Is Sitelock Worth it? Review with Pros, Cons, FAQs & More

Website security is quite essential when it comes to online businesses. It keeps your site from technical problems which can be caused by viruses and malware.

Because of this reason, we will review one of the best web security tools, SiteLock.

In this article, we will go over the main strengths of the SiteLock security service.

We will also discuss the following points:

  • Pros and cons of SiteLock
  • Pricing of SiteLock web hosting
  • Alternative hosting companies
  • Detailed buyer’s guide

Let’s get into it.



This security service goes by two names, SiteLock and Bluehost SiteLock. It is designed to keep your website clear of problematic pages and malware injection from third-party sources. It also has a built-in DDOS protection program.  

Alternate #1

Amazon CloudFront

Amazon CloudFront is designed for beginners. It comes with a mandatory trial period that allows you to test your services before you actually pay for them. It also has individual services that enable you to save costs for unnecessary services.


Alternate #2

WEBROOT DNS Protection

WEBROOT DNS Protection service is made to protect your websites from the overload of traffic. You can use this service to keep the traffic inflow in check and avoid any unnecessary downtime.


Quick Summary of the BlueHost SiteLock

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BlueHost SiteLock is an automatic malware removal service that keeps your online business secure from unwanted viruses and harmful codes.

This web application firewall acts as a shield to keep your data safe from theft and potential loss. It also updates its database to keep your website safe from future malicious attacks.

BlueHost is a SiteLock agent that sells the SiteLock service on its own website.

Does SiteLock have a security plugin?

SiteLock also has its own security plugin. It checks your WordPress websites for any broken/harmful links.

This plugin also notifies you in case of DDOS attacks on your website. SiteLock security tool is packed with all the things you need to keep your website up and running.

Following are some of the main features of BlueHost SiteLock:

  • Automatic threat detection
  • PCI Compliance to protect personal information
  • VPN service
  • Built-in web host security

Other than that, SiteLock also provides other services such as backup and restore. Even if you lose your data, you can contact the hosting company to restore it to the previous version.

How can you use it?

As far as the accessibility of this web security tool is concerned, you can use it by two methods. One is a website plugin for WordPress sites. The other is a standalone software for other web hosting services.

Features and Benefits

We have explained the basic utility of BlueHost SiteLock security. Let’s see its features in more detail.

Apart from being a comprehensive firewall, SiteLock also has backup protection for websites.

It keeps your data in secure data centers for enhanced network security.


VPN is a Virtual Private Network that masks your real IP address and changes it to a different one.

How is that beneficial?

A VPN never reveals your real location (IP address) to the person that is trying to hack or harm your website. It keeps anonymity in check.

Even though it can be bypassed, it still acts as a hurdle to keep threats at bay.

PCI Compliance

People and businesses often file numerous complaints about their personal information being stolen rather than their site data.

This is the back-end data that includes credit card information, personal name, location, and client information.

What if your website is hosted in another country?

PCI Compliance is a worldwide security network that is specifically designed to keep this sort of information safe from breaches.

This feature is SiteLock security essential and works 24/7 on the backend.

It also updates your web server for new malware and viruses.

Website Protection

As you already know by now, the basic service of Site Lock is website security. But there is more to it than it meets the eye. 

Let’s see how it keeps your website secure.


The first and foremost feature is its automatic scanning. BlueHost SiteLock security runs site scans on a daily basis.

It checks the site for any front and backend malware. Furthermore, it notifies you if it finds any suspicious activity.

Malware Removal

Unlike some other security services, the free security plugins of SiteLock also have malware removal ability. 

It removes any suspicious or potential malware on its own. You don’t have to manually log in every time you are notified that a malware is detected on your site. 

It takes a lot of effort off your shoulders and saves you a lot of time.


BlueHost SiteLock security also has an automatic patch utility. Web codes often stop working and cause glitches in the website.

SiteLock scans your websites regularly to check if all the codes are working properly. If it finds a broken code, it repairs it to the previous version. 

On the other hand, if the problem persists, it notifies you to make appropriate amends.

DDOS Protection

DDOS which is also known as Distributed Denial Of Service, is linked with the capacity of your site’s traffic. It includes both the inflow and the outflow.

How does a DDOS attack affect my website?

Some hackers use it to overload your site’s server and cause a crash. It can be used to steal data or just keep your website down for an unspecified duration.

BlueHost SiteLock security provides protection against it. It always keeps the traffic flow in check to avoid overloading.

This can be caused by queries from other websites or just automated bots that affect the website acceleration.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy SiteLock Security

Following are some of the factors you need to keep in mind before you buy a SiteLock security add-on. Let’s take a look at this list: 


SiteLock’s official website has security plans that allow you to avail monthly and annual services.

pricing of sitelock
sitelock annual monthly plans

The images above show the monthly and annual payment methods respectively. Besides that, you can get extra service for your website at an additional cost.


You can also get a premium version if you are not using SiteLock’s web hosting service. This enables you to remove any unwanted features or add extra security to your website.


SiteLock security provides free plugins for web hosting services like WordPress and Joomla. You just have to buy your security plan and create an account on the official website.

You can then link the hosting account and operate the installed SiteLock plugin without any interruption. The plugin also keeps track of all the malware removed from your website.

Can you run scans on a set schedule?

Besides the many free plugins, you can also use the only SiteLock software to get a detailed look at your site’s security. It enables you to run daily and weekly scans.


As third-party web security, SiteLock brings a lot to the table. The premium plan enables you to control and analyze the weak spots of your website.

