Cinchshare vs Hootsuite – Which One is Right for You? Detailed Comparison

Social media management tools are crucial if you want to increase customer loyalty and the engagement of your social channels.

Cinchshare and Hootsuite provide a variety of quality features for online content curation that can help you attain long-term profitability and brand recognition.  

However, it could be difficult to pick between Cinchshare and Hootsuite because they provide similar services and features.  

After a thorough evaluation, we have compiled everything you need to know before you purchase a marketing and social media scheduling software. 

FeaturesCinchshare Hootsuite
Social Media Scheduling ToolsCinchshare allows you to schedule multiple Facebook parties within seconds Hootsuite’s scheduling tool allows you to upload up to 350 posts in one go.  
Free Trial They do not offer a free version. However, you can avail of their free trial for up to 30 days. Hootsuite offers a 30-day free trial. You can also avail of their free version. However, the features are extremely limited. 
Ease of Use You can avail of their weekly training for better understanding and get weekly updates about new strategies.Hootsuite has a pretty big and time-consuming learning curve before you can get started. 

The debate between Cinchshare vs Hootsuite could be endless if you’re comparing the two. We advise you to read this guide carefully to understand which software will be the best for your online course creation business.  

Cinchshare Review – Best Social Media Scheduling Tool

cinchshare logo

You would want to consider automating and task schedules especially if you run an online course creation business. Once you automate your tasks, you can stay more organized and schedule posts ahead of time. 

Cinchshare allows you to manage all your tasks from different devices almost instantly. You won’t have to worry about your storage hogging up. 

If you’re looking for a social media management tool, Cinchshare could help solve all your problems. You could arrange your tasks and automate your posts on Facebook and Instagram without any hassle. 

Features of Cinchshare

  • Batch post-features for all your posts
  • Automatic scheduling for Instagram and Facebook
  • Inbuilt cloud drive 
  • Easy template sharing 
  • Free printable calendars
  • Provides training through online webinars, documentation videos, and in person. 
Pros Cons
Automatic hashtag generator

Free content library 

Weekly free training

Integratable with Canva

Automatic reminders for task 
Cinchshare does not have a free version

Benefits of Cinchshare

Social Media Scheduling 

Cinchshare allows you to manage your social media scheduling. You can schedule all your tasks and automate the uploading procedure. This will save you time so you can prioritize and manage other functions. 

Video Tutorials

Understanding a new software could be difficult. One of the major benefits we found after research was that Cinchshare has a number of video tutorials that will make the learning process easier for you. 

Batch Posting

Another great feature we found was Cinchshare’s ability to allow you to batch post your templates. Once you upload your posts, the software will automatically save them, which will enable you to revisit or post them another time.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Cinchshare

Ease of Use 

It is important to consider using software for online marketing that is easy to use. You don’t want to invest in software that complicates basic marketing strategies. 

Cinchshare has a number of online tutorials that will help you understand basic process management. The new welcome guide will allow you to understand all the features of the software in no time. 

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing helps increase your engagement. Cinchshare will help you manage your Facebook and Instagram reach by getting your content page more traffic. 

This is crucial if you want to continue to build engagement. 

Cinchshare also provides training through online webinars, documentation videos, and in-person, so you can identify the best social media strategies from their network marketing professionals. 

Batch Posting 

You wouldn’t want to spend hours maintaining your social media presence. Batch posting will save you a lot of time and help you prioritize other tasks.

Simply, select your content and schedule posts weeks or even months ahead of time. The system will automatically upload your file on Instagram or Facebook on the due date. 

Pre-made Templates 

Cinchshare will create party templates for you automatically. You can save them in your library and share them with your colleagues at any time.

Add multiple images through Canva

Probably the best part about editing your templates on Cinchshare is that you can integrate the software with Canva. This allows you to build an aesthetic profile for your Instagram and Facebook timeline. 

Schedule Virtual Party 

There are a number of virtual types of virtual parties you can create through Cinchshare. These include training parties, workshop series, and trunk shows. 

By creating multiple posts you can schedule them anywhere from a minimum of 30 minutes up to a month. You can host up to 70 parties on Facebook in a month. 

What Do the Customers Think?

cinchshare social proof
social proof

During the research, we found that customers were extremely satisfied with the features provided by Cinchshare. 

Understand the key features of the software through customer’s personal profiles

This software has a 5-star rating on Capterra for the best customer service, ease of use, and for its overall performance. 

Batch Posting

Customers were most satisfied with Cinchshare’s batch posting feature. They claimed it allows them to schedule tasks ahead of time and not worry about them later. 

