Clickfunnels Certification Cost – Do You Really Need this Certification?

In the modern era, Marketing strategies can make or break your online business. This means funnel building is an essential part of successful project delivery.

The real issue lies in the implementation of such strategies. This is because of the progression of the internet in the last decade, which has changed how mail advertisements work.

One good tool to implement new marketing strategies is Clickfunnels Certification. It is sort of a funnel consultant to help you maximize your sales as a business.

In this article, we will discuss the following points related to Clickfunnels Certification:

  • Pricing of Clickfunnels Certification
  • What is Clickfunnels and how does it work?
  • Important tips for using Clickfunnels Certification

Without further ado, let’s get started. 

Clickfunnels Certification Program Cost

Clickfunnels Certification program cost provides three different types of packages. You can choose the sales funnel that suits your course selling business.

Clickfunnels Platinum plan, previously known as the Clickfunnels Etison Suite, is preferred for sales pages related to online course selling.

What do you get?

You get multiple funnels, landing pages, and customer support on a 24/7 availability. However, it costs just about $300 per month.

On the other hand, the basic plan of $97 per month is designed for people that get into the whole sales funnels area.

What other benefits does it provide?

It comes with a sales page builder which helps you to create and test high converting sales funnels before you actually implement them on your online business.

Lastly, The TwoCommaClubX plan is for online businesses that have multiple branches and span over multiple cities.

It is highly unlikely that you will need such a plan. Furthermore, it is quite expensive even on a monthly basis.

Let’s see what the Platinum plan has to offer.

Clickfunnels Platinum Plan

As a funnel consultant at its core, the Clickfunnels Certification program cost is quite affordable. The tools and features it provides are quite valuable.

But what tools does it provide?


The first and foremost thing is funnel building. The number of funnels you can create with Clickfunnels Etison Suite/Clickfunnels Platinum is unlimited.

You can make multiple funnels of your choice and create a capture page for it. You can also create a typical order page for your parent company and decide exactly what you need for it.

Etison Suite plan also enables you to optimize your high converting funnel to further enhance the funnel architecture.

Other than that, the basic features also include a funnel strategy week. People from around the world share their opinions and thoughts on the best sales funnels and how to use them effectively.

Shared Funnels

Apart from creating your own funnels as a certified partner, you can also check and use funnels made by other certified partners.

You can access these funnels from the consultant dashboard. Not only that but you can also share your own online marketing funnels with others.

You might be thinking, how does it help your business?

It is quite natural to have little gaps in your funnel scripts that you might not know about. When you compare your funnel with other high converting funnels, you get to see your own shortcomings.

In the long run, this can help you to optimize your sales and marketing way beyond your competition.

The best thing about it is that these funnels are made by actual clients that have implemented them on various hosting services.


You might be confused by this feature as it doesn’t clearly state what sort of pages it is referring to.

In the case of Clickfunnels Certification program, it means the landing pages and the webinar pages for your business.

What are landing pages?

Landing pages also allow you to convert your visitors into your customers. This helps with client intake and high-ticket sales.

Clickfunnels Certified Partner program enables you to create new landing pages or you can customize one of your own presell pages.

The plus side of this feature is that you can make unlimited landing pages with e-mail integration. 

For example, you can ask your viewers to fill out subscription pages via e-mail that will lead them to affiliate pages, referral payments, or anything related to your parent company.

In summary, landing pages are a gateway to the products you want to sell. In your case, these products are online courses.

Payment Gateways

As mentioned in the above section, landing pages are a gateway to anything you want to market on your website.

Clickfunnels Certified Partners can also use them to link payment services as well. These payment services can be of any sort.

What sort of payments can you integrate with it?

It can be a direct payment gateway or an indirect one. Direct payments include customers buying your courses.

On the other hand, indirect payments include an independent Clickfunnels affiliate program. You can receive referral payments every time one of your customers uses a referral link.

Both of these payment methods enable you to further enhance your email marketing. You can also reshape your funnel strategy to use the affiliate management system in a better way.

Customer Service

Clickfunnels Certified Partner program also provides you with around-the-clock customer service. 

The funnel consultants are available for certified partners if they encounter any problems with their account setup or anything related to presell pages. 

What can you learn from customer service?

You can use the Clickfunnels Certification exclusive support to learn about SMS advertising, official statements, Optin pages, funnel optimization, and associate partners. 

Clickfunnels Certified Partners who develop sales funnels can also avail customer service from professionals.

Furthermore, you can also get more information on the Clickfunnels Certification Partner program. This includes landing pages and referral programs.

What is Clickfunnels Certification?

Clickfunnels is a tool to create a sales funnel that will boost the overall sales your online business can produce. 

It is important to note that Clickfunnels is not for creating sales but to increase them.

Now you might be thinking, what is a sales funnel?

In Marketing terms, Sales Funneling is a multi-step process to ensure that all the viewers you get on your website get turned into customers.

The multi-step structure helps you to decide a customer’s journey and ultimately turn a viewer into a permanent customer.

