Cinchshare vs Post My Party – What’s the Difference? Full Comparison

If you are a direct seller and are looking for a scheduling tool to boost your sales, Cinchshare and Post My Party are our top recommendations. 

Manually operating tasks and scheduling posts can be time-consuming. Post My Party and Cinchshare offer a variety of scheduling tools to help automate tasks and identify the best time to upload your content.

Read the instructions carefully, we have identified the Pros, Cons, and all top features of each software in detail. 

PriceYou can easily get Cinchshare’s monthly subscription at an affordable price of $10 a month.Post My Party offers a monthly subscription at $9.95 a month. However, if you get their annual subscription, it will cost you $8.34 per month.
Social Media SchedulingCinchshare allow you to schedule posts for Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and FacebookYou can only schedule parties and events for Facebook Groups through Post My Party
Post Limit You can post unlimited content across social media through Cinchshare.Post My Party allows you to upload 30 posts per Facebook group in 24 hours. 

Are you confused about which tool is ideal to manage, organize, and schedule tasks for your social media website? Read the guide below before you invest in software to understand which software is the best for your online business. 

Cinchshare Review – Fastest App For Social Media Scheduling

Cinchshare team

If you run an online course creation business and are looking for social media scheduling apps, Cinchshare is one of the best software on the market. 

You can control all your social media handles from various devices without any sort of hassle. Cinchshare is an idea for direct sellers and network marketers for creating and uploading Facebook parties and much more. 

Let’s take a look at all the advanced features of Cinchshare and discuss them in detail. 

Features of Cinchshare 

  • Unlimited storage for scheduled and saved posts
  • Bulk schedule posts 
  • Batch upload posts on different accounts 
  • Control multiple apps through one software 
  • Integratable with Canva 
Pros Cons
Fast social media scheduling app

Creature virtual Facebook parties

 Ideal for direct sales business

 Upload images by integrating them through Canva

Unlimited post history 
Pricing is not flexible

Benefits of Cinchshare

Cinchshare is a great tool to create multiple Facebook party posts within seconds.  

Facebook Scheduling

You can easily schedule Facebook posts ahead of time and automate the uploading procedure. 

The software will automatically post your content on the designated date to Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook Groups. 

Helps You Identify Strategies to Grow Your Business

This software also offers weekly training so you can identify methods to improve your business functions. Cinchshare provides effective techniques and up-to-date strategies that could help boost your online traffic and sales. 

Share Templates with your team 

Through Cinchshare you can easily share templates with your team members and clients. You can divide responsibility by allotting scheduling tasks to different members. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Cinchshare

Free Content Library 

Probably our most favorite thing about Cinchshare is that it gives you access to thousands of pre-made social media graphics. You can easily pick from their engagement list of fill-in-the-blanks, this and that, and several different engaging quotes and use them on your website. 

Integratable with Canva 

If you want to create your templates, you’d be glad to know that Cinchshare can be integrated with Canva. Without leaving their website, you can design templates based on your preference. 

Up-to-Date Social Media Strategies 

Cinchshare’s weekly training program helps you find the best social media strategies to increase your engagement. You can join their Facebook Groups to participate in these workshops.  

Bulk Posting 

Bulk scheduling Facebook posts allow you to manage your time for other tasks. Through Cinchshare you can repost previously saved content or from your history without any hassle. 

Avoid Facebook Jail 

Chinchshare’s Facebook Party and Marketing Training Facebook group provide tips and tricks that could prevent you from getting your posts blocked. Moreover, you can find easy peasy ways to avoid Facebook Jail.  

What Do the Customers Think?

social proof
social proof


Our team reviewed several customer feedbacks’ to understand which feature was most liked by the users. After careful evaluation, we noticed customers were most satisfied with Cinchshare’s prices. They offer unlimited features at a flat rate of $10 per month

Get Weekly Training Sessions

Moreover, customers claimed that the weekly training sessions make Cinchshare incredibly easy to use. Users can identify the best marketing strategies for their online courses and what they can do to increase their reach. 

Schedule Ahead of Time 

Furthermore, their post planner allowed them to schedule way ahead of time. This allowed them to organize and plan the best strategy ahead of time for maximum reach. 

Customers also stated that this awesome feature saved them a lot of time and effort. 

Best Application for Social Media Scheduling 

The best app for social media scheduling is Cinchshare because it allows you to plan, organize, and schedule posts ahead of time. Moreover, you can schedule FB parties to engage with your guests. 

Post My Party Review – Organize & Plan Your Social Media Party

post my party

It is important to manage your time so you can effectively plan and organize tasks for your online business. 

Post My Party is a great software for direct sellers and network marketers because it allows them to host Facebook parties and various training events online. 

Post My Party enables you to schedule posts and automate the procedure. You can save time by scheduling your content for multiple profiles. 

Features of Post My Party 

  • Schedule multiple online parties and Facebook posts
  • Customize and create new templates 
  • Get access to unlimited templates online 
  • Automate scheduled posts for uploading
  • Get unlimited post library
Pros Cons
Create multiple parties at once

Schedule comments

Allows you to select an image or video and drag it to your page

 Easy to use

 14-day free trial
Only works for Facebook Party and Groups

Benefits of Post My Party 


We understand that social media scheduling apps can be really expensive especially if you run a small business. Post My Party offers advanced features at an affordable price of $9.95 a month. 

