Lynda vs Linkedin Learning – Which is Right for You?

Referring to other online learning websites, like Lynda and Linkedin Learning, is a great way to brush up on your knowledge for your online course. 

However, you might wonder what’s the difference between the two platforms? 

In this Lynda vs Linkedin Learning review, we will compare the two platforms side by side, go over their features, pros, and cons. 

FeaturesLyndaLinkedin Learning
User Experience 4.5 out of 5 stars 3 out of 5 stars 
Courses2 out of 5 stars 5 out of 5 stars 
Free Trial4 out of 5 stars 4 out of 5 stars 

We’ve given a brief overview of some of the features. Now, let’s move on to a more in-depth analysis of both websites. 

Lynda Review – Best Online Learning Platform

lynda review

To start off this review, it’s important to know the history of 

Lynda was created by Lynda Weinman in 1995. The concept behind this platform is that it’s an online website that hosts online courses on multiple topics for people all around the world. 

Currently, Lynda has over 14000 courses on subjects including software design and photography.

However, in 2019 Lynda officially migrated to join Linkedin Learning. 

Now that you have some basic information about what Lynda is, let’s move on to its features. 

Features of Lynda

  • Access to 14000+ expert-led courses
  • Offline viewing 
  • Certificates 
  • Practice quizzes 
  • Project files for practice 
Pros Cons
Easy to use


Intuitive interface

Available on mobile apps and desktop

Courses can be downloaded 
Some courses are unnecessarily dragged out

Some courses are outdated 

Benefits of Lynda

One of the biggest benefits of subscribing to Lynda is its huge online training library.

Here, you will be able to find an online course on almost every topic you need. 

Moreover, a complete subscription to the library will get you access to 56,837 tutorials and 923 different courses – all organized by subject, software, and instructor. 

What’s great is that the course topics and categories are truly diverse. They cover everything from web development, web design, business to graphic design and 3D effects. 

Furthermore, Lynda offers multiple subscriptions for you to try. Since most of them are on a monthly basis, you won’t have to worry about long-term commitments. You can also find annual plans for more savings. 

You can get Lynda for $29.99 per month or $359.88 as a single payment. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Lynda

User Experience 

The biggest difference between Linkedin Learning and is the user experience. 

While reviewing the two websites, we noticed that Lynda was far more intuitive and easy to use than Linkedin Learning.

The whole site is fairly minimalistic. All the subjects are divided into categories right when you enter the home page. 

This was a huge success for us as it made access to different courses effortless. 

Another big plus for us was the course page. It was short and to the point, so it was really easy for us to know exactly what the course is about. 


It doesn’t matter how good the website looks if the course quality is not up to par.

Unfortunately, while taking Lynda courses our team was dissatisfied with their quality.

First of all, we found the content a bit outdated and irrelevant. This applies especially to tech-related courses. 

Another problem we faced was that some lectures were way too slow. The instructors spent an unnecessarily long time explaining simple and basic topics. 

So, if you’re an online course creator who wants an efficient way of learning new skills, Lynda might not be the site for you. 

Free Trial 

If you’re looking for free courses both Linkedin Learning and offer free courses on their website. 

As a matter of fact, Lynda also has a 1-month free trial that you can try if you’re unsure of the platform. 

What Do the Customers Think?

To see what people are saying about the platform we went through some reviews on 

Most users loved Lynda’s interface and claimed that it was really easy for them to find the best courses for themselves. They were also a huge fan of the free courses. 

Here are some of the reviews we came across:

Best Online Learning Platform

The best online learning platform is Lynda. It is affordable, easy to use, and has over 14000 expert-led courses all available under one roof. 

Linkedin Learning Review – Most Flexible e-Learning Platform

linkedin learning

As we mentioned earlier, all courses from were relocated to Linkedin Learning.

In addition to this other information from Lynda such as billing information, courses watched, learning history, passwords, completed courses, and certificates were also transferred to the Linkedin site. 

Since the migration from to Linkedin Learning a lot has stayed the same with some new features. 

So from a course and content perspective, the two platforms are entirely the same. 

But what’s changed since the migration?

Now the Linkedin account is integrated with Linkedin networking/job portal. This plays an important role for job seekers and those on the job market. 

