Mailbird vs Thunderbird – Which is Right for You? Full Breakdown & More

In case you are someone who is looking for an email client that can manage your work, Mailbird and Thunderbird are the best in the market. 

However, the debate between Mailbird vs Thunderbird is endless. 

While Mailbird is a reliable email client that helps you manage your business emails, Thunderbird offers versatility and is easy to use. 

Read this guide carefully to understand which of the two application suites is best for your needs as an online course creator. 

Features Mailbird Thunderbird
Price Mailbird offers a variety of features at different prices. You can avail of their service from a beginning price of just $3.25. Thunderbird is free software developed by Mozilla. You can use it by adding their extension to your browser. 
Email snoozingMailbird allows you to reschedule emails after you snooze them. Thunderbird does not have a snoozing feature in its current version.
CalendarMailbox Google Calendar allows you to schedule emails and share the calendar with your coworkers.Thunderbird’s calendar can easily be integrated with your emails. 

Mailbird Review – Best Desktop Email for Window Users

email client email management mailbird business desktop client email provider priority support

If you use Windows 7, 8, or even 10, the mailbox is the ideal email client for you. 

You will be able to create multiple accounts and manage them through a unified account. 

Not just this, Mailbird allows you to reschedule emails by simply snoozing them. 

Mailbird is incredibly easy to use as it is easily integrated with other task management apps including Google Calendar, Sunrise, Todoist,, and Evernote. 

Features of Mailbird

  • You can customize a different signature for each email. 
  • Mailbird allows you to edit emails. 
  • You can easily attach files and documents from your computer. 
  • Extended functionality through the pro version
  • Speed reader 

What we liked

  • Email scheduling
  • App integrations across multiple platforms
  • Easy to use 
  • Shortcut email archiving
  • Email snoozing 

What we didn’t like

  • Your audio may need some post-production before it sounds the way you want

Benefits of Mailbird

Content sharing is important for online course creation business because it requires transferring data from one application to another. 

Mailbird is an email client that allows you to integrate your email with other apps. You can easily drag your emails and drop them on WhatsApp and Not just this, you can also share images across apps by simply dragging them, which saves you a lot of time. 

In addition to this, Mailbird also offers rich editing features. Probably the most convenient part about the editing tool is that it allows you to rewrite on top of the original email you had composed. 

However, it is important to understand that these editing features exclude HTML editing.   

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Mailbird

Customizable layout

useful feature popular apps more features other features different accounts business site message

Online course creation businesses have several different domains. Through Mailbird you can easily pick a premade layout and customize it according to your requirement. You will have a variety of different colors and themes that you could choose from. 

Speed Reader 

Speed reading allows you to instantly recognize and identify keywords. You can easily save time by skimming through important keywords. Not just this, the filtering system automatically separates spam messages from your main inbox. 

Email attachment

File-sharing is an important part of online businesses. You would be glad to know that Mailbird allows you to attach folders and documents. Not just this, you can easily upload files from your computer and include them in your emails. 

Customer support

Mailbird offers 24/7 customer support through multiple channels. Users can easily contact their help center for guidance and get quick and easy solutions to the problems they are facing. This helps you maintain customer loyalty towards your online business. 

Easy Ad marketing 

The free version of Mailbird allows you to run ads on multiple apps including LinkedIn and Facebook. The marketing tools capture leads and add value to the customer’s research.  

What Do the Customers Think?

email management mailbird business email app quick preview additional features thunderbird vs mailbird
derbird snooze emails google drive windows browser mail inbox contacts business contact

After reading through customer reviews, we were able to come down to the conclusion that most of the users were satisfied with their experience. 

Customers claimed that Mailbird prevents their emails from getting lost through shuffling. They were able to manage their inbox and reduce spam. Since Mailbird allows you to have multiple accounts, it enables you to import email settings from other programs without hassle. 

Users were incredibly satisfied and found its integrative features to be really convenient. They claimed that the email client is easy to use and offers 24/7 customer support. This allowed them to get instant feedback in case of any problem. 

Customers were most satisfied with the snooze button. They claimed that they were able to schedule emails later by snoozing them temporarily. 

Thunderbird Review – Best Email Client Software


Mozilla Thunderbird is an email client manager that helps you instantly upload and manage emails. 

You can easily secure your emails and update them by installing the Mozilla Thunderbird. 

Moreover, Thunderbird automatically filters important emails from spam emails. This prevents you from the hassle of searching and finding appropriate emails. 

