7 Ways to Renew Your Old Course Content – Everything You Need to Do, Tips, FAQs, & More

We came across many online course sellers that struggle with course sales. On further inspection, we found the main cause for it to be outdated content. 

In today’s post, we’ll list multiple ways that you can use to renew your course content. Moreover, we’ll also go over a few FAQs. 

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Let’s jump right into it. 

7 Ways to Update Your Old Course Content

As a course seller, your main goal is to stay relevant in the market. Outdated course content usually acts as a hurdle for this. 

While it is good practice to update your course with new information, there are some other ways to renew your old courses. Let’s check them out in detail. 

Revamp Your Texts

The first thing you need to do is change the tone of your text body. Even though it might not seem like much, this change can give your course a fresh look. 

We must also mention that you don’t have to rewrite the entire course. Just a simple restructuring can also do the trick. 

Revamp Your Texts

Should I add new and relevant information?

Absolutely. Any new information you can find relevant to your course topics is beneficial. Major course sellers like Udemy do this all the time. 

Instead of getting new courses, they just revamp their old courses and market them to new audiences. This gives them a sales boost from old courses with the same content. 

Conduct Surveys

One of the most useful tools at your hand is online surveys. You can conduct multiple surveys from your customers to understand what they expect from your courses. 

Once you gather the data, it can help you reshape your course around it. While it requires some work, your course will eventually sell better. 

Conduct Surveys

What aspects do I have to change after the surveys?

It can be anything. You might have to change the topics, the information, the test structure, or simply just the layout. 

This is why surveys are important. You can get a second opinion from it and use it to your advantage. 

Curate Images and Videos

If you already don’t have images or videos embedded in your courses, we suggest that you do. It adds value to your course and gives you an edge. 

It is important to note that you’ll have to relevant images and videos. Otherwise, they’ll feel out of place. 

Curate Images and Videos

What sort of videos should I add?

It comes down to the nature of your course. You can add an introductory video or simple snippets that explain complex topics. 

For example, almost every course on Udemy has a video embedded in it. The course developer usually provides it. 

Change Layout

We noticed that most course creators don’t change the layout of their courses over time. While some courses can survive this practice, others won’t. 

You can change the layout in multiple ways. This includes the placement of texts, instructions, images, and videos. 

Why is layout an important factor?

The layout of your course is an important factor in capturing your customer’s attention. A good layout also makes it easier to learn and consume information. 

Additionally, a good presentation also drives your customers to buy more courses from you. We found it to be a crucial factor when it comes to gaining permanent customers. 

Add Audio Bits

Another way to renew your old content is through the addition of audio content. With the popularity of podcasts, you can gain an edge over your competition through this. 

You can either narrate your entire course or just the important topics. We also suggest that you do quick market research to check what your competitors are doing. 

Should I record the audio bits myself?

You can outsource this task to professional narrators. It will elevate the quality of your course by quite some margin. 

Furthermore, it’ll be easier for your customers to understand. Doing it personally can create multiple problems. 

Change Your Exams

Our team discovered that many courses lose their popularity because of an old testing structure. You can implement multiple ways to change this. 

For starters, you can change your exams to assessments. Many new course developers are shifting to this trend to help their customers. 

Why are assessments better than exams?

First of all, assessments are designed for every single topic. So, your customers can easily judge their progress. 

Secondly, assessments take lesser time to create and complete. It is a win-win condition for you and your customers. 

Create an Outline 

As you might have noticed, most modern courses come with a clear outline/timeline. This assists the learners to manage their expectations. 

From a seller’s perspective, it enables you to design your courses in a linear manner. It takes away the hassle of course content management

Where should I advertise the outline?

You can advertise the outline for your course in two places. Either it can be displayed in your introductory section or the online description section. 

Besides that, you can use a summarized outline to advertise your courses on various other platforms. 

Important Tips to Keep in Mind

Following are some tips to keep in mind while you renew your old courses. 

  • Always check what courses are gaining traction. You can then check their various aspects and reshape your content accordingly. 
  • Keep an eye out for new and relevant studies. This can help you add more value to your old and new courses alike. 
  • Maintain a proper renewal cycle. This will help you keep track of your old courses that need some sort of restructuring. 
  • Do not overdo it. While it is good to reorganize your course content, some customers might find the new layout to be out of place. 
  • Keep conducting regular surveys. It is crucial to get feedback from your audience. This will enable you to redesign your courses easily. 
  • Get help from other creators. You can always learn a new trick to boost your course sales from another course creator. 
  • Provide different versions of courses. Some people be accustomed to your old version. It is good practice to have both versions available. 
  • Break down your text section into shorter sentences. This will assist your audience to consume knowledge conveniently.

Wrapping Things Up…

This brings us to the end of our post on 7 Ways to Renew Your Old Course Content. We hope you can use this information to your advantage. 

Old courses can be renewed to attract and create new sales. However, it is essential to understand which sections of your courses need to be renewed.