The most basic type of sales funnel structure is the AIDA model. It is based on 4 different stages as shown below.

priority support complete funnel scripts sales copy email marketing video sales letter video

The first step is Awareness followed by Interest, Desire, and Action. Each of these steps has its own marketing strategy and approach to the viewers.

Now let’s see how each of these steps works simultaneously.


Awareness is the first step of any sales funnel. It is related to the first impression of any viewer that lands on your website.

What else is awareness related to?

On a basic level, awareness is also related to how you present your brand’s image to a first-time customer.

For example, a viewer clicks on your website to buy an online course. Do you directly take him to the course outline or do you take a step-by-step approach to guide him around the website?

Awareness plays a huge role in keeping the attention and the interests of your viewers in check.

A lot of websites tend to lose their potential customers in the very step due to bad landing pages.

So how do you tackle it?

The first and foremost thing you need to do is to determine the type of your business. Is it related to technical things or is it related to rather simple stuff?

Let’s suppose your online course website deals with courses that are related to coding. 

You might want to orient your landing pages in a way that explains what your website sells and how it can help a customer to enhance their abilities.

How will it help you?

This will help you to build a positive relationship with your viewers right from the start.

Once you do this, you can then take your viewers to your main landing page. The main landing page can include an email application page that enables your user to sign up for a free notification system.


After you have developed an awareness between your brand and your new viewer, you can then move on to the next stage.

The next stage of a sales funnel is Interest. It revolves around slowly turning your viewers into permanent customers.

So, how does it work?

Let’s say you have signed up a couple of viewers through your email notification program. Now you can offer them new deals and products slowly.

The pacing of how you present your deals is quite crucial to this step. Some people don’t like their inbox to be filled with spam emails.

You should always take your time and present your products in a steady fashion.

Slowly but surely, your viewers will start to funnel towards the buying aspect. They will buy a product and will also prefer it if there is a similar deal/product to it.

This process creates a chain that will turn your sales up gradually. Even though this process is slow, it is quite effective.


Now you have signed up a couple of people and presented them with different deals via your clickpop page.

What do you do next?

The next step is to stay in constant contact with your customer’s needs and desires. This will help to create new products according to your users’ demands.

Furthermore, it will also help you to reshape your existing products to better suit the newcomers.

There isn’t much to this step of the AIDA model except the basic trial and error to eliminate the irrelevant substance from your products.


The last step of the AIDA model is referred to as Action. It revolves around the idea to implement your sales funnel strategies.

After you have developed a stable relationship with your customers, you can implement new strategies for new products.

How can you use it?

This will help you to experiment without the risk of losing any potential customers. You can enhance your e-mail marketing and reshape your e-mail broadcasts.

Furthermore, it will also streamline your client intake and reform your brand into a lead magnet for newcomers.

Besides new marketing strategies, you can also hold a monthly training session for your new and old customers alike.

Features of Clickfunnels Certification Program

Clickfunnels Certification Partner program is jam-packed with features. We will discuss each of these features one by one.


As a Clickfunnels Certified Partner, you get access to premade webpages and a wide variety of templates to use. 

What are templates made for?

These templates are designed for all sorts of businesses. You can easily make landing pages for e-mail marketing and SMS marketing.

This saves you a lot of time and also removes the headache of hiring a web designer to make these web pages for you.

There are a total of 37 different templates available for you to use. These include Optin pages, Presell pages, Sales pages, Webinar pages, Subscription pages, and Affiliate Program pages.

E-mail Integration

The Clickfunnels Certification allows you to shape your marketing strategies around e-mail advertising.

It has built-in software that deals with automated emails and SMS services. You can use it to send billing information, new deals, and information related to new products.

The automated aspect removes the worry of constant upkeep and it also removes the extra program cost of hiring an experienced professional.

Funnel Hacks System

Along with the Clickfunnels Etison Suite plan, you also get the funnel hacks system. It is an advanced program that helps you to better understand how a to presell page works and how you can control your traffic more effectively.

Is there a dashboard feature?

You can use your very own consultant dashboard to access classes for traffic control and optimization. You can also learn how a hosting service interacts with a sales funnel strategy.

As a Clickfunnels Certified partner, you can save around $1000 for such classes.

Let’s check out some Pros and Cons you get as a Clickfunnels Certified user.


  • Easy to use software interface.
  • Built-in hosting service for better integration.
  • 14-day trial period with money back option.
  • E-mail autoresponder.
  • Regular updates for stable performance.


  • If you are not a Clickfunnels Certified partner, your customer service might not be the quickest.


After carefully looking at the Clickfunnels Certification Program cost and the features it provides, we have concluded that it is definitely required if you wish to increase your sales.

As a Clickfunnels Certified partner, you get access to a variety of tools that you can use to turn leads into customers. The value of these tools compared to the Clickfunnels certification program cost is nothing. 

You also get to learn these tools as you start to explore them. There is also professional help available in case you encounter a problem.

With this, we come to the end of your article on Clickfunnels Certification Program cost. 

We hope this article proves to be informational for you.

Let us know what you think about Sales Funnels.