Lightshot vs Gyazo – Which is Better? In-Depth Comparison & More

A big portion of content creation for your online course is taking screenshots and editing them. 

While you can certainly do this with built-in tools on your computer, it’s much more helpful to download a dedicated tool that gives you more control over what you can achieve. 

In this post, we will test and analyze two great tools for taking and customizing screengrabs to determine which one is the best for online course creators: Gyazo or Lightshot. 

Features Lightshot Gyazo
Scroll capturing capabilities Yes No
Customizability 4 and half stars 5 stars
Hotkey settings 4 stars 4 and a half stars
Email and uploading capabilities 5 stars 5 stars
Browser extension Yes Yes

We’ve had our first taste of Lightshot vs Gyazo and what these tools are all about. Now, let’s have a more detailed look at them.

Lightshot Review – Free, Convenient and Easy to Use

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Lightshot is a free screen capturing software that you can download for Windows from the Windows software. 

It’s extremely lightweight and fast which is definitely important. 

Taking screenshots can often be a hassle and you don’t want software that’s buggy or prone to crashes for this process. 

Pros Cons
Scroll capturing available 

Multiple output options such as uploading to the cloud, printing, or posting on social media

Easy to use

In-app editing tools for easy adjustments to screenshots

Provides quick access to Google image search
Hotkey activation has 1 – 2 second delay

Only two output formats are supported: JPG and PNG.

Benefits of Lightshot

The first great thing about Lightshot that you’ll appreciate is its scroll capturing capabilities. 

This gives it an edge vs Gyazo as Gyazo does not have this feature.

When you take a screenshot using the print screen button or the snipping tool, you can only capture what’s on screen at that specific time. 

If you want to capture a page that’s lengthy, you will not be able to do so using these tools and will have to take multiple screengrabs. Lightshot allows you to instantly grab a single screenshot no matter how long the page is using this feature. 

You can also instantly share screenshots on social media, upload them to the cloud or save them in a folder. 

You can also override the print screen button so it takes screenshots using Lightshot. 

Furthermore, it’s a completely free service. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Lightshot

Scroll Capturing

Lightshot does indeed feature scroll capturing as detailed above. 

It’s very easy to use and provides you with a completely customizable screenshot regardless of the page’s length. 


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Lightshot features a host of in-app annotation and drawing tools that you can utilize to highlight or adjust certain elements of your screenshots. 

Hotkey Settings

You can easily set hotkeys for different commands within Lightshot. 

It must be stated, however, that we did notice a slight delay between pressing the hotkey and Lightshot performing these actions.

Email and Uploading Features

Lightshot can be programmed to instantly upload all screenshots to the cloud. 

It also has options for sharing screenshots on social media as well as capturing an image so you can instantly print it.

Browser Extension

Lightshot has browser extensions for screen capture for all popular browsers including Google Chrome, Firefox and even Microsoft Edge.

What Do the Customers Think?

Lightshot has a 4.7 out of 5 rating on where all its users unanimously agree on how fast and easy it is to use. 

Here are some reviews we came across: 

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Best Free Screen Capture Tool

The best free screen capture tool is Lightshot. It’s available as a desktop app as well as a browser extension and features convenient uploading and customization features for the screenshots taken. 

Gyazo Review – Secure and User-Friendly

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Gyazo uploads captured screenshots to its cloud for safe storage as soon as you capture them. 

You can then download them to use in any way you want. 

It allows you to save your screenshot in a number of different formats including as GIFs. 

Pros Cons
User-friendly interface

Compatible with both Windows and Mac

Multiple sharing options

Multiple format options

Very easy to use
Does not feature scroll capture

Benefits of Gyazo


Gyazo features many advanced options for what you can do with your screenshots such as adding comments, drawing over them as well as adding text overlays. 

You can use it to take a screenshot of your entire screen or just a specific selected area. 

Its hotkey binding options give you the fastest way of taking a screenshot and editing it. 

It’s an open-source program available on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Gyazo

Scroll Capturing

Gyazo does not feature scroll capturing. 


It has many tools for editing the screenshot(s) you take to emphasize certain sections of it, etc. 

Hotkey Settings

You can bind certain hotkeys to perform certain actions within Gyazo as you wish. This gives you the fastest way to take and edit screenshots for your online course. 

Email and Uploading Features

Gyazo automatically uploads to the cloud and it also has features if you prefer to upload to a social media account or share it with others instantly. 

Browser Extension

Just like Lightshot, Gyazo has extensions for Google Chrome, Firefox as well as Microsoft Edge. 

What Do the Customers Think?

Users for Gyazo love its simplicity and minimal interface. 

Every feature is within the click of a button and once you set hotkeys, you won’t even need to click. 

The reviews we came across had this to say: 



Best User-Friendly Screen Capture Software

The best user-friendly screen capture software is Gyazo thanks to its simplistic interface that’s very easy to get into. You can take an awesome screenshot, edit it any way you want and save it according to your preferences. 

Lightshot vs Gyazo – Buyers’ Guide

lightshot vs gyazo

Scroll Capturing

Scroll capturing refers to being able to scroll down a page and capture it within a single screenshot. 

This is an important feature that distinguishes a great screenshot tool from its competitors. 


Ensure that the software you’re going for provides you with a customizable screenshot rather than one that can’t be edited within the app. 

Hotkey Settings

Hotkeys are important as they speed up the process immensely. You’ll need this when you take several screengrabs at once. 

Capability to Share Screenshots

It’s good to have a screen capture software that can share screenshots and upload them in various formats as you may need them later for uploading your course on an online course platform. 

Browser Extension

Most of the time, you will need to capture something that’s within a browser. Hence, having a browser extension for the tool can be very handy.

Final Verdict

This brings us to the end of our post for Lightshot vs Gyazo. 

Both are lightweight, fast tools that are able to provide users with editable screengrabs. Overall, we have to say that Lightshot is slightly better thanks to its scroll capture feature. 

Let us know in the comments which one of these tools you prefer.