10-Minute Guide to Start a Streaming Channel on Twitch – Step by Step Guide, FAQs, & More

Twitch is widely known as the face of live streaming. You can stream games, workouts, podcasts, and many more things. 

This is why in today’s post, we’ll discuss how you can create an account on Twitch and start live streaming

Moreover, we’ll also go over some important tips

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Today’s post will mainly focus on the following topics:

Let’s get you started.

10-Minute Quick Guide to Start a Streaming Channel on Twitch

You might have come across many online platforms that offer the live streaming option. However, Twitch is the biggest of them all. 

This is mainly because Twitch is designed around the concept of live streaming. It is versatile and also pays its users well. 

Interesting Fact: Twitch was formed in 2011. In 2017, Amazon acquired it for a total of $970 million. Currently, it is valued at $5 billion. 

With such a tempting platform, it is a hard opportunity to miss as a content creator. However, it can be difficult to cross the entry barrier. 

Following is a step-by-step guide you can follow to start live streaming on Twitch. Let’s check it out. 

Get Your Equipment

The first step is to get your equipment in order. You’ll need a laptop or a desktop computer with a fast internet connection. 

For a stable live stream, a stable internet connection is a must. Otherwise, you’ll experience frame loss and other issues. 

What other equipment do I need?

Except for a PC and a fast internet connection, everything else is optional. You can also pair up a camera/microphone with your PC to enhance the quality of your stream. 

Many top streamers use multiple setups to stream on Twitch. In most cases, their gaming PC and streaming PC are separate. 

Install a Broadcasting Software

Even though Twitch is a streaming platform, you still need an intermediary service to run your stream. Two well-known services you can use are OBS and Streamlabs. 

Install a Broadcasting Software
Install a Broadcasting Software

Both of these services are loaded with features that enable you to customize your stream layout. You can change resolution, bitrate, and enable overlays. 

How do I get OBS or Streamlabs? 

You can simply go to their website and download the software. Once you do that, simply install it and customize the layout of your stream display. 

How do I get OBS or Streamlabs? 

Here’s an example of how Streamlabs look after you install it. You can enter multiple display sources, change your audio settings, and add multiple themes. 

How do I integrate OBS/Streamlabs with Twitch?

OBS and Streamlabs require a unique user key that you get after creating an account on Twitch. It is located in the stream setting under Primary Stream Key. 

How do I integrate OBS/Streamlabs with Twitch?

Do I go live from Twitch or OBS/Streamlabs?

You don’t have to manually go live from Twitch. Simply press the Go Live button on OBS or Streamlabs and your stream will automatically be live on Twitch. 

Create a Twitch Account

After you get the aforementioned things in order, it is time to head over to Twitch. You can either choose an existing account or create a new one. 

For a new account, you’ll need two things. First, a valid email address. Second, a unique username. Make sure that you choose a strong password as well. 

Is Twitch free to join?

Twitch is completely free to join. You can create an account and start streaming without paying a single penny. 


Once you create an account, it is time to setup up other stuff on your profile. Head over to the top right corner and click on your profile icon. 


It’ll drop down a menu where you can access all the stuff related to your account. For streaming, the top 4 settings are the ones you’ll need. Here’s an example:


The Creator Dashboard is your main hub to control everything while live streaming. You can overview your live video feed, activity feed, channel chat, and your extensions. 

Here’s how your dashboard will look:


You have all the required settings on your left and all the tools on your right. Moreover, the dashboard enables you to view the number of viewers in real-time. 

It is good to accustom yourself to the dashboard because you’ll be using it most of the time. 

Setup Your Profile

Once you learn the details about your dashboard, it is time to set up other stuff on your profile. It mainly includes the outlook of your profile for new viewers. 

Unlike other platforms that only use text-based information, you can add various banners to various things to your profile. 

How do I add banners to my profile?

Simply click on your profile icon and click the Channel option. Scroll down and you’ll find the option to add banners. 

You can also organize banners in order to give a better outlook. Here’s an example of a well-known Destiny 2 streamer, Gladd.

Setup Your Profile

As you can see, this streamer has various banners related to personal information, sponsors, and merchandise. 

Just like that, you can add information for just about anything. 

Test Run

The last step is to do a test run. This is to make sure that everything stream-related is in order. You can do this by clicking on the Test button on OBS/Streamlabs. 

This will help you tune various things like your display sources, audio settings, themes, and most importantly, your bitrate. 

Can I change my settings mid-stream?

Yes, you can. OBS and Streamlabs enable you to change minor settings in real-time.

Once all your settings are in order, you can finally go live and dive into the world of live streaming.  

Important Things to Keep in Mind

Even though live streaming on Twitch is quite straightforward. There are some things you need to keep in check, let’s see what they are:

  • Twitch has unique sections for various types of streaming. Every game has its own section. For IRL streams, Twitch has a dedicated section under the Just Chatting tag. 
  • Interact with other streamers. It will help you introduce yourself to other communities.
  • Watch tutorials. You can find various tricks to improve your streams with the help of professional streamers. 
  • Get to know your tools. Streamlabs and OBS are quite straightforward but they have some useful tools under the surface. 

Wrapping Things Up…

This brings us to the end of our guide on how to start a streaming channel on Twitch. We hope you can use this information to successfully start a Twitch channel. 

Twitch is a popular platform for live streaming. With the right information, you can start and grow your channel within a short amount of time. 

Let us know what you think in the comments below.