Here are some other features that changed:

  • Personalized course recommendations based on your Linkedin profile and job. 
  • Certification upon completion of the course that is integrated into your Linkedin profile.
  • View what others are learning in your field
  • Add new skills to your Linkedin profile.

Features of Linkedin Learning

  • 15000+ courses 
  • Certificates 
  • Mobile Apps
  • Offline viewing 
  • Quizzes
  • Free trial 
  • Personalized courses 
  • Linkedin Premium
Pros Cons
High-quality courses

Relevant information


Wide range of subjects

Available on mobile apps

The content is regularly updated
The technical content is surface-level

Confusion due to the migration of to Linkedin Learning

Bad branding

Benefits of Linkedin Learning 

The Linkedin integration to the Linkedin platform has been a game-changer for searching for new jobs.

So, as an online course creator, all the courses you take on Linkedin Learning will be added to your Linkedin profile. This will massively increase your chance of getting the job you desire.

Moreover, under the Linkedin Learning subscription model, you don’t have to pay per course.

It is also cheaper than 

You can get Linkedin Learning for $29.99 per month or $299.88 as a yearly payment. 

For example, if you choose to pay upfront for a yearly membership, it’ll be cheaper by $60. This equated to $29.99 every month.

You also get access to Linkedin’s Premium career features with both annual and monthly plans. 

It is also important to note the Linkedin Learning pricing may differ according to what region you’re in. You can get more information on this on its website. (

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Linkedin Learning

User Experience 

The user experience of the Linkedin platform doesn’t even come close to Lynda.

We were extremely displeased by Linkedin’s video players, which was too poor compared to any standard video player we use. 

When you select a course for viewing, the video hangs in the middle of a large black screen. 

Moreover, there are no keyboard shortcuts to play, pause, maximize, etc so we had to do everything manually. 


If we compare Lynda vs Linkedin Learning, Linkedin has a higher number of courses since they’ve added some new courses of their own. 

So, as an online course creator, Linkedin Learning will be enough for you to learn new skills.

If you’re a new user, you can select any desired course on the basis of your skills and interests.

You will also be presented with detailed information about the online courses such as difficulty level, length, release date, skills covered, etc. 

Free trial 

Similar to, Linkedin Learning also offers a 1-month free trial. 

We would highly encourage you to try it out before you decide to financially commit to the platform. 

What Do the Customers Think?

We went through Linkedin Learning reviews and people had a lot of positive things to say about the platform. 

Many users liked how the Linkedin Learning account is directly linked to their Linkedin account. This gives them the ability to access Linkedin premium and get personalized course suggestions. 

The Linkedin integration also makes it easier for job seekers to find jobs according to their skills. 

Moreover, you can download the courses and watch them even if you don’t have access to the internet. 

linked learning social proof
linked learning social proof

Most Flexible e-Learning Platform

The most flexible e-learning platform is Linkedin Learning. The site has over 15000 video courses related to business, data science, technology, and creative skills. You can discover courses through subjects, software, or learning paths. 

Lynda is an excellent choice if you are an online course creator interested in management technology.

However, take a look at how it compares to Coursera and Pluralsight before making a final decision.

Lynda vs Linkedin Learning – Buyers’ Guide

lynda vs linkedin learning

User Experience 

While selecting an online learning website, we would recommend going for a site that has a clean and intuitive user interface. 

If the website has clucky tools and features, it will be difficult for you to find the right courses and manage your account. 


The quality of the courses is the most important thing to consider. You have to ensure that your courses are up to date, concise, and easy to understand. 

Free Trial 

Always do your research and go for a platform that offers a free trial. 

This way you’ll be able to make sure all your requirements are met before you invest in the website to get the best out of your money. 

We have created a VERY detailed guide for you in which we talk about every single thing you need to know about making money by creating, selling, and managing online courses.

Final Verdict

This concludes are Lynda vs Linkedin Learning comparison. 

We hope this guide was helpful for you to differentiate between the two websites. 

In terms of content, the courses and prices are the same. The key difference is the Linkedin profile integration and the user interface. 

Which e-learning platform is the best for you? Let us know in the comments below.