Namecheap vs Hover – Side-by-Side Comparison with FAQs & More

A domain name is the most important thing you need when you start your online course business. 

We would recommend you register your domain name with a trusted company so you can manage everything from one place. For this, our top two recommendations are Namecheap and Hover. 

But, which domain registrar service is the best for you? In this post, we will compare Namecheap vs Hover as well as go over their features, pros, and cons. 

Pricing5 stars 4 stars 
Security 4 and a half stars 3 and a half stars 
Web hosting 4 and a half stars Unavailable 

We’ve given you a brief comparison of some of the features. Now, let’s move on to a more in-depth analysis of Namecheap and Hover. 

Namecheap Review – Best Domain Registrar Service


If you’re unfamiliar with Namecheap, the name says it all. It is a trusted and secure name registration service that offers extremely competitive prices. 

It is an ICANN-accredited domain registrar established in the year 2000. 

But by the year 2019, it became the 2nd largest registrar with over 11 million registered domains. 

What we love about Namecheap is that it offers a host of other services besides domains. These include web hosting, a contact delivery network, and a web-building application. 

Features of Namecheap

  • Shared hosting 
  • VPS hosting 
  • Email hosting 
  • Web framework support 
  • Security tools 
  • CMS support 
  • E-commerce integration 
Pros Cons
Easy to use

Affordable domain pricing


Reliable customer support 

Free SSL included 
Lack of transparency in terms of security

High domain transfer fees

Benefits of Namecheap

Let’s talk about the benefits. 

The biggest selling point for Namecheap is it provides free private registrations. This sets it apart from other domain registrars that charge extra for this feature. 

Namecheap is also great to sell and buy domains. 

For example, if you want a pre-owned domain name or want to sell yours, Namecheap lets you do that through its domain marketplace. 

You will also find a larger variety of gTLD’s (generic top-level domains) and country-code TLDs with Namecheap. 

If we talk about ease of use, Namecheap is pretty straightforward to use. It is effortless both as a domain registrar and a hosting service. 

So, even if you aren’t tech-savvy you’ll have no problem navigating through Namecheap.

Furthermore, it lets you forward your domain email and remove spam for free. You can also reply to your emails on the website. 

Therefore, we think Cheapname offers some of the best email hosting services. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Namecheap


Let’s move on to pricing. 

If we compare the two domain registrars, Namecheap is much cheaper than Hover. 

The “.com” domains will cost you $9 a year or $10.69 a year with ICANN fees

What’s great about Namecheap is that all the renewal, domain transfer, and registration prices are the same. So, if you pay $10.69, you won’t have to pay an extra renewal fee.

This makes Namecheap one of the most affordable and fastest domain registrar services. 

To add to that, it also offers free WhoIs protection for the whole first year. 


Namecheap claims to be the most secure domain registration company. They provide everything you need for the protection of your domain name. 

It offers SSL certificates with strong encryption and protection levels for a cheaper price. 

The Comodo positive certificate will only cost you $1.99 the first year. That is a huge discount since these certificates originally cost $49 per year.

It also offers two-factor authentication, DNSSEC for a fee, and SSL certificates for a single domain and multiple domains. 

Moreover, Namecheap’s daily email scanning will keep your emails secure and protected from viruses. 

Web hosting

Another thing that sets this site apart from other domain registrars is that it offers web hosting.

Namecheap offers cheap shared hosting, dedicated servers, and VPS.

This is great because not only is this service free but you won’t waste time looking for a third-party hosting service for your domain names.

What Do the Customers Think?

We found a lot of positive reviews for Namecheap. 

Many users loved how easy it is to navigate Namecheap due to its simple web design. While others were impressed by its free DNS hosting and free WhoIs protection. 

Many people also appreciated its wide range of domain extensions for extremely cheap prices. 

Here are some of the reviews we came across: 

namecheap social proof
namecheap social proof
namecheap social proof

Best Domain Registrar Service

The best domain registrar service is Namecheap thanks to its great interface, free domains, and cheap SSL certificates. In addition to that Namecheap also offers free WhoIs privacy and web hosting. 

Hover Review – Easiest Domain Registration Site


Just like Namecheap, you can use Hover to register a new domain name on your behalf. 

Hover will give you the authorization to use it for your online course business. 

The idea behind Hover is to make domain registration as easy as possible so anyone can do it, even if it’s your first time dealing with domain names. 

Hover is also an ICANN-accredited registrar through its parent company, Tucows. 

Features of Hover 

  • Over 400 domain extensions 
  • Discounts on multiple domains 
  • Free domain privacy 
  • Data protection
Pros Cons
User-friendly interface

A large variety of TLDs

Prompt customer support

Transparent pricing

Free SSL certification

Domain management tools 
Lacks complementary products such as web hosting, building, etc. 

Benefits of Hover

As we said before, Hover promises the most straightforward domain registration process. 

If you head over to its homepage, you’ll see three options:

  • Register a new domain name 
  • Transfer a domain you have already registered 
  • Renew your domain name for another term 
hover domain

All you have to do from here is click on what you’re looking for and follow the instructions. 

Another interesting feature that hover offers is the “Suggestions” section. 

What it does is that it takes the original phrase you entered and runs it through an algorithm. 

This is super useful if you’re sure of the exact name you want to register.

Hover also has impressive customer support. 

So, if you’re having any problems you can contact them through:

  • Phone support (8 am to 11 pm EST)
  • Live chat 
  • Online support based on tickets 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Hover


Hover is more on the expensive end. 

They charge up to $12.99 for registration and $14.99 for renewals. To add to this, if you consider specialty TLDs it will cost you $30 per year. 

As a new online course creator, this might be too much for your budget. 


Hover may not be as safe as Namecheap since it does not host DNSSEC DNS services. 

This can be quite inconvenient because to use this feature, you’ll have to use a third-party DNS provider. 

In addition, you also can’t get SNN from Hover. Which is quite a rip-off for such an expensive website. 

On the upside, it does support two-factor authentication and domain locking. 

Web hosting

Unfortunately, Hover also lacks web hosting on its website.

So, if you choose Hover you’ll have to find a compatible web hosting service with it. 

Not only is this time-consuming but you’ll end up paying double.

What Do the Customers Think?

To see what people are saying about Hover, we went through some reviews online. People had a lot of good things to say about the service. 

Many users loved the clean and easy-to-use interface. While others were extremely satisfied by its customer service and the fact that there are no hidden fees. 

Following are the reviews we came across:

hover social proof
hover social proof
hover social proof

Easiest Domain Registration Site

The easiest domain registration site is Hover because of its minimalist layout, easy DNS management, and excellent customer support. 

Namecheap vs Hover – Buyers’ Guide

Namecheap vs Hover


Choosing the right price for hosting services can be tricky since they provide only a few services. 

Their main job is to register a user as the owner of a certain domain. 

As an online course creator who has just started their business, we would recommend going for a hosting provider that costs $10 to $15 a year. 


Choosing a secure domain provider is imperative for your online course websites. 

It should include:

  • DNSSEC to keep hackers away and fix any problems
  • SSL or SSL certificates 
  • 2-factor authentication 

Web hosting 

This is another important factor to consider while looking to purchase a domain registrar. 

Go for a company that offers web hosting so you don’t have to look for third-party hosting services. 

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Final Verdict

This completes our Namecheap vs Hover comparison. While both services are great, we would recommend Namecheap. 

Not only will it help you save money, but it is also a more secure registrar. Moreover, it has faster servers, great management tools, and automatic email protection. 

However, there are other multiple websites for you to try like GoDaddy and Google domains.

Which one is the best for you? Let us know in the comments below.