6 Reasons Why Reddit isn’t a Viable Platform for Passive Income – Detailed Breakdown, Tips, & More

Reddit is a massive platform with a huge active user base. Many people use it as a source of passive income. 

However, there are some reasons why it isn’t suitable for such a purpose. 

In today’s post, we’ll shed light on various reasons why you shouldn’t use Reddit as a passive source of income. Moreover, we’ll go over different FAQs. 

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6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Reddit for Passive Income

It is no surprise that many people use Reddit to expand their passive income. It has multiple sub-communities that you can use to your advantage. 

Even with all the perks, Reddit as a passive income source isn’t quite efficient. Compared to other platforms for passive income, Reddit’s potential is limited. 

Now, let’s check these reasons in detail. 

Potential for Growth

Whenever you select a platform to develop a passive income source, your main goal is growth. Once you develop a source, your next step is to expand on it. 

In terms of growth, Reddit provides very few options for you. Apart from the basic advertising and selling, there isn’t much to do.

What are some ways to earn from Reddit?

You can earn from Reddit in three different ways. The first is by finding freelance work, the second is through advertising, and the third is via selling products or services. 

Let’s suppose you use Reddit for selling products or services.

Even if you have a great product or service at your hand, people still won’t buy it easily. 

Is there any way to boost my growth on Reddit?

This proves to be a lot of trouble if you want to expand your main business. Passive sales/clicks get stale and ultimately affect your business. 

Is there any way to boost my growth on Reddit?

Except for moving your advertisements to newer sub-Reddits, you can’t really boost your numbers. This is one of the major flaws of Reddit as an income source

It is mainly because Reddit isn’t oriented in a marketplace-style platform. Unlike Facebook or Instagram, it acts as a forum for people to discuss various things. 

Community Engagement

Reddit is one of the few social platforms that mainly thrives on community engagement. Every single sub-Reddit is filled with people who have some level of expertise. 

This engages people to learn and discuss a product/service. So, instead of trying a product/service themselves, people tend to trust the reviews from other users. 

How does that impact me and my income?

Let’s take an example. Suppose you have an online service that sells coding-related courses. Your website has all the right features to attract a substantial number of people. 

Even in such a case, many people will value the reviews from other users instead of going with their gut feeling. 

How does that impact me and my income?

To put it simply, without proper recognition among the community members, you can’t grow your business. 

Is there any way around this problem?

Well, yes and no. You can get around this problem by investing time and presenting yourself as a trustworthy product/service provider. 

On the other hand, it demands a lot of time and commitment. Moreover, the results aren’t immediate. 

Lack of Features

One of Reddit’s main downsides is that you don’t get to use a lot of tools to generate passive income. Unlike other platforms, these tools are just not present on the website. 

Facebook and Instagram both have personalized sections that allow you to create an online shop. Reddit does not have that option. 

How can I sell a product or service on Reddit?

There are two ways to sell something on Reddit. Either you can manually join various sub-Reddits and promote your product/service. 

How can I sell a product or service on Reddit?

While on the other hand, you can advertise on the website. Even with both the options, the results aren’t compelling. 

Content Creator Program

Many social platforms that feature opportunities for income also have a passive income program. This program is usually targeted toward content creators. 

When it comes to Reddit, there is no such program for content creators. You can still produce original content but Reddit won’t pay you a single penny. 

Is there any way to earn from Reddit as a content creator?

Is there any way to earn from Reddit as a content creator?

You can indirectly earn from Reddit as a content creator. However, it involves you redirecting your audience to other social platforms like Instagram or TikTok. 

Besides that, there isn’t any option. 

Potential Scams

Reddit’s one main strength and weakness is its anonymity. People can create profiles with just an email. You are not required to provide any other form of data. 

It means that many users can be potential scammers. Moreover, some of these users also consist of hacking groups. 

Is my account always at risk on Reddit?

Is my account always at risk on Reddit?

Not always but one can never be too sure. All it takes is one shady link and all your can be accessed by a hacker. 

The downside is that Reddit doesn’t actively remove shady accounts. You can report an account but there is no guarantee it will be taken down. 

Community Growth

For any income source, you need a substantial community. The community acts as a place to present your products or services. 

Without it, your sales or the number of clicks will be low. As an individual or a business, one of your goals is to build and grow a community at a steady pace. 

Is it easy to build a community on Reddit?

Is it easy to build a community on Reddit?

To put it simply, it isn’t easy to build a community on Reddit. This is because most Reddit users join communities that provide some sort of entertainment or information. 

People are reluctant to join sub-Reddits that are oriented toward selling a product or a service. 

Important Tips to Keep in Mind

Whenever you are selecting a platform for passive earning, there are some key elements. Let’s see what they are:

  • Return on investment. You should always compare how much you are going to make off your initial investments. 
  • Room to grow. Without any space for growth, your earnings will never go up. You’ll be stuck in the same place.
  • The right tools. A platform without the right tools will be hard to use. You’ll waste precious time and other resources while trying to find a solution. 

Wrapping Things Up…

This brings us to the finish line of our post on why Reddit isn’t a viable platform for passive income. We hope this information proves to be useful for you.

Reddit is a massive social platform. However, due to its lack of various elements, it isn’t suitable for passive income. You can still earn from it but the chances for it are quite slim.