The software automatically posted scheduled tasks on the due date for them. 

Reshare Your Posts

Moreover, Cinchshare automatically saves your history of posting. Users stated that this was highly convenient as it allowed them to review all content posted and reshare previously posted posts. 

Upload Images From Your Device

Where most apps do not allow you to share images for your personal folders, Cinchshare allows you to upload personal images from your device. This feature enables you to personalize your posts based on your preferences.  

Best Social Media Scheduling Tool

The best social media scheduling tool is Cinchshare because it allows you to manage your tasks by helping you find the best strategies to increase your engagement. You can easily automate and schedule your tasks ahead of time so you can prioritize other important business functions. 

Hootsuite Review – Best Social Media Management Tool

Best social media scheduling tools for big and small business owners

If you’re looking for a social media tool that can help you plan, syndicate, and schedule social media posts, Hootsuite is just the thing you need. 

This software is a game-changer as it provides all the quality features you need to monitor and manage your online course creation business

We highly advise online content creators to invest in this software as it enables customers to be well aware of all the important strategies that can help increase your brand image. This makes it ideal for network marketing professionals and direct sellers as well. 

Features of Hootsuite

  • You can monitor several different applications under one roof 
  • Automate task posting and schedule them in advance 
  • Helps you identify what customers are looking for 
  • Analysis of the best social media strategy for your online business 
  • Hootsuite provides printable reports of your social engagement progress 
Pros Cons
Automate post scheduling 

Control all your social media accounts through one software

 Identifies the best promotional strategy

Increases engagement

Allows you to customize and edit reports
Facebook engagement is slow 

Does not allow you to integrate Pinterest boards

Benefits of Hootsuite 

Hootsuite is a social media management tool that allows you to manage various different applications from a central application

Which Platforms Can I Integrate with Hootsuite?

You can add a number of social accounts including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and various other platforms. This saves you a lot of time since you don’t have to manage each account separately. 

Can I Automate Tasks?

This social media scheduling tool allows you to automate tasks and schedule them ahead of time. You can divide the workload by creating teams and dividing the workload amongst members and monitor the progress. 

Moreover, you can schedule posts in bulk and directly post them from your RSS feeds. 

How to Increase Engagement?

You can track the best strategy for your online course creation websites through the social media analytics feature. The software will help you identify keywords and phrases to increase engagement and user traffic. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Hootsuite

Social Listening 

By carefully evaluating what users are saying about your company, you can identify customer needs and create new domains for your online business. 

Social listening can also help you identify keywords and phrases that could potentially increase user engagement. 

Customer Support System 

Hootsuite allows you to view customers’ questions under one roof. This prevents you from overlooking queries from multiple applications and allows you to respond to users from a single platform.

Social Media Scheduling 

An important feature for online marketers is social media scheduling. The advanced features allow you to schedule tasks through the content calendar and manage posts for multiple social networks. 

This tool will automatically post your work on your accounts without any hassle. 

Team collaboration 

Hootsuite’s team collaboration feature allows you to add team members to your social media applications. 

Once you create your team, you can assign tasks, edit posts, and view tasks completed by members. This tool also allows you to view which team member is scheduling tasks and posting. 

Social Media Advertisements 

Hootsuite’s social media management feature provides effective tools to optimize paid advertisements. You can easily track the number of views, retweets, followers, and comments for each social media account individually. 

Hootlet Plug-In 

The Hootlet Plug-In is a game-changer. Hootsuite’s add-on will appear at the top of your browser’s toolbar for convenience. 

If you want to share a link with your users, you can click on Hootlet to make it accessible to your customers. 

The software will automatically shorten the web link and add a snippet for better accessibility. 

What Do The Customers Think?

hootsuite social proof
social proof

After reading through various customer reviews, our team concluded that Hootsuite is not just beneficial for small businesses but mid-sized businesses as well. 

Bulk Scheduling

Customers were most satisfied with the bulk scheduling feature. They claimed that they were able to schedule content and automate the posting procedure. This gave them spare time to manage other important tasks. 

Manage Tasks through a Single Dashboard

We noticed that users were satisfied with the software’s website interface because it allowed them to manage their social media feeds from a single dashboard. 

Create New Domains

The software is incredibly easy to use. Hootsuite provides the best strategies to manage all your personal profiles without any interruption. The keyword identifier finds the top phrases that help you with creating new domains and content creation for your online business. 

