Lynda vs Pluralsight – Which One is Best for You? Full Breakdown

As an online creator, you must enhance the quality of your online course by exploring new areas of your subject.

Pluralsight and Lynda are two of the best online learning platforms to do that.

Both of them offer courses with a large number of topics for different skill levels.

However, since both of them provide such a wealth of information, which one is the best for you?

In this Lynda vs Pluralsight review, we will compare the two platforms as well as go over their features, benefits, pros, and cons.

Cost4 stars 4 stars 
Instructors 3 and a half stars 4 stars 
Courses4 stars 5 stars
Certificates 4 stars 4 stars
Time commitment 4 stars4 stars 

We’ve provided a brief overview of some of the features. Let’s move on to an in-depth analysis to see which online learning website is the best fit for you. 

Lynda (aka Linkedin Learning) Review – Best Online Learning Platform

lynda learning

Before we proceed ahead, it’s important to know the difference between Lynda and Linkedin Learning. 

Lynda was founded by businesswoman Lynda Weinman. However, in 2016 Microsoft purchased both Lynda and Linkedin Learning and merged them. 

Although Lynda still exists, it mostly goes by the name Linkedin Learning.

So, if you’re interested in business, technology, and creativity as an online creator, Lynda is the way to go.  

Moreover, it is a great solution for freelancers or up-and-coming employees looking to improve job-specific skills. 

It is meant to give people access to personalized and high-quality content. They do this by utilizing a user’s data to find courses that are a perfect match for them.

Features of Lynda (Linkedin Learning)

  • Access to 15000 courses
  • Learning paths 
  • Personalized course suggestions
  • Offline viewing 
  • Available on mobile apps and desktop
  • Practice quizzes 
  • Linkedin Premium 
Pros Cons
Free trial


Multiple languages

Courses are self-paced 

Easy to use

Integrated with Linkedin profile

Can choose courses however you want
Certificates are not accredited 

Confusion between the names Lynda and Linkedin Learning

The user interface can be clunky

Benefits of Lynda

As mentioned before, Lynda courses offer personalized course recommendations. 

This is a great feature as it helps you save time so you don’t have to sift through hundreds of courses to find what you’re looking for. 

Unlike other platforms, Linkedin’s video content is offered in multiple languages. So, if you’re an international user, you won’t have anything to worry about. 

The languages include:

  • English 
  • Simplified Chineses 
  • French 
  • German 
  • Japanese 
  • Portugal 
  • Spanish 

Linkedin Learning also has a higher number of non-technical courses or creative courses than Pluralsight. 

These include:

  • Art 
  • Sketching 
  • 3D modeling 
  • Digital painting 
  • Graphic design

In addition, you will also find courses on business skills such as human resources, time management, career building, and more. 

As an online course creator, it is important to choose online learning platforms that are accessible on multiple devices. 

Thankfully, you can access Lynda or Linkedin Learning on both desktop and mobile apps. 

Not only this, but you can also download the tutorial videos for offline viewing when you’re out and about. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Lynda


Lynda offers two plans:

  • Monthly Plan for $29.99 per month 
  • Annual Plan for $239.88 as a single payment 

Both these subscriptions give you access to the full course library, practice exercises, quizzes, and offline viewing. 

Moreover, if you decide to choose the annual subscription model, you will save 33% of the full year.


While researching Linkedin Learning, we came to know they have a strict assessment process as to who can upload on their website. 

They only accept courses from well-renowned instructors all over the world.

Furthermore, each course description has a small bio about the instructor which includes a link to their Linkedin page and the courses they teach.

So, you can research beforehand who will be teaching you. 


Lynda courses can be broken down into six main categories:

  • Developer 
  • Business 
  • Design 
  • Web 
  • Photography 
  • Marketing 

Some of the most popular courses are:

  • Web development 
  • Software development 
  • Web design 
  • Photography 
  • Graphic design 

However, we did feel some of Lynda’s courses were outdated and all over the place. 

