Kartra Pricing Plans – Too Expensive or Worth it?

Kartra is a leading name in the funnel-building market. It provides many basic and advanced features to increase the sales and turnout rate of your online business.

Moreover, Kartra pricing plans are tailor-cut to fit different types of businesses. Some are more suitable for small businesses while others are beneficial for large-scale businesses.

But how to decide which one is suitable for you?

Quick Summary

In this article, we will discuss the following things:

  • Kartra Pricing Plans
  • Their features and perks
  • Important features for your Online Course Selling Business

Without further ado, let’s get into it.

Kartra Funnels – Quick Summary 

Kartra Funnels is a leading service in funnel-building that allows you to maximize your sales. You can use it to enhance your promotional techniques through email marketing. 

Besides that, Kartra also enables you to generate leads with your unique funnels and campaigns. You can design your own sales funnel according to the perimeters of your business model. 

Kartra provides 4 different plans to choose from. Each of these plans has unique perks that you can use to your advantage.

Let’s take a look at them:

  • Kartra Starter Plan
  • Kartra Silver Plan
  • Kartra Gold Plan
  • Kartra Platinum Plan

Here are some alternatives for Kartra as well. 

Alternate #1

Keap (Infusionsoft)

Keap is a cheap and easy-to-use alternative for Kartra. You can learn affiliate management and email marketing with step-by-step tutorials. Besides that, it has all the Kartra features as well.
Keap is often prepared by new businesses due to its free-trial and low monthly costs. 


Alternate #2


GetResponse is another affiliate management-oriented software. It enables you to maximize your conversion rates. Furthermore, it is quite easy to set up and integrate with your business model.
GetResponse is cheap compared to Kartra due to its small-scale business-oriented features. 

get response

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Kartra Starter Plan

We noticed that Kartra’s Starter Plan is designed for small-scale businesses. As a business owner who is just getting into sales funnels, this plan provides a lot of handy solutions.

kartra starter plans

What are these solutions?

We will explain what these solutions and features are one by one.

Lead Pages

The first feature of this Kartra pricing plan is the number of lead pages you can create. You can create up to 2500 lead pages of your choice.

What are lead pages?

Lead pages are the first step towards identifying potential customers. Since each person that visits your website has a different mindset and approach towards online courses, it is important to separate the leads from the noise.

Moreover, lead pages can further help you to create an email marketing list as well. 2500 lead pages are more than enough for a starting business. 

As a marketing platform, Kartra enables you to convert these lead pages into sales and also boost the sales from your current customers as well.

How does it boost my sales?

The lead pages create a list for you to promote new deals and packages through online marketing. 

You can either do it by SMS services or via email.

Custom Domain

When it comes to standing out from your competition, a custom domain can go a long way.

Many renowned internet marketing experts have stated that a custom domain can change the sales of an entire online business.

But how can a custom domain help your business?

There are multiple things that a custom domain can impact. One of the features that Kartra offers is that it allows you to select your own custom web address. 

Let’s say you choose a web address with a ‘.net’ address, it will help you stand out from your competition because most of them will be using the normal ‘.com’ addresses. 

A custom domain will also add the flair of membership sites to your online course selling the brand as well.

Monthly Emails

Another important Kartra agency feature is the number of emails you can send on a monthly basis.

Compared to other marketing tools, an automated email-based sales funnel can help you establish a complete online business presence among your new and old customers.

How many emails can you send per month?

This Kartra plan allows you to send 15000 emails on a monthly basis. You can sync the lead pages with your automated email software and send chunks of email in just a few hours.

Besides that, Kartra funnels are designed to integrate the emails with your lead and landing pages along the way. So you don’t have to add them manually.


Kartra Starter Plan provides a considerable 50 GB bandwidth that you can utilize for various purposes.

You might be thinking, what is bandwidth?

Bandwidth is the rate of online data you can transfer from one place to the other. Bigger bandwidth means that you can transfer your data at a faster pace.

How is it beneficial for you?

Sales pages, landing pages, and lead pages contain a lot of data that you can use. But even if you decide to move your sales funnel builder data from one place to the other, it would take a lot of time.

This is where the bandwidth comes in handy. It not only allows you to transfer data at a rapid pace but also upload it to your website pretty quickly.

