Sidekick by Hubspot – Full Review & More

Hubspot Sidekick helps you track customer engagement through emails. This is crucial for individuals who own an online course creation business. 

Sidekick provides effective market techniques that help you control what your customers can view. Moreover, you will be able to direct users to your landing page. 

Let’s take a look at everything software has to offer and evaluate the pros and cons as well. 

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Sidekick by Hubspot 

If you’re looking for a professional tool that can help you increase the sales of your web page, we would highly recommend Sidekick for Hubspot
This software allows you to manage and track your emails through effective CRM. Moreover, you will be able to market your website, which will help increase web page traffic. 
Sidekick helps you to not just market but track your emails too.  

Alternate #1


If you’re looking for software that can help you manage and organize meetings, Doodle can help make your daily tasks easy for you.


Alternate #2


In case you own an online course creation business and are looking for software that could help you communicate with your customers more effectively, Groove is the best for the job. 


Quick Summary of the Main Product

In case you own a course creation business online and want a software to manage your emails, Sidekick is well known for the job. It will help you sell and market your site faster. 

Take a look at our complete guide to have all the insights you need to sell your online course.

What Does SideKick Offer? 

Sidekick also provides advanced features including an analysis tool, calling, and templates that help you create content at a faster pace. 

Once you download the application, you can integrate the software with your personal Gmail account, G Suite, Office 365, and even Microsoft Outlook by adding a free extension. 

Features and Benefits

Real-Time Email Tracking 

Sidekick offers free email tracking and desktop notification. The software will instantly notify you if customers are viewing your messages or links. 

You will also be notified in case someone clicks on web links. With this feature, you will be able to identify the number of users visiting your online course creation website. 

Automatic Lead Generation 

In case a visitor clicks on your web link, they will instantly be directed to your website. Moreover, you will be notified if someone opens your web link, this could help you identify future potential subjects and domains for your online website

Pre-made Templates 

Sidekick has a wide range of pre-made templates your sales team could choose from. By saving time your team could focus on responding to a greater number of customers. 

Moreover, your sales teams will be able to crowdsource the best techniques for your website. 

Customizable web page

Sidekick allows you to customize your website according to the demand of your visitor. 

Moreover, your website will be able to automatically adapt to whatever content your user is looking for by providing adequate search options and keywords for related topics. 

Sidekick’s advanced features allow you to connect your HubSpot CRM with your inbox. You can easily leverage templates and simultaneously send emails. 

Desktop Calling 

The software will allow you to make calls from your desktop. By setting up a “call queue”, you can make instant calls or record them even without your phone.  

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Sidekick by Hubspot

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Email tracking 

Sidekick helped us send tracked emails to Hubspot CRM. This allowed us to manage who could see our links and websites. 

Moreover, it helped direct visitors to our website, which not only generated traffic but helped us search for future domains as well. 

Sales Funnel 

A sales funnel is crucial for online course creation businesses as it directs users to the main website.

We noticed that Sidekick’s Hubspot sales increased after using a sales funnel, as it brought in more users to the landing page. 

Sales funneling is an effective way to boost sales of your online course creation website. 

Email templates 

Once you create your website, install the Sidekick Chrome extension to your Google webpage and get unlimited ready-to-use templates. 

You can also customize these templates based on your preference.  

Sidekick Integration 

What Softwares can you integrate Sidekick with? 

Sidekick allows you to integrate your website with a number of other software. We noticed that it works great with Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, and even G Suite. 

Once you integrate these apps, you can control them through one software. 

Smart Alerts

Hubspot Sidekick instantly notifies you when visitors are viewing your website.  The application allows you to set reminders on email scheduling and get notifications to send it out at a specific time.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hubspot Sidekick

What we liked What we didn’t like
Automatic lead generation
Free Microsoft outlook, g suite, and apple mail integration by adding a google chrome extension
Leadfeeder uses machine learning to send automatic emails
Allows you to track emails through Hubspot CRM
Pre-made templates
You have to upgrade or pay more if you want advanced new features. 

Social Proof

Whilst we were reviewing this product, we thoroughly looked into what customers had to say about this software. 

Users were extremely satisfied by the integration feature since it allowed them to manage social media accounts through a single software. This provided conveniences and also saved them a lot of time. 

Similar to Hubspot Sidekick (Recommendations)

#1: Best Online Scheduling Software – Doodle Review 

By installing the free version of Doodle, you can easily manage meetings with your colleagues and clients.

Doodle also has an email scheduling feature, which allows you to set reminders for future meetings. 

This is crucial for online course creators as it allows you to sync your software with your calendar and get instant alerts. You will never miss out on any important meeting or pending tasks.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Doodle

Email Scheduling 

Probably the most convenient feature of Doodle is that you can schedule your meetings on your calendar by syncing them and getting instant alerts and desktop notifications.

App Integration 

You can easily sync your Office 365, Microsoft Outlook, and Gmail with Doodle and manage them all in one place. 

Automatic Translations 

Doodle can translate your content into more than 25 different languages. You can easily target users from around the globe. 

Automatic Social Media Marketing

Sidekick allows you to market your website through social media apps including Facebook and Twitter. These are effective marketing platforms that can help increase your engagement. 

Automatic Lead Generation

Doodle allows you to identify what your users are interested in by notifying you every time someone visits a domain on your website. 

What we liked What we didn’t like
Sends scheduled reminders
Instant desktop alerts 
Helps generate new leads
Ideal for Apple and Android devices 
Supports 25 different languages 
The software will not inform you in case of a missed task. 

Best Online Scheduling Software

The best online scheduling software is Doodle because of its versatility. It allows you to manage your tasks by scheduling them. Not just that it helps with marketing your businesses on different social media apps, which helps increase traffic. 

#2: Best Sales Engagement Platform  – Groove Review 


Engaging with your customers is crucial for your online course creation businesses if you want to boost your online sales at a greater speed.

Groove allows online course creators to interact with your customers through various different channels including live chat, Gmail, social media forums, and even through phone calls.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Groove

Effective Analysis 

Similar to Google Analytics, Groove will identify which implemented strategies are profitable. You can also conduct a detailed sales insight to identify features to increase your sales. 

Email Scheduling 

By integrating Google Suite, CRM, and Outlook, you can schedule emails for a particular time and Groove will automatically send it for you later on. 

Customer Engagement Platforms

Groove offers a wide range of customer platforms that could help you communicate directly with your potential users. Users can also contact you through various channels including Gmail, call, and even live chat. 

Customizable templates 

The software has a variety of pre-made templates that you can easily customize based on your preference. This saves you a lot of time allowing you to respond to the maximum number of users. 

Weekly Task Schedule

At the end of the week, Groove shows a list of all the activities and tasks you have successfully carried out.  

What we likedWhat we didn’t like
Allows email testing and tracking
Integrating apps prevents redundancy 
Gives a detailed weekly report 
Pre-