6 Basic Platforms for Cyber Security Courses – In-Depth Guide, Pros, Cons, & More

Cyber security is one of the most sought subjects in the digital landscape. You can easily find high-paying jobs in the corporate sector with the right skill set. 

This is why in today’s post, we’ll discuss multiple platforms that provide cybersecurity courses. Moreover, we’ll also answer some FAQs related to these platforms

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By the end of this post, we’ll cover the following topics:

Let’s get you started. 

6 Essential Platforms for Cyber Security Courses in 2022

Over the past few years, cyber security has become a major concern of every online business. This has generated a high demand for individuals with specialized skills in the field. 

In most cases, these jobs offer high pay with room to grow professionally. Now, let’s check out the platforms that offer beginner and expert-level courses related to cyber security. 

TalentLibrary – eFront

First platform on our list is TalentLibrary from eFront Learning. We picked this platform because it is designed to help newcomers. 

Every single course has detailed visual guides to help you learn. Moreover, these courses are made to polish your professional skills. 

What is the expertise level of courses at TalentLibrary?

We noticed that majority of the courses at TalentLibrary are undergrad-level. On top of that, every single course is only 10-15 minutes long. 

talent library

This helps you learn and manage new information easily. Moreover, you can learn multiple courses in a short span.

What is the course pricing at TalentLibrary?

You can get free and paid courses at TalentLibrary. Every beginner-level course is free of cost, while expert-level courses cost up to $250. 


Our second pick is Simplilearn because of the certifications they provide. Almost every single course/program is backed up by an industry-acclaimed certification. 

You can find undergrad and postgrad-level courses with over 3 months of content. Furthermore, these courses are designed by experienced professors. 

What is the main focus of courses at Simplilearn?

We noticed that the main courses are either postgrad-level or above. You can also choose from a handful of foundational courses. 


Other than that, the main topics for their programs are System Security Professionals, Ethical Hacking, Infomation Systems Auditors, and Cloud Security. 

Are Simplilearn courses cheap?

The only downside of Simplilearn is that the courses are quite expensive. This is mainly because each course provides a professional certification

Besides that, these courses have a detailed curriculum that costs more than $1000. 

CISCO Networking Academy

Next up, we have CISCO’s Networking Academy. We picked this platform because it provides beginner-level courses with foundational knowledge. 

You can start as a newcomer and learn everything related to cyber security in no time at all. This is mainly because most of their courses are 1-2 hours long. 

Do I need a membership for these courses?

While every single at CISCO Networking Academy is free of cost, you still have to have to be a member to access them. The membership fee is $100 per month. 


Even though it seems expensive, compared to other platforms, you can access an unlimited number of courses. You don’t have to pay for each course individually. 

What is the main focus of courses at CISCO Networking Academy?

We noticed that the majority of the courses focus on the introduction of cyber security and its importance. 

There are only a handful of courses that go over advanced tops of cyber security. Moreover, these programs also come with a training workshop. 

Code Academy

Next platform on our list is Code Academy. Along with an endless list of coding courses, you can find multiple courses related to cyber security. 

We noticed that the majority of the cyber security courses on this platform are career oriented. On top of that, each course is approximately 6 hours long. 

Are Code Academy courses expensive?

Compared to other platforms, courses available at Code Academy are fairly cheap. You can also find multiple entry-level courses for free. 

Code Academy

On the other hand, courses with certifications cost over $100. This price may change based on the demand and skill level of certification. 

Do I need a membership for Code Academy?

While you can access courses without any membership, there are multiple perks of being a member as well. Moreover, it is only a one-time payment. 

We noticed that Code Academy updates its members regarding their latest courses. Furthermore, you can also get seasonal discounts on purchases over $500. 


When it comes to online networking courses, CompTIA has no competition. It is specifically designed to host courses related to IT. 

We picked this platform because it features a ton of multi-skill level courses for cyber security. You can also choose the difficulty level from undergrad to postgrad. 

How long are the courses at CompTIA?

We noticed that most of the courses at CompTIA are targeted at students. This is why they span at least 3-months of the extensive curriculum. 


These courses are designed to match the learning system of universities. You can learn new skills easily with the help of built-in assignments. 

Are CompTIA courses affordable?

The only downside of CompTIA is that the courses are quite expensive. We found every course to be between the $1000 and $5000 range. 

This is mainly due to the fact that these courses are university-level courses. Moreover, each course comes with a professional certification. 

Hack The Box

Lastly, we have Hack The Box on our list. We picked this platform because it uses skill-based courses to teach beginners about the cyber landscape. 

You can either choose courses to familiarize yourself with cyber security or choose courses with professional aspects. Each course is designed to provide a balance between both. 

What sort of learning environment does this platform have?

Unlike other platforms, Hack The Box uses mini-games to promote learning among its users. These games use various skills and decision-making abilities to solve problems. 

hack the box

Moreover, these games also provide a competitive landscape for you to further polish your cyber skills. You can compare your scores with other users on the website as well. 

Do I need a membership for Hack The Box?

While most of the courses available on Hack The Box are free, you still need a membership. This membership requires a monthly, quarterly, or yearly payment. 

Wrapping Things Up…

This brings us to the finish line of our post on 6 Basic Platforms for Cyber Security. We hope you can use this information to select the right platform. 

Cyber security is a rapidly growing field. As each day passes, there are new skills to be discovered. We recommend that you use a platform like TalentLibrary to start as a beginner and use other platforms to further expand your skill set. 

Let us know what you think of these platforms in the comments below.