You should keep in mind that a bigger bandwidth is always better than having a small bandwidth. 

Hosting Services

This Kartra pricing package also has built-in hosting utilities. They are mainly for hosting pages and video hosting on your website.

How can you take advantage of that?

In certain cases, you might have to advertise your Kartra pages on some other site for marketing purposes. This is where the hosting comes into play.

You can easily host promotional Kartra videos, landing pages, and even sales pages on the internet without having to use an additional hosting service. 

How does that help you?

Using a built-in hosting service can save you a lot of money and time that you’d otherwise waste on dealing with other hosting services.

How many videos and pages can you host?

The Kartra Starter plan allows you to host up to 100 pages and 50 videos. For an online course selling business like yours, this will be more than enough.

Product Listing

Another benefit you can get from this Kartra package is the number of products. You can sell up to 20 products on your website.

You might be thinking, how does the number of products work with the number of hosting pages?

Not every user or customer has the same mindset. In order to make sure that each of your products gets a substantial number of customers, you can create multiple landing pages for individual products.

It is important to keep in mind that the products here are referred to the number of online courses or course packages you can sell.

For a newly established online course selling business, 20 products are quite a big number. Additionally, you can easily manage the number of products you want from your Kartra account.

Membership Sites

Building a membership for a paid online course business is quite important. It is crucial because your entire business structure revolves around it.

Why are membership sites important?

There are two main reasons why membership sites are important.

  • Brand Image
  • Business structure

Adding a membership site to your business will immediately bring a premium look to your brand.

As far as the business structure is concerned, online course selling is based on paid-private design. Unless a user pays for your content, they cannot access it.

Due to this it is compulsory to have a membership website. 

How many membership sites can you make under the Starter plan?

The starter plan allows you to develop two different membership sites. You can customize these websites based on your personal preference.

Besides that, you can also use it as a key factor for the online marketing of your brand.

Team Members

Kartra Starter Plan allows you to add one extra team member with you. This team member can have all the access to front-end and back-end features. 

Can you restrict a team member’s access?

Yes, this Kartra plan allows you to restrict or change the access levels of your team member. You can either limit it to the front end or back end. 

Additionally, you can also change if your team member can access client accounts. You can even restrict it to the Kartra calenders and sales funnel software as well.

It depends on your personal preference what sort of involvement you want from your team member.


Customer support and helpdesk portals can play a huge role when it comes to advanced marketing strategies and marketing software.

Kartra provides one connect helpdesk in the Starter plan which you can use 24/7 for immediate help. 

What sort of information you can get from a helpdesk?

You can get plenty of information from the helpdesk. It is a built-in feature of your marketing software that you can use at any time.

You can ask about the Kartra trial, Kartra prices, Kartra mail, other Kartra plans, video sales letter pages, affiliate management, advanced Kartra features among other things.

How do you contact the helpdesk?

There is a built-in tab to contact support. You can click on it and it will connect to your assigned Kartra representative in no time.

Kartra Agency

As of now, the Starter plan does not include the Kartra agency feature. This feature allows you to access the analytics of each user directly from a single dashboard.


Kartra’s pricing for the Starter plan is $99 per month. Among all the Kartra pricing packages, this one is the cheapest.

Is there any annual billing?

Yes, you can opt for the annual billing as well if you wish to use this marketing software for a long period. As a matter of fact, you can actually save up to $240 with their 25% discount.

You also get a 14-day free trial period in which you can test out the features of Kartra calendars and email marketing.

How do you select the annual payment style?

The option for yearly billing is visible at the top of the Kartra pricing page. YOu just have to select it once and it will change the Kartra pricing post to an annual basis.

Do you get any extra features for choosing annual billing?

Except for the discount, you don’t get any extra features from Kartra. However, the Kartra Starter plan has quite a lot of features compared to its price.

Our Thoughts

After considering the number of features this plan provides the Kartra Starter Plan pricing is quite reasonable.

As a beginner online business, you can get a lot in just $99 per month. The number of products and lead pages you can create is a lot.

Besides that, you also get 24/7 customer support in case you need any help with something.

Kartra Silver Plan

Kartra Silver Plan is designed for businesses that wish to take it one step further in terms of reach and sales. 

katra silver plan

But how does it do that?