Another thing that bothered us was that there were no reviews for the courses. So we had to do a lot of digging to make sure which course was right for us. 

Therefore, if you’re an online course creator who’s looking to learn a new skill, there might be better platforms out there to help you.


After completing a course on Linkedin learning, you are awarded a certificate of completion.  You can also add it to your Linkedin profile. 

However, these certificates are not accredited. 

This means that these certificates do not hold the same weightage as a degree from a university. 

But, if you’re looking for recognition for completing a course then you are considering the right platform.

Time commitment 

When comparing Pluralsight vs Lynda, we found Lynda courses to be relatively short. 

This means you can easily complete a whole lesson in less than a few hours or over the weekend. 

However, if you’ve opted for learning paths, they will take you longer to complete since they comprise multiple courses. 

What Do the Customers Think?

We went through Linkedin Learning reviews to see what people were saying about it online. It has an impressive 4.5 out of 5-star rating on

Many people prefer Linkedin Learning due to their wide variety of courses. 

They also found Linkedin Learning to be affordable given you get unlimited access to the course library, high video quality, and access to professional teachers. 

Following are some of the reviews we came across:

lynda learning social proof
lynda learning social proof
lynda learning social proof
lynda learning social proof

Best Online Learning Platform

The best online learning platform is Lynda aka Linkedin Learning. All its courses are self-paced so you can learn anywhere at any time. Moreover, all its courses are presented through high-quality videos along with practice exercises and quizzes. 

Pluralsight Review – Best e-Learning Platform

If you’re unfamiliar with Pluralsight, it is a multi-million company with users all over the world. 

They specialize in IT-related courses and are known for some of the top courses in various technologies. 

We would recommend Pluralsight if you’re an online course creator looking for more advanced courses. 

Pluralsight offers courses on:

  • Web development 
  • Technical skills 
  • Data analysis 
  • Cyber security 
  • Software development 
  • Big data 
  • Machine learning 
  • Creative skills
  • Data professional 

Features of Pluralsight

  • Interactive courses 
  • 6,500+ courses 
  • Learning paths 
  • Community forums 
  • Certificates of completion 
  • Skill IQ 
Pros Cons
Flexible subscription

Can gain complete knowledge through learning paths

Has a good number of creative courses

Expert course instructors 

Quizzes and learning checks to validate your knowledge 10-days free trial 
Does not offer a refund policy 

Certificates are not accredited 

Do not have the option to get individual courses 

Benefits of Pluralsight 

One of the most notable features we came across during our research is Skill IQ.

You can use skill IQ to see if you’re proficient in a subject. This way you won’t waste your time and choose the right course to upgrade your skills.

Moreover, if you’re creating a course on technical skills, Pluralsight courses provide hands-on experience through their learning material and practical projects. 

You can use the Pluralsight app to download your lectures. This is extremely helpful when you have poor internet or simply don’t want to carry a laptop. 

Pluralsight is available on Windows, Android, iOS devices including Apple TV. 

Another thing we love about Pluralsight is that it has an active community and peer group support in the form of discussion boards. 

Support from your peer groups can accelerate your learning and help you understand better. 

Therefore, we recommend you actively participate in the discussion boards to help clear your doubts. 

Pluralsight also has the best customer service. You can contact their 24/7 email support ( in case of any queries. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Pluralsight


Pluralsight has two plans:

Flow is targeted towards users interested in learning engineer data integration. It has specialized plans for both teams and individuals. 

Individual plans include:

  • Standard for $499 per year
  • Plus for $599 per year
  • Enterprise $699 per year

Skills are meant for general learning and are similar to Linkedin Learning’s subscription plan. 

They include the following plans:

  • Monthly membership for $29/month. These include courses, learning skills, and skill exercises.
  • Annual membership for $299/year. It has the same features as the monthly plan. 
  • A premium membership for $499/month. It also includes hands-on projects and exams. 

As an online course creator, we would recommend the premium subscription. However, if that’s too expensive for you, you can also go for a monthly subscription. 


