6 Reasons Why You Should Use UpWork to Earn Money – Detailed Analysis, FAQs, & More 

UpWork is arguable the most famous freelancing platform. You can find unique opportunities to earn money from the comfort of your home. 

However, this reason alone is not enough. In today’s post, we’ll reflect light on 6 different reasons why you should choose UpWork to earn money online

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6 Unique Reasons to Choose UpWork to Make Money

UpWork features a highly-user friendly dynamic for buyers and freelancers. You can easily set up a profile and start to earn money in no time. 

Moreover, UpWork makes sure that your time on the platform is worthwhile. You can filter out various opportunities based on your interests as well. 

Now, let’s check out the main reasons why UpWork is suitable for you. 

Platform Scale

When it comes to the size of the ecosystem, UpWork has the biggest one yet on the entire planet. There is no other platform as big as UpWork for freelancers. 

That being said, such a huge platform opens multiple doors for you to grow. You can find countless opportunities to put your skill set to use. 

How does that benefit me in the long run?

With such a vast number of opportunities, it is highly likely that you can find an individual or company needing your services. 

Platform Scale

Interesting Fact: According to UpWork statistics, there are currently over 145,000 clients present on the website. 

And if you perform well, it is possible that you can land a permanent job as well. So, as a means to earn money, this can help you support yourself financially. 

Moreover, it doesn’t stop there. You can also take on multiple projects and divide them over a period of time. 

This will keep you occupied and at the top of your game. 


Almost every single client present on the website is looking for a freelancer. Every offer you can find is a recent one. 

UpWork has a unique system that takes down client offers after a certain period of time. So, any lead you can find on the platform is a warm lead. 

You can be one hundred percent sure that the listed offer is active and that the respective party will be interested. 


How does that benefit me as a freelancer?

This helps you in two ways. First, it will save you a lot of trouble and the headache of searching through countless offers which might or might not be active. 

Second, it makes sure that you will always find work with your respective skill set. Even if it doesn’t pay well. 

As a freelancer, there is nothing worse than being free of work for a long time. 

Approach Dynamic

Unlike other freelancing platforms, UpWork pushes the clients to look for freelancers and not the other way around. 

You can simply update your profile with all the respective credentials and ultimately, a client will approach you. 

Is this true for all freelancers on the platform?

As a fresh freelancer on the platform, you might have to land a couple of gigs before this happens. However, once you have multiple projects under your wing, it is quite easy. 

Presence of Business Owners

You can simply just list your previous work on your profile and the interested clients will automatically contact you. 

Moreover, UpWork also promotes your freelancer profile as your number of projects completed grows. 

Presence of Business Owners

What most freelancers struggle with is the ability to land a big fish. However, this isn’t the case with UpWork. 

You can find multiple large-scale businesses that are willing to pay good money for your skill set. It can range from simple creative writing to complete brand development. 

Why is this important as a freelancer?

Your goal as a freelancer is to earn money. A big company is more likely to pay a higher amount compared to a small-scale business or an individual. 

On top of that, if you do land a big project, the chances of you being hired as a full-time service provider drastically change. 

Why is this important as a freelancer?

You can even turn it into a full-time remote job from the comfort of your home. 

Freelancer Protection

Delayed payments are a quite common problem when it comes to freelancers. They are often paid late or not paid at all due to some reason. 

However, UpWork makes sure that the freelancers are paid on time. The platform acts as an intermediary to make sure all your work is being paid for. 

How does UpWork help freelancers?

Let’s say you work on an hourly rate with a client. UpWork will present a contract to your client that clearly states that they can deduct money from their bank at the determined rate. 

How does UpWork help freelancers?

This way, even if the client decides to back out on their payment, UpWork can easily handle the situation. They can also issue a warning for legal action. 

It not only takes the headache of being scammed off your shoulders but also keeps the ecosystem healthy. 

Opportunity Potential 

Lastly, we have the potential for growth on UpWork. Over the past few years, most jobs have found a way to turn online and remote. 

You no longer have to sit in an office from 9 to 5 and perform basic tasks. This indirectly promotes opportunities on platforms like UpWork. 

How does it help me grow as a freelancer?

Let’s suppose you are a graphic designer. All you need to work is a laptop and an internet connection. Any job you can find can be done remotely. 

How does it help me grow as a freelancer?

So, is there a need to go to an office every day? Not really. 

You can simply find online projects and work on them. This will not only help you grow your portfolio but also leave room for learning new skills and tools. 

As a freelancer, this can come in handy if you decide to switch fields or want to take your game to the next level.

Important Tips to Keep in Mind

Let’s check out some important things to keep in mind

  • Always evaluate beforehand. It doesn’t matter how good a platform looks from the outside, you should always check its pros and cons.
  • Keep yourself updated. With versatile platforms, you can always find new opportunities to boost your growth. 
  • Expand your circle. Get in touch with other freelancers. You can always learn new skills and ways to optimize your work process. 

Wrapping Things Up…

This marks the end of our post on 6 Reasons Why You Should Use UpWork to Earn Money. We hope you can use this to make an informed decision. 

UpWork is a versatile platform with a place for all sorts of skills. You can find multiple interested clients to work on short-term and long-term projects. 

Do let us know what you think in the comments below.