6 Useful Platforms for Online Sales Courses – Detailed Guide, Tips, FAQs, & More

Online sales are a tricky field to master. There is no hard and fast rule to increase your online sales. However, some basic fundamentals can help you grow your business. 

In today’s post, we’ll discuss various platforms that provide courses related to online sales.

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6 Basic Platforms for Online Sales Courses You Should Use

As a business owner, it is quite crucial to understand how you can increase your sales. While there are multiple strategies to implement, there are some basic things you can learn as well. 

Even with little to no background knowledge of the field, you can still get yourself up to speed in no time. For this purpose, you’ll need a viable platform with suitable courses. 

Let’s check these platforms out in detail


First platform on our list is Coursera. We picked this platform because it has one of the largest databases for business-related courses. 

You can find courses from beginner-level to expert-level. Some of these courses are published by businesses, while some are taught by industry professionals. 

What is the pricing of courses at Coursera?

We noticed that Coursera features a mix of paid and free courses. Some of the entry-level courses are free of cost as means to promote learning among new individuals. 


On the other hand, you can also choose paid courses to learn intermediate and expert-level skills. These courses cost between $100 to $500. 

Are Coursera courses taught by tutors?

Another plus point of Coursera is that you can choose tutors for your courses. These tutors are experienced professionals with a highly decorated background in the field. 

We must also mention that these tutors are free of cost. You don’t have to pay extra money to get this feature. The cost is already added to your course payment. 

Brain Tracy International

Next platform on our list is from Brain Tracy, a highly experienced industry professional. This platform is specifically targeted at individuals looking to expand their sales knowledge. 

We noticed that these courses act as training programs that provide real-life examples for better learning. Moreover, every single course has a built-in workshop. 

How long are the courses provided by Brain Tracy?

Almost every single course available on this platform is a week’s length. This includes up to 20 hours of guides with 6 hours of assignments and workshops. 

brain tracy

Most of these courses are focused on prospecting, problem-solving, selling value, and referrals. You can learn all these step-by-step. 

Are the courses on Brain Tracy Internation expensive?

It is important to note that the pricing of courses/programs is quite expensive. This is mainly due to the exclusivity of these courses. 

However, you can pay for individual courses/programs. Other than that, all these courses are available on the browser. You don’t have to download a separate app for it. 

Hubspot Academy

Next platform on our list is Hubspot Academy. We picked this platform because it features free courses for online sales

You can learn skills that focus on personalized presentation. Some other courses also highlight problem-solving and sales conversion. 

Is every course on Hubspot Academy free?

We noticed that the beginner and intermediate level courses are free. Whereas the expert-level courses are paid and require a membership. 

hubspot academy

Other than that, you can also choose the tutor option for every course. This helps you learn various essential things in detail related to these courses. 

How many courses can I choose on Hubspot Academy?

You can choose as many courses as you want at any given time. Hubspot provides a detailed LMS for you to manage your courses. 

Moreover, every single course comes with a detailed curriculum. You can use it to track the progress of your courses over multiple weeks. 


For the next platform on our list, we have FutureLearn. This platform mainly focuses on career development for individuals at the undergrad and post-grad levels. 

You can find multiple courses with specific syllabi and credit hours. Moreover, each course has a detailed timeline for multiple topics. 

Are the courses on Future Learn free of cost?

We found that most of the undergrad courses are free of cost. However, you have to pay for certifications. 


These certifications are obtained through separate tests. For undergrad courses, a single certification costs between $500 to $1000. 

Does FutureLean have an LMS?

You can also create an account and manage your courses on the in-house LMS portal. It enables you to manage and track the progress of your courses conveniently. 

Sales Accelerator

We picked this platform because it features mostly B2B online sales courses. You can learn how to increase B2B interactions and convert them into long-term sales. 

Moreover, we must mention that Sales Accelerator uses workshop methods for enhanced learning. You can complete various assignments and tests. 

What sort of training methods does Sales Accelerator provide?

Besides the workshops, you can access multiple e-books, podcasts, and strategy meetings. All of these are accompanied by industry professionals. 

sales accelarator

Moreover, Sales Accelerator also has multiple discussion rooms where you can share ideas and learn new tactics for your business. 

What is the pricing for Sales Accelerator?

There is no fixed price for courses on Sales Accelerator. We noticed that majority of the courses fall between the $100 and $500 range. 

Other than that, you can also purchase collective courses that are integrated with various marketing strategies


Lastly, we have Sandler on our list. The reason behind its selection is the training-oriented programs and courses. 

You can find a list of courses that are taught by business owners and large-scale company executives. 


Are training programs on Sandler free of cost?

We noticed that every program on Sandler is fairly cheap. You can access them by creating an account on the platform. 

Moreover, the base price range of programs/courses is between $100 to $200. It is only a one-time purchase and the courses remain in your inventory indefinitely. 

What is the main focus of Sandler programs?

We must also mention that the main focus of Sandler’s programs is personal development and sales management. 

Each course is integrated to enhance the performance of small to mid-sized businesses. 

Wrapping Things Up…

With this, we come to the finish line of our post on 6 Useful Platforms for Online Sales Courses. We hope you can use this information to enhance your online sales. 

When it comes to online sales, there are numerous methods to get ahead of the curve. However, for this purpose, you need the right platform with essential tips and tricks. 

Let us know if you have any questions in the comments below.