How to Upload Fonts to Canva – In-Depth Guide with FAQs & More


Canva Free and Canva Pro are quite popular for their high-quality features and extensive tools. You can read our review Canva Free vs Paid to understand the major differences between the two.

Some features are specifically available in the Canva Pro App such as the ability to upload your own fonts. The good news is that you can access the Pro features through the 30-day free trial as well.

In this post, we will discuss the process to upload fonts to Canva, which is fairly straightforward. 

Canva Pro

The ability to upload custom fonts from your own library is exclusive to the Pro version of Canva and Enterprise Editions. 

Canva Pro costs:

  • $12.95/month
  • Annual payments involve $9.95 monthly
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Along with uploading fonts, the Pro version also offers:

  • 60,000+ templates
  • Brand Kit 
  • Custom Templates
  • 60+ Million Stock Images 
canva premium features

Find Custom Fonts 

Search for fonts compatible with your brand image and online courses

We advise you to first look for fonts for major headings that will end up on your logos, flyers, social media posts, and website. Secondly, you should consider fonts for subheadings

You can download fonts from free platforms like:

  • Google Fonts
  • 1001 Free Fonts
  • Font Space
  • DaFont
  • Font Freak
  • Font Squirrel 
  • Font Pair (for headings)

Remember that you need to download fonts to your computer before you can upload custom fonts to Canva.

Download your own Fonts 

When you find new fonts that you like, download them. Usually, the fonts that you save will be downloaded in .zip files.

You will then need to unzip/extract these files to get individual font files which will come in different formats. 

Let’s see how you can download Google Fonts as an example. 

Download Google Fonts

Here’s a step-by-step process on how to download fonts from Google:

  • Visit
  • Search and find a custom font you like (you can find them from the search bar as well).
  • Click to open its family page.
  • Download the family from the download button at the top-right of the page.
  • Save the .zip folder to your computer.
how to upload fonts to canva

Unzip/Extract Font File 

A .zip file is a compressed file that contains all of your font files. 

Here’s how you extract those files:

  • Right-click the zipped file and select “Extract” or “Open With”.
  • Create a newly unzipped folder in the same location. Remember where it is saved for future access.  
  • Open this folder to view all the font files.
  • Each file will have a different font-weight such as italic, bold, etc. 
  • Delete the ones you do not need to drop weight and free up space.

When you extract files, they appear as one of the following two types:

  • TrueType font file (TTF File)
  • OpenType font file (OTF File – preferable)

Now you are ready to upload fonts to Canva.

How to Upload Fonts to Canva?

In this section, we will explain the process of how to upload a new font to Canva.

Let’s take this step-by-step. 

how to upload fonts to canva

Step 1

Log in to your Canva Pro account. If you do not have one, sign up for Pro because this feature is unavailable in the free version.

Once you have logged in, click open the Brand Kit page on the left side. 

canva brand kit

Step 2

Here, you will find a Brand fonts column to the right. 

Scroll down to click Upload a Font to add your custom font to Canva.


You will be able to adjust the font size of the body text and headings in Brand Fonts through the pencil icon.

Step 3

Now, you can start uploading fonts. Locate the unzipped folder on your computer and select up to 20 files to be uploaded. 

You can only upload 20 files at a time therefore this might take some time if you have a lot of font files to upload.

Step 4

Visit the Brand Kit again to confirm if all the fonts you need are uploaded.

how to upload fonts to canva

Delete any new font that you might think has a resemblance to some other specific font to free up space. 

That’s it, you have successfully uploaded fonts to Canva!

Points to Remember

You cannot upload fonts on your phone. 

The font files (if you have them saved in your drive) will appear in grey when you load them. 

Hopefully, Canva will work on this soon, however, until then you need to use Canva on the desktop. 

You can still upload fonts by visiting through your mobile browser

Moreover, you can upload fonts with swatches or alternative letters to the Canva App as well. 

For example:

A font called Blackstone has alternative swatches and can be uploaded through the same process. 

canva fonts

Access an Uploaded Font

You can access and change the font style in your Canva Editor where you can also find all of your recently used fonts

how to upload fonts to canva

Tip: Duplicate the text field and change the font size to see how the font looks across all multiple devices.

Uploading Fonts on mac

The process is slightly different when it comes to mac.

  • Create a folder on your desktop.
  • Log into your Canva account.
  • Open the applications folder in the finder on your mac and double click the Font Book Folder in the Applications tab. This will open a dialog box that will contain all of the fonts that can automatically be installed. 
  • Right-click the font you want to upload to Canva and select Show in Finder. A dialog box will appear again to show the highlighted font.  
  • Copy and paste this custom font in the font folder you created for fonts on your desktop. 

The rest of the process to upload custom fonts to Canva is the same. 

To ensure that the font has been uploaded:

  • Create a design.
  • Select and highlight a text field. 
  • Click the down arrow and select a font you uploaded to Canva.

Note: If you want to have all the insights to creating the perfect course with all the tips and tricks, CLICK HERE.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you import fonts into Canva?

The ability to import fonts comes with the Canva Pro membership, where you have the option to add custom fonts through your Brand Kit or your project. 

How do I use uploaded fonts in Canva?

When you open Canva, you will be able to see the Canva Brand Kit on the left-hand side of the screen. When you select this option, a pop-up will open where you can choose “Upload Fonts”. 

At the bottom, you will be able to see “Upload a Font”.

Are all Canva Fonts free for Commercial use?

You need to license all the Stock Media in your Design which comes under the Free Media License Agreement. This will allow you to obtain rights to Canva Design pursuant.

Getting into the online course business can be daunting. Therefore, we have compiled a complete step-by-step guide for you to follow and make the best of your business. 

Final Verdict

We have reached the end of our post on How to Upload a Font to Canva.  

This post contains all the need-to-know information regarding how to find, download, and upload fonts

The steps are easy to understand and follow. You just need to make sure that you have a Pro account since you cannot upload your own custom fonts to Canva free account.

Let us know if you find this article helpful for your online business for art courses. Happy designing!