Features of Thunderbird 

  • You can set up multiple accounts
  • Allows you to attach large files
  • Free customizable templates 
  • Two-factor authentication 
  • Thunderbird Calendar 
  • Tabbed view

What we liked

  • Beneficial for desktop email client
  • Extended usability 
  • Easy to use
  • High-security feature
  • Customizable

What we didn’t like

  • Does not have a drag and drop function
  • Does not have a snooze option

Benefits of Thunderbird

Similar to Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird allows you to delete spam mail. You can easily prioritize your work schedule based on important messages. 

In case you want to send large files through thunderbird, the application enables you to upload the attachment to Firelink instead of forwarding it. The software will automatically add a direct link to your file, which will save you a lot of time. 

You would be glad to know that you can get as many free accounts as you want. Through the software, you will get unlimited mailboxes that you can control through one profile.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Thunderbird

Unlimited Email Accounts

Thunderbird gives you access to unlimited accounts. The best part about the email client tool is that it allows you to integrate multiple email addresses and manage them through a single account.

Personalizable templates

After adding the Mozilla Thunderbird extension, you will be given access to various features. This will give you access to multiple extensions and themes that you can customize according to your convenience.


The security features allow you to add a password manager to secure your documents. Mozilla thunderbird enables you to change and update your password and encrypt them. 

Customer Support 

In case you need help, you can contact the Thunderbolt Help Service Centre through various ways including: 

  • Phone call 
  • Facebook
  • Their personal email
  • Twitter
  • Live Chat
  • Website


Mozilla Thunderbird allows you to navigate and open multiple tabs for navigation. You can navigate and control multiple email clients at one time. 

What Do the Customers Think?

Customers who use email clients were extremely satisfied with the features of thunderbird. They claimed it provides quality and reliability despite being totally free. 

The main feedback we found was that users found the email application to be extremely customizable. They claimed that they could use pre-made templates and personalize them according to their needs.

Moreover, the two-factor authentication allowed them to secure their data. This ensured reliability of the users who prefer desktop clients. 

Tip: Take a look at other services like Filemail, Zoho, and Socialdrift before making a final decision

Mailbird Vs Thunderbird – Buyers’ Guide


It is crucial that your email client allows you to customize your work according to your preference. This is because not everything operates the same way. You should be able to modify or personalize your templates based on the demand. 

Thunderbird gives you access to customizable templates. You could choose from a wide range of features, colors, and themes at the same time. 

Similarly, by adding an extension you will be able to choose from several different customizable features for Mailbird. 

User Interface

Thunderbird is created by Mozilla Firefox, which allows you to find a rank in the top spots in the market. However, thunderbird is more cluttered in comparison to Mailbird. 

Mailbird saves you a lot of space and enables you to sync your contacts. You can easily import them to various apps including Google, Facebook, and Outlook express.

You may not be able to import data if you use Thunderbird. 

The main reason behind this is that Thunderbird does not allow third-party integration. However, you might be able to import data from Outlook since Thunderbird uses an address book. 

Adding Attachments to your Email

You should be able to add attachments through email clients. Once you upgrade your application, it will allow you to import files through several different forums. 

Mailbird enables you to import your email account from Thunderbird. However, you may not be able to import files across apps through thunderbird. 

Third-party Integration for Marketing 

You could use Mailbird as an all-in-one communication hub by integrating different apps and combining them in one. This advanced feature allows you to manage tasks, meetings, and calendars through one software. 

Easy drag-and-drop options are crucial. 

You can select and drag images and content from other apps including Google docs,, Sunrise, Todolist, and WhatsApp. 

In comparison, Thunderbird does not support third-party apps. This means you can only integrate data between email clients and other Thunderbird apps such as thunderbird calendar. 

However, since Thunderbird uses an Address Book, you could be able to import contacts from Outlook as well. 


It is crucial that your email client provides security for your documents. A secured application will prevent hackers from stealing your content. Moreover, you can code-protect your content and prevent it from getting stolen. 

Thunderbird allows you to secure your work by giving you a username and password. At any given time, the application allows you to change your password. 

Mailbird also provides users with two-factor authentication to provide ultimate security. 

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Final Verdict

We have summarized the pros and cons of both email client software. Where Mailbird provides a modern interface, Thunderbird is also easy to use. 

Both Mailbird and thunderbird provide quality assurance and up-to-date features for your needs. You can do a quick preview of this article to understand which of the two is best based on your requirements. 

Do let us know which one you chose for your personal use. 

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