Can you check your recent scans?

The daily scans ensure that your website doesn’t have any recent malware injected into it. The notification system allows you to stay in touch with all the recent scans and threats.

The SiteLock software also has a detailed control panel for all its security features. You can schedule your scan day automatically and check the previous SiteLock work.

Advantages and Disadvantages of SiteLock 

What we likedWhat we didn’t like
Easy to Use
Free plugins
Third-party compatibility
Enhanced protection
Backup utility
Pricing plans are expensive

Social Proof

We found a lot of positive reviews on, you can check some of them below.

A lot of people praised the integration aspect of the SiteLock program. They stated that it worked flawlessly with their WordPress websites. Some of the users also mentioned the ease of use as a beginner to site security.

social proof
social proof

Similar to SiteLock Security Service (Recommendations)

#1: Best Trial-Based Security Service – Amazon CloudFront Review 

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Amazon is a leading name in the Tech world with its innovative technologies. They have also released a new web-hosting service known as CloudFront.

It is a comprehensive compilation of different tools that you can use to not only protect but expand your online website.

What unique features does it have?

One of the main features CloudFront has is IAM technology. IAM is Identity and Access Management. It is a foolproof anti-theft tool that can only be bypassed by registered users.

It also has its own VPN service called Amazon Cognito. It is highly effective in hiding your real IP address from viruses and malware.

Another important service that CloudFront provides is the Amazon Security Hub. The AI updates its directory in real-time and protects your site from potential malware.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Amazon CloudFront

Pricing: Amazon CloudFront allows you to pay for individual services rather than a whole package. 

It allows you to buy the security service you need and customize it according to your website.

pricing examples

In this image, you can see how Amazon divides its prices to help you save money and get the best service out of a deal.

Tools: Amazon CloudFront has countless tools at its disposal. Some of these tools are shown below in the image. 

AWS service

Compatibility: The only downside of CloudFront is that it is specifically integrated to work with WordPress. It does work with other web hosting services but shows a lot of glitches and errors. 

What we liked What we didn’t like
Variety of services
Individual pricing
Easy to use
Detailed threat report
VPN protection
Suitable for large businesses

Best Trial-Based Security Service

The best trial-based security service is Amazon CloudFront. You can use each service for a 30-day trial and then decide if you want to buy it or not. It also enables you to purchase individual services instead of a complete package.

#2: Best Beginner-Friendly Security Service – WEBROOT DNS Protection Review 

malware installed negative feedback security add on feel sitelock cost web application firewall waf services good

Webroot is a modern server protection service that works around the convenience of the user. It is specifically designed to accommodate users that are new to web security.

Moreover, Webroot provides its users with a free version to understand how their service works and how to maximize its efficiency. 

Does it have a cloud service?

Yes, it has a cloud protection service. You can save your data without any worry of losing it to a potential malware attack.

It also has automated management for different users. It keeps track of changes made by different people to avoid any loss in data.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy WEBROOT DNS Protection

Pricing: Webroot provides different plans for a variety of users. You can choose a home plan or a business plan depending on the size of your infrastructure.

webroot pricings
sitelock security essential ssl certificate sitelock worth receive compensation first website

Although the home plan is cheaper, your website needs the protection they provide with the business plan.   

Tools: Webroot has DNS protection which is quite different from other security services. DNS is basically an online phone directory that keeps track of your website’s address and data. 

Webroot makes sure that your main directory stays safe from viruses and malware.

Compatibility: Webroot is a standalone service that is compatible with the majority of web hosting services. It includes WordPress, Joomla, and BlueHost.

What we liked What we didn’t like
User-friendly interface
Easy installation
Trial-based purchase
Highly compatible
Cloud-based protection
Security features are one-dimensional

Best Beginner-Friendly Security Service

The best beginner-friendly security service is WEBROOT DNS Protection. It is an easy-to-use service that can protect your personal information and website data at the same time. 


Guide to Buy


You would already know that the prices are the most vital part of a security service. You should always look out for the number of features a service provides. Many services often lay false claims of providing more with less payment which isn’t usually the case.

Why should you pay attention to pricing?

It is important to note that some services seem cheap at first but have high renewal prices. You need to keep that in mind as well before spending money. This thing falls under deceptive billing.

Another important part of pricing is to compare the prices of different services that can do the same job. There is a high probability that you will get a cheaper price for the same features.


One aspect you should never compromise on is the tools of a security service. You always need more than one tool to keep your website safe and intact.

Why are different tools so important?

These tools include backup services, traffic management, and a detailed report system. All of these tools can help you to manage your website and also to improve your shortcomings.

Always select a service that provides a bunch of features at an affordable price. This way you can save money and get the most out of your security plan.

Codeguard Basic and SG Site Scanner are also tools that are worth considering.


Compatibility is a huge issue when it comes to security services. You should always confirm that the service you are buying is compatible with your web-hosting company.

If it isn’t mentioned properly, you should contact customer service and ask about it. Otherwise, you will be paying for a service that has absolutely no use for you.

Want to get into the online course business? We have compiled a complete step-by-step guide for you to follow and make the best of your business.

Wrapping Things Up…

Our personal experience with SiteLock Security service has been quite satisfactory. We must say that this service has everything that a website needs for its protection.

It comes with its own VPN protection to hide your website from malware and viruses. It also has its own DDOS protection to keep the website running even in the case of an attack. Furthermore, the service provides cloud backup and backup protection for your site.

With this, we come to the end of our review on SiteLock security.

Do let us know what you think about web security tools.

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