While comparing Pluralsight vs Lynda, we concluded that both platforms offer good quality instructors. 

Pluralsight course teachers are industry experts in their respective subjects. 

Furthermore, it has extremely strict selection criteria.

 So, you can expect to learn from teachers with strong educational backgrounds and experience. 


As we mentioned before, most courses on Pluralsight are related to technical skills. 

But, there are also some great courses on business, construction, manufacturing and even soft skills. 

In terms of course quality, Pluraight is definitely among the best online learning platforms. 

All its courses are easy to understand and up to date. You can find courses from both beginners and advanced students on its website. 

Here are some examples of Pluralsight courses:

  • Fundamentals of Cloud Computing 
  • Building a Javascript Development Environment 
  • Houdini VFX for Games 
  • Understanding Machine Learning 
  • Communicating and Documenting Security Incidents 
  • Pivot Tables for Excel 2016
  • SOLIDWORKS: Designs for Mill Manufacturing 
  • Introduction to Grasshopper for Architecture

Pluralsight also offers Paths. 

They aim to teach you the right skills by giving you all the information from start to finish. 

You can also request a one on one session with a course instructor if you need help in a particular subject.  


If we compare Pluralsight vs Lynda, the two platforms tie in terms of certificates offered. 

Just like Linkedin Learning, you can download a certificate of completion after taking a course. 

These certificates not only give you credentials to prove your knowledge but they increase your value in the job market. 

But, since they are not accredited, they may not be as valuable as a university degree. 

Time Commitment 

Pluralsight offers self-paced video tutorials. 

So, you can view the courses at your convenience. 

However, Pluralsight focuses more on providing in-depth courses for users who are interested in learning programming.

Therefore, you can expect a longer time to complete these courses as compared to Lynda.

What Do the Customers Think?

We found no shortage of praises for Pluralsight. It also has a 4.5 out of 5-star rating on

Many customers claimed it to be one of the best e-learning platforms in the market. Not only does it have good quality courses, but Pluralsight offers additional assessments to help head in the right direction. 

Many users were also pleased by its offline content and ability to check their skills through Skills IQ. 

Here are some reviews to read: 

plurasight social proof
plurasight social proof
plurasight social proof

Best e-Learning Platform

The best e-learning platform is Pluralsight. It offers 6,500+ courses on technology and creative subjects. You can find good quality courses on programming languages, mobile development, and other subjects at a reasonable price. 

It’s usually a good idea for new course creators to publish their first course on an established platform rather than hosting it on their own website. 

Some of the best platforms to publish your courses are Udacity, Coursera, and Datacamp.

Lynda vs Pluralsight – Buyers’ Guide

lynda vs pluralsight


As an online course creator, it is important to choose a platform that is within your budget. Otherwise, there are many websites out there that provide more affordable or free courses. 


Course instructors play an instrumental part in making a great course. 

Therefore, we would recommend going for a platform that has courses created by industry experts with good experience and educational backgrounds. 


The main thing that comprises an online learning website is its courses. Do your research and go for platforms that have up-to-date and well-written courses. 


There are hundreds of websites where you can learn a topic from. However, certificates play a huge role in proving that you completed a course. 

Go for an e-learning platform that offers accredited certificates to enhance your value in the job market. 

Time Commitment 

While taking online courses, you must manage your time. You should be aware that the courses shouldn’t be too long or too short. 

Also, look for courses that are self-paced so you can go through them at your own pace. 

While creating and selling online courses can be very profitable, it’s not easy. Take a look at our guide to help you go through each step.

Final Verdict

With that, we come to the end of our Pluralsight vs Lynda review. 

Both Lynda and Pluralsight are great e-learning websites. It depends on what you are looking for. 

If you’re creating a course on technical skills, Pluralsight is the right platform for you. It provides hands-on experience and a number of online courses at an affordable price. 

However, if your online course is on business, photography, or design, Linkedin Learning may be a more suitable option for you. 

Which website will you opt for? Let us know in the comments below.