Free Trial

The best part is that their free trial lasts up to 14 days. You can try out their features before purchasing their bundle and see if it works for you. 

Automate Task Scheduling

Post My Party is a great scheduling tool for Facebook parties and posts. It allows you to automate multiple actions to help make uploading content less stressful. 

Tutorial Videos 

If you’re new to the software, you can view their tutorial videos and understand the software better. Not just this, you can get help from their online support groups as well. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Post My Party

Schedule Comments 

Once you write a comment inside Business Page Groups, you can schedule it for later. The software will automatically post your comment at the designated time. 

Unlimited Templates 

Post My Party gives you unlimited access to customizable templates. You can use these templates for multiple parties by replacing the hostname and invite link. 

Automate Tasks

We understand that an online course creation business has multiple tasks that need to be looked over. Post My Party allows you to automate tasks, which could help divide the workload.

Content Rating 

In our opinion, the best thing about Post My Party is that its content rating feature automatically evaluates your posts and gives suggestions on how you could improve your content. 

They ensure that your work is high quality and different from what everyone else is posting.

Template Sharing 

Through Post My Party you can easily share templates with your colleagues and team members without converting them into Word Docs or PDF. 

What Do the Customers Think?

After careful evaluation, our team concluded that most online course creators were extremely satisfied with their experience with Post My Party.


Users claimed that the software provided quality features at an affordable price. They can easily schedule multiple parties and schedule them through the post planner. This saved them time and helped divide work tasks. 

Video Tutorials 

Customers stated that the tutorial videos were extremely beneficial as they allowed them to sort out any problems that they faced. Moreover, support groups were consistent as they helped resolve any queries that the users had.  

Increase Your Engagement

Another important thing we noticed was that clients noticed that this software helped them engage with their guests more efficiently. They were able to increase their traffic and find new domains for future prospects. 

Best Software to Schedule Facebook Parties

The best software for scheduling Facebook parties and events is Post My Party. You can schedule tasks and automate uploading content on your social media sites. 

Some other worth mentioning tools are Hootsuite and Audiencegain.

Post My Party Vs Cinchshare – Buyers’ Guide

cinchshare vs postmyparty

Task Automation 

For an online course creation business, automating tasks can be a game-changer. You can schedule your posts ahead of time and focus on other business operations and manage guests. 


Cinchshare’s scheduling tool enables you to bulk post on multiple social media sites. The software will automatically complete scheduled tasks, which will save you an ample amount of effort. 

Post My Party 

Similarly, Post My Party’s task automation system allows you to schedule Facebook Party Posts, Facebook Parties, comments, and other events. 

This software can also help you manage multiple parties for your online business. You can divide workload by scheduling tasks in the post planner. 

Ready-to-Use Templates 

Premade templates could help sales marketers save a lot of time and effort. We would highly recommend you invest in a software that allows you to customize templates

You can prevent yourself from a lot of hassle in the long run. 


Cinchshare allows you to integrate your images with Canva. You can edit templates according to your requirement and post them on your social media sites

Post My Party 

Post My Party also provides thousands of customizable templates that you can share with your team members. You can easily replicate your training and parties through these pre-made templates. 

Enhanced Customer Engagement 

It is important that you invest in softwares that increase traffic and customer engagement for your online course business. 

You can learn more about selling your online courses by following our guide.

Post My Party 

Post My Party provides the best strategies that will effectively help you manage guests on your website. You can also identify techniques to differentiate your work from your competitors. This could potentially increase your engagement in the long run. 


You can attend weekly training sessions scheduled by Cinchsare to identify the best techniques that will help you build a strong customer relationship. Their Track Your Insight feature will help identify the best time to manually post your content for maximum customer engagement.  


Social media campaigns can cost a lot of money. It is important to invest in software that will help simplify tasks and provide quality features at an affordable price. 


Unfortunately, Cinchshare does not have a free version. However, you can check their 14-day free trial to understand if the software fulfills your needs.

If you are satisfied after your trial period, you can purchase their subscription at a flat rate of $10 per month. 

Post My Party 

You can avail Post My Party’s subscription at $9.95 per month, which is almost the same as Cinchshare. However, if you choose their annual package, it will cost you $8.34 a month.

Content Rating 

A content rating system will help you differentiate your work from your competitors. Publishing unique content will help increase your engagement. 

Post My Party 

Post My Party’s content rating system helps you identify the best strategies for your online business. This software ensures that your work is high quality and unique. 

We highly advise you to invest in a software that allows you to analyze where your content ranks. This could help you find areas of improvement and strategies that work best for your business. 

Take a look at our website to learn all there is to start an online course business.

Final Verdict

For online course creation business, task automation and scheduling softwares could be of a lot of help. You can manage and divide the workload by assigning tasks to the software. 

If you’re confused about which software to choose for your online business, we recommend Cinchsahre and Post My Party. 

Read this guide to understand which software is the best suited for you. Feel free to contact us for any further advice.