Kartra Silver Plan provides a lot of room for you to work with. Compared to the Starter Plan you can create a lot more lead pages, host pages, and much more. 

Let’s take a look.

Lead Pages

The Silver Plan comes in the Kartra Enterprise Plan category as it provides numbers suitable for large businesses.

You can create up to 12500 lead pages. As an online course seller, this can improve your reach by a significant margin.

Besides that, the online marketing aspect of your business can benefit a lot from a wider user base.

Custom Domain

You can create up to 3 different custom domains with this plan. If you wish to expand or separate different aspects of your business then this can come in handy.

For example; if you wish to separate your sales pages from your landing pages, you can create two different websites for it.

How does that help you?

It will make the managing of your sales funnel quite easy. Other than that, you can keep track of your membership sites as well.

Monthly Emails

This is where the Silver Plan stands out from the Starter Plan. As we mentioned above, you get 15000 emails per month with Starter Plan. 

However, this number is replaced with an unlimited amount in the Silver Plan. You can send as many marketing emails to users as you want.

What does the unlimited emails feature do for you?

On a basic level, it will help you to target different markets and groups without the handicap of a limited number of emails. 

A wider target area will naturally increase your sales and the traffic on your leads/landing pages.


Another difference between the Starter Plan and the Silver Plan is the bandwidth you get. You get unlimited bandwidth compared to the 50 GB bandwidth of the Starter Plan.

This removes the worry of transferring huge amounts of data at a slow pace. As long as you have a fast internet connection, you’ll be able to upload and transfer data very easily.

Hosting Services

With the Silver Plan, you can host unlimited pages and videos. It goes for both, your own websites and third-party websites.

This gives you a lot of room to develop and implement new marketing strategies for different groups of people. 

This sort of experimentation can help you a lot in learning the overall working of your business and how you can maximize sales from each individual.

Product Listing

The Silver Plan also provides unlimited products that you can list on your websites. However, this feature might not be that beneficial for you as an online course selling business.

This is because each of your private online courses has a lot of material integrated inside it. Since it is not sold separately, you might have little use for it.

But if you choose to expand your online catalog of courses, this can help you a lot. It will provide you with the room you need to showcase different categories of courses.

Membership Sites

You can create unlimited membership sites with the Silver Plan. This feature can help you to better integrate your business with your user base.

How can unlimited membership sites help your business?

It is quite tedious to keep track of your customers and products on a single website. Unlimited membership websites can help you to single out each product and its customer base.

This way you can update and manage your users in a better way.

Team Members

Another huge benefit of the Silver pricing plan is its unlimited team members. You can add as many people as you want to your access circle and give them individual tasks.

For example; you can add one person to analytics monitoring and another for managing the lead pages. 

This can take a lot of pressure and work off of your back and allow you to direct your resources in some other place.


You also get unlimited helpdesk portals with this plane. Unlimited membership sites mean a huge number of people will be involved even you use at least 2 websites.

Each of these people can encounter a different problem or might have a different query. So, the unlimited helpdesk portals can reduce the delay between the query time and its feedback.

This will allow you to spot a problem in your sales funnel and get it sorted out as quickly as humanly possible.

Kartra Agency

The main difference between the Starter Plan and other Kartra pricing plans is the addition of the Kartra Agency.

What is Kartra Agency?

Kartra Agency is a new dashboard-like feature where you can keep track of the more advanced stuff in a streamlined fashion.

You can keep track of analytics, sales pattern, sales projection, individual purchase history, client accounts, and much more. 

Using the Kartra Agency, you can access all these things in one place. This will not only save you time but also keep you from the headache of gathering data from different sources.

What is Kartra Agency Pricing? 

Kartra doesn’t charge extra for this feature. However, you can run a free trial before you decide to buy it. You can choose to exclude it from your Silver Plan if you don’t wish to use it.


The Kartra Silver Plan costs $199 per month which at first might sound like a lot but in comparison to the features, the cost is nothing.

Furthermore, you can save up to $600 if you select the yearly plan. The unlimited range of some features can go a long way in terms of reach. 

We must also mention that you get the Kartra Agency feature free of cost with this plan.

Our Thoughts

As a business owner, you definitely want to expand and increase your marketing platform. The Silver Plan enables you to do so with a lot of room for experimentation.

