Filemail Review – Full Breakdown with FAQs & More

If you are confused about how you could send large files from the internet, Filemail is the perfect solution for you. 

Filemail allows you to send files from the internet to someone by typing in their email directly, which allows them to download the folder. 

In this guide, we will help you understand how Filemail works and provide the best alternatives that you could choose from. 

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In case you want to send large files including documents and videos, Filemail will make the task easy for you. 

FileMail allows you to choose between four different sharing methods to help you transfer your data. These include shipping, FTP, Cloud Sharing, and accelerated cloud sharing solutions.

Alternate #1


If you want to build WordPress websites and host on Google Cloud, 10Web will help you do that through artificial intelligence. The best part about 10Web is that you can easily share multiple files and it will maintain its speed. 


Alternate #2


With a completely customizable interface and featuGravatar helps make your webpage globally accessible. This allows a wide range of audiences to visit your site increasing your web traffic. Moreover, you can easily share links to your sites by the drag and drop button. 


Quick Summary of the Main Product

If you are looking for a web app that can help you transfer your valuable data, Filemail is the easy solution for your needs. 

Share Huge Files through Your Email 

You can easily share huge files with a download link through the internet by copying and attaching the recipient’s name to the mailing list. The recipient will download the attachment and get access to the document. 

Multiple File Sharing Options

Not just this, Filemail gives you other alternate options including physical shipping, cloud sharing, and accelerated cloud sharing. You can choose whichever one best suits your needs to send your large files. 

Features and Benefits

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Robust Administration

Robust administration is a key feature of Filemail. It allows you to declare benefits to the users who want to file transfer

By controlling what receivers can view on your online website, you can limit the number of people who can access and download the information through the link.    

Anti-Virus Protection

Downloading or transferring files could be risky since there is a chance of a third-party virus corrupting your file storage

Filemail will automatically identify and inform you about the bug and give suggestions on what you could do to remove it. 


Filemail allows you to secure the links you are sharing. You can password protect your file or add two-factor authentication. This will secure your online content and also help you restrict what users can do to your uploaded folders. 

Tracking Your Shipment 

If you choose to physically send files through Filemail, it allows you to easily track and monitor where your shipment is. The application will provide a one-time code once you book your order.


Sending big files can slow down your internet speed or cause it to crash. 

However, Filemail allows you to send large files without any sort of interruption. This makes content sharing easy for your online business. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Filemail

Integrated File Sharing

This feature allows you to integrate Filemail into your personal website or online business account. You can access this feature by adding a single line of HTML. 

Simplify File Recipients 

Filemail allows you to easily select recipients for your emails. You could avail of this feature through an address book as it will allow you to share files of any size.


It is obvious that if you need to send big files, you will require more storage. The cool thing about Filemail is that it allows you to choose how much storage you can get at an affordable price.

Customizable sub-domain

You can easily customize your subdomain and add protocol features to your settings. The software also allows you to automate data downloading once you receive a file.

Anonymous File Uploading 

The cool thing about Filemail is that you can upload files through a no-account feature. The application allows you to avail of their service without creating or registering for it.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Filemail

What we likedWhat we didn’t like
Allows you to send large files
Anonymous file uploading
Two-factor authentication
Control what users can do to your file
You can easily purchase more storage
Filemail may not support all file formats.

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Similar to Filemail (Recommendations)

#1: Best File Sharing Software – 10Web Review 

10Web provides all the necessary components you need to build a website. It will also allow you to host your WordPress accounts. 

In case you have multiple WordPress websites, 10Web will allow you to run all those websites from a single dashboard. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy 10Web

Customizable templates 

10Web allows you to pick from pre-made templates and customize them according to your preference. This saves you a lot of time and is convenient if you are a fast-paced worker. 

Content Management 

10Web’s automated content management feature will help you manage your website, blog, and newsletters. Moreover, it will also give you suggestions on how you could improve your web marketing. 

SEO and Hosting 

You will be able to get an insight into words that can help increase your SEO ranking. This will eventually help you increase your search engine optimization. 

Site Analysis 

You will be able to find domains related to your web page. Moreover, 10Web will also link you to page views, subscribers, and temporary visitors. 

Password Protection 

Probably the most important feature of 10Web is that it allows you to control what users can see. Moreover, you can code to protect your work to ensure security. 

What we liked What we didn’t like
Email integration
Content management
Helps you find domain names
Allows you to use an HTML input
You can drag and drop items on your webpage. 
10Web does not come with an email plan

Best File Sharing Software

The best file-sharing software is 10Web because it allows you to use premade templates. There are a number of customizable templates to choose from. This is incredibly convenient as it saves a lot of time. 

#2: Best Website for Bloggers – Gravatar Review 

If you are someone who has just created their online web page and would like to promote their product or service, Gravatar will help you out. 

Gravatar will help create an identity of your web page and make it more accessible to a wider population through effective marketing strategies

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Gravatar

Distinguish between visitors and users

Gravatar helps identify between anonymous one-time visitors and frequent users. Its advanced features will help you identify your potential future buyers for your online business.

Generates Traffic

Gravatar will automatically create more traffic and attract users to your website. Your online website will be sent to the topmost ranked search engines to increase engagement. 

Promote your WordPress Site

Since WordPress is already on Gravatar’s list, the software will help make your web page more accessible to users. This could potentially enable more bloggers to connect with your account.  

Global marketing 

Gravatar is available for users around the world. The application will automatically translate your content into different languages, making it accessible to a global audience. 

Control Multiple Identities through a single account

By associating different images to your accounts, you can easily operate multiple user accounts through Gravatar. However, you will need a separate email for each account. 

What we likedWhat we didn’t like
Allows you to run multiple accounts 
Password protect your website
Helps promote your WordPress Website
Makes your website
Globally accessible 
Allows you to change default images
Gravatar’s speed is slow

Best User-Friendly Software 

The best user-friendly software is Gravatar because it allows you to run multiple accounts under one roof. This will help you engage with a wider population. 

Take a look at other mail services like SocialDrift, Zoho, and Sidekick for your online course business.

Guide to Buy


Global Accessibility 

Your website should enable your account to be available to a greater audience. Your software should make your webpage globally accessible.

Websites like WordPress were able to reach 15.5 billion views by improving their accessibility features. 


It is crucial that you protect your content from intruders. You can easily safeguard your work and prevent it from getting stolen. Moreover, security features also allow you to restrict what users can see on your website. 

Anti Virus Protection

Since sharing files and content online could be risky, especially for online businesses, your webpage should automatically identify the presence of viruses and report you instantly. this will prevent your files from getting corrupted. 

User Friendly 

Your website should be accessible to all kinds of users. Customers should be able to access data without any sort of distortion or inconvenience. 

Customer Help

In case of any sort of problem, you should be able to reach out to your provider for assistance. This will prevent any sort of lags in your online work.  

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Wrapping Things Up… 

We agree that sending large files could be risky. Especially because there is a risk of viruses corrupting your file or hackers stealing your content. 

However, Filemail provides appropriate security and a possible solution in case your file is corrupted. 

We have added all the necessary information you need to know before sharing your files through online forums. 

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