubleshoot the shortcomings of your business. 

Why should I use Kartra over any other funnel builder? 

Kartra is just like any marketing tool available on the market but the thing that stands out is its capability to target a large number of people at once. 

You can manage an email list of 15000 to 25000 people. While on the other hand, other funnel builders can only manage prospects of up to 500 people. 

Furthermore, it can automatically process the traffic on your website to add more value to your business.

Affiliate Programs

One thing about funnel builders that has been gaining traction over the past few years is the availability of Affiliate Programs. 

Before you are ready to buy a funnel builder, you should check if it offers an Affiliate Program. 

But, what is an Affiliate Program?

An Affiliate Program is a way to earn money from your lead magnet. These programs are similar to referral links but you also get paid for any and all lead generation.

ClickFunnels Affiliate Program is a prime example of such a program. We have discussed its features in detail and how it adds value to your business.

Optimize your Sales using Sales Funnel

Once you have learned how to create a lead magnet to sell your online courses, the next step is to maximize the revenue generated by these leads.

They are multiple ways to convert your target audience from potential buyers to actual buyers. In the past, a lot of businesses have used the landing page approach for this.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is an embedded link that can be a part of a referral link, a welcome email, or even a promotional advertisement. It takes the person to one specific web page.

This approach was used to convince people to purchase a product but in current times, it isn’t so effective?

So, what should I do then?

Instead of using landing pages for your leads, you should switch to the new Click Funnel approach. 

You can check our detailed guide on What is a Click Funnel by clicking on the link. 

It uses different methods to add value to your business and increase the chances of purchase by every single lead. 

It has been shown by multiple case studies that Click Funnels are far more compatible with Sales Funnels when it comes to optimizing sales.

Important Tips for Creating Sales Funnels

Up till now, we have explained everything there is to know about Sales Funnel at a basic level but there are some advanced tips you should keep in mind.

  • Always prefer using Facebook ads or a YouTube channel to promote your new products. Demographics show that middle-aged people use Facebook while students and other teenagers spend more time on YouTube.
  • Before you create a sales funnel, look for an example of a similar business model and study their tactics.
  • People are more to opt for the buying route if you offer an incentive. For example, a free course with the purchase of 2 courses.
  • Since you are a course selling business, your target audience should be mainly students. Hence, every plan you execute should be oriented around the idea of engaging them. 

Final Thoughts

With this, we come to the end of your post on Sales Funnel and how you can use it to sell courses online. 

Sales Funnel has proved to be a beneficial tool for small and large-scale businesses alike. You can use it to improve multiple areas in your business model and increase your overall sales. Furthermore, the sales funnel also allows you to apply different marketing strategies.

We hope this post proves to be informational for you and you can use this knowledge to optimize your business as a whole.

Do let us know your thoughts on Sales Funnel as a marketing tool.