You can create sales funnels to integrate your products and customers. Furthermore, unlimited emails can help you to target a wider audience and ultimately increase your revenue.

The only downside is the cost. On monthly basis, $200 might seem a lot but the annual plan can save you a lot of money.

The process of creating, selling, and managing online courses can be very intimidating, especially when you know nothing and have to start from scratch. We have the perfect guide for you to help you through the process.

Kartra Gold Plan

Kartra Gold Plan falls into the premium plans designed for large-scale businesses. Let’s take a look at the pricing.

katra gold plan

As you can see in the image above, the Kartra Gold pricing plan provides a lot of features.

Lead Pages

You can make up to 25000 lead pages with the Gold Plan. This gives you a lot of room to experiment with existing and new leads.

Additionally, you can target even more individuals and turn them from users to customers.

Custom Domains

The Gold Plan also allows you to use 5 different domains. If you want to separate your sites based on their content, this can prove to be quite useful.

For example; you have two different types of online courses or categories, you can use different domains to separate them.

Are custom domains useful?

At first, you might think that different domains will only add confusion. On the other hand, you can compile them and present yourself as a highly professional brand.

Other Features

Starting from the Silver Plan, all the remaining perks and features are the same. We will list them down for your convenience. 

  • Unlimited emails
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited pages
  • Unlimited videos
  • Unlimited products
  • Unlimited membership sites
  • Unlimited team members
  • Unlimited helpdesks
  • Kartra Agency


The monthly cost of the Kartra Gold Plan is $299. Compared to the Silver Plan, it is only $100 more but you get 2 extra domains and a huge amount of lead pages.

Furthermore, you can save up to $840 if you decide to go for the annual payment structure.

Our Thoughts

The Kartra Gold Plan is suitable for highly established online businesses. 

But if you wish to target a wider audience or have a lot of content material then you can use this to manage and organize your business in a better way.

We think that it might a little too pricy for starting or small businesses that are just getting into the online course selling market.

Kartra Platinum Plan

The Kartra Platinum Plan is tailor-made for organizations and large-scale businesses. It is jam-packed with tons of features at your disposal.

Let’s take a look at what it has to offer. 

katra platinum plan

Lead Pages

You can reach and access up to 50000 leads with the Platinum Plan. This allows you to cover more ground locally and overseas as well.

Compared to the Gold Plan, you get double the amount of leads. The Gold Plan can track up to 25000 leads while the Platinum Plan can easily handle 50000 leads.

Custom Domains

As it is with the leads, you also get double the amount of custom domains. This brings the number of custom domains all the way up to 10.

For a large-scale online course selling business, this many custom domains can streamline content organizing and managing.

Other Features

Let’s take a look at the other features you will get from the Kartra Platinum Plan.

  • Unlimited emails
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited pages
  • Unlimited videos
  • Unlimited products
  • Unlimited membership sites
  • Unlimited team members
  • Unlimited helpdesks
  • Kartra Agency


As you can see in the image above, you can get the Platinum Plan for $499 per month.

The price tag is quite a lot when it comes to small-scale businesses. But you can save a pretty hefty amount of money if you choose the annual billing.

How much can you save with the annual payment structure?

You can save at least $1440 on average from the annual billing structure of the Platinum Plan.

Our Thoughts

The Kartra Platinum Plan is only suitable for businesses that can afford to spare this sort of money.

In our opinion, if you are running a small-scale online course selling business or just starting to expand then this plan is not suitable for you.

It has a good amount of perks but the cost is too high.

Sales funnel builders are an essential part of every business.

We have multiple sales funnel tools to determine which funnel-building application provides the most value for your online course selling business.

Kartra Pricing Plans – Conclusion

After carefully examining and comparing the cost to feature ratio, our team has concluded that the Kartra Silver and Gold Plans are quite valuable.

You get highly responsive sales-funnel software with all the marketing tools for online marketing at your disposal. You can use unlimited pages for video hosting or just landing pages in general.

Furthermore, you can add unlimited people to your Kartra account with unlimited helpdesk portals. The unlimited bandwidth allows you to transfer and upload data rather quickly and removes all sorts of delays in your online business.

Both of these Kartra plans are worth it, especially for a small-scale online course selling business.

Do let us know what you think about our review on Kartra Pricing Plans.