Best Social Media Management Tool 

The best software for social media management is Hootsuite because it allows you to manage multiple social media networks through one application. 

Once you purchase their features, a professional team will manage your social media activities to ensure efficiency and growth for your personal website. 

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Audiencegain is another scheduling tools worth mentioning.

Cinchshare Vs Hootsuite – Buyers’ Guide



If you run a small online course providing business or are new to the market business, we understand that you might be on a strict budget. 


Cinchshare provides all the quality features you need to curate content for your online business. You can organize, manage, schedule tasks, and avail a number of other features through their free trial. 

You can only use these services for up to 30 days. After that, you will have to purchase their features. 

However, Cinchshare does not have a free version. You can purchase their advanced features at a flat rate of $10 a month.


On the other hand, Hootsuite offers a free trial for 30 days. They also have a variety of different price packages that you could choose from. Their paid versions start from $19 a month for a professional package.

Their packages vary depending on your personal use. If you want to work in a team or to purchase their features for your business, the prices are relatively higher. 

The good thing about Hoostuite’s price packages is that they offer custom solutions too. You can get a package based on the features you want to include in it. 

Social Media Marketing 

Marketing your business pages and social networks can help increase social traffic across all your personal accounts. However, it could be difficult to manage each individual profile separately. 

We highly recommend software that allows you to centralize control for faster and more organized outcomes. 


The good thing about Cinchshare is that it is designed for direct sellers and network marketers. You can bulk upload images and reuse posts to save time. Cinchshare offers the best social media marketing strategies through a weekly training program. 

You will be updated about the new features, techniques, and strategies you could use to improve your reach. 


On the other hand, Hootsuite allows you to integrate up to 250 applications and control them from a single account. 

The software will automatically make your content more accessible by running campaigns and running advertisements for a global audience. You can also maximize your reach through paid advertisements.

Social Analysis 

For an online course creation business, it is crucial to identify what customers have to say about your posts. Their feedback could help you understand where you’re lacking and future prospects for improvement. 


Cinchshare is extremely beneficial for direct sellers because it can help with reporting and analytics. It is crucial to identify what your customers are looking for to increase. 

This application will automatically generate hashtags to increase engagement and identify keywords and phrases based on customer demand


However, Hootsuite connects your social profiles with your dashboard to enhance network connection. Through this feature, you can monitor posts, social media traffic, followers, and the number of retweets. 

Their advanced version will run a complete sentiment analysis and provide a report on the performance of each post. 

App Integration 

Integrating applications can save time and help you manage multiple social media channels from one place. For an online course creation business, you will have to market on all your social media platforms


Cinchshare allows you to integrate Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest accounts and control them through one log-in. This helps you ensure that your content is being posted on all accounts without checking them individually. 


Hootsuite allows you to manage multiple accounts through one dashboard. You can manage up to 4 Instagram accounts and approximately 20 different Facebook accounts through a single forum. 

Moreover, Hootsuite is also compatible with Youtube, Twitter, and other social media networks that operate through third-party software. 

Scheduling Calendar

Social media scheduling tools are a great way to manage your work tasks. Using online scheduling software could help you meet rigid deadlines and prioritize responsibilities. 

If you own an online course creation business we would recommend investing in a scheduling app for better work performance. It will help you divide tasks and distribute responsibilities, decreasing your personal workload.  


Cinchshare’s social media scheduling is a great tool for your desktop and mobile app. You can easily schedule Facebook parties for Facebook Groups, business pages, and profiles within minutes. Moreover, you can schedule tasks for LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram as well. 

You can batch post parties and directly engage with your guests. In case you want to learn more about their additional features, Cinchshare offers weekly training sessions for better understanding. 


Similarly, Hootsuite also offers many features in its scheduling category. You can bulk upload up to 350 social media posts for multiple channels ahead of time. 

The software will automatically upload your scheduled posts at the designated time. 

Getting into the online course business can be daunting. Therefore, we have compiled a complete step-by-stepguide for you to follow and make the best of your business. 

Cinchshare vs Hootsuite – Final Verdict

Social media scheduling tools could help you post evergreen content by planning tasks ahead of time. This not only helps you save time but also allows you to identify risks and opportunities involved with each scheduled task. 

Cinchshare and Hootsuite are great social management software that could help enhance your workflow and task organizations. Their quality features are just the thing you need to run your online course creation business efficiently. 

 If you’re just starting, we would advise you to read this complete guide and vary out the pros and cons of Cinchshare and Hootsuite before making the final purchase.

You can take a look at our website for guidance and tips to sell your courses online.