6 Top Platforms for Finance Courses – Detailed Breakdown, Tips, FAQs, & More

Finance is a constructive subject you can use to learn a lot about your business. However, it can be hard to find extensive material related to this field. 

In today’s post, we’ll go over multiple platforms you can use to get finance courses. Moreover, we’ll also discuss various tips and FAQs

Quick Summary

Today’s post will focus on the following topics:

  • 6 platforms for finance courses
  • Essential FAQs

Without any delay, let’s get you started. 

6 Main Platforms for Finance Courses You Should Use

While learning finance without any prior experience is easy, it is still convenient to find useable knowledge. You can use this information to grow yourself or your business. 

The first step in this process is to select the right platform. This can dictate your path and develop your learning abilities. 

Now, let’s check these platforms in detail


As a beginner, your main target is to learn the fundamentals before you jump to expert-level topics. This is why we picked edX. 

You can a list of courses related to various areas of finance. Each course spans a 3-month period with multiple assignments embedded into it. 

Who provides the courses on edX?

We must mention that every single course on edX is provided by a high-ranking university. These courses are a part of their actual curriculum. 


Moreover, we also noticed that these courses are updated regularly with new case studies. This way, you can keep yourself up to speed with new field knowledge. 

What is the course pricing on edX?

You can find free and paid courses on edX. In most cases, free courses are standalone courses provided by a single university without any certification. 

On the other hand, courses with certifications cost at least $200. The price of the courses goes up per the university ranking. 


Next platform on our list is Pluralsight. We picked it because of its accessible and skill-related courses. 

You can find multiple courses that have numerous 10-minute guides/tutorials. These guides explain a certain area of finance and a skill related to it. 

How are Pluralsight courses different from other platforms?

While other platforms focus on the theory, Pluralsight courses also show the theory in action. This provides a better base for learning, especially for newcomers. 


Moreover, visual guides are generally easier to understand. For a complex subject like Finance, details often get lost in translation. 

Are courses on Pluralsight cheap?

We found that courses on Pluralsight are fairly priced. Most courses fall between the $50 to $200 range. 

On top of that, you can also choose from some expensive courses over $200. These courses often have some sort of certification tied to them. 

Class Central

For our next pick, we have Class Central. Just like edX, Class Central features a collection of courses from high-ranking universities worldwide. 

We found that Class Central has over 2000 courses related to Finance. Every course has a varying level of difficulty. 

What’s the difference between Class Central and edX?

While edX is centered around under-grad courses, Class Central also provides post-grad courses. This helps you continue a course easily. 

Class Central

Moreover, Class Central also provides the ability to join a course class. You can pair up with other individuals and discuss things related to your course. 

Where does Class Central get its courses?

Apart from the top universities, Class Central also features multiple courses from industry professionals. This helps you learn multiple things at once. 

We must also mention that Class Central also has courses from other websites. The list includes Coursera, edX, and MIT OpenCourseWare. 


Next platform on our list is the Corporate Finance Institute. We picked it because it features professional courses with industry acclaimed certifications. 

You can find courses with beginner to expert-level certifications. Each certification can help you expand your portfolio. 

What is the main focus of courses on CFI?

There are four main programs you can choose from on CFI. These programs are Financial Modelling, Commercial Banking, Capital Markets, and Business Intelligence. 


We must also mention that every single program has over 25 courses. You can select single or multiple courses from a program. 

Do I get certification for single courses?

To get a certification from a specific program, you have to complete at least 14 courses. These courses are preset by CFI. 

You can further select additional courses for your program. However, these courses do not affect your certification. 

Future Learn

Next pick on our list is Future Learn. We chose this platform because of its practical Finance courses. 

You can learn the theory and its implication with a real-life example. This helps you understand how a certain idea works in practical form. 

How long are the courses on Future Learn?

We noticed that majority of the courses on Future Learn are short. They only span over 2 weeks or a month. 

Future Learn

Moreover, each course only requires up to 5 hours worth of time each week. This helps you easily manage your other courses as well. 

Are Future Learn courses affordable?

Most of the courses on Future Learn are cheap. You can easily get courses within the $100 to $300 price range. 

On top of that, Future Learn also provides discounts for loyal users. They provide up to 30% off on major courses. 


Lastly, we have Udemy on our list. We picked this platform because it provides expert-level courses taught by industry professionals. 

These courses are designed to help you grow as a Finance professional. You can select from a wide variety of courses that focus on various areas of Finance. 

What is the pricing of courses at Udemy?

We noticed that almost every Finance course is reasonably priced. Most of them fall between the $50 to $150 price range. 


On the other hand, some expert-level courses are between the $250 to $500 price range. You can also get discounts while purchasing multiple courses at once. 

Is there a course management system on Udemy?

We must also mention that Udemy provides an in-house management system. You can use it to keep track of your online courses. 

Moreover, this system also enables you to track progress. Every course shows a percentage related to completion. 

Wrapping Things Up…

With this, we come to the finish line of our post on 6 Top Platforms for Finance Courses. We hope this information proves to be beneficial for you. 

Finance is arguably one of the most important subjects to learn. It can help you at a personal and professional level. With that being said, it is also quite crucial to select the right platform to find courses related to various areas of Finance. 

What do you think of these platforms for finance courses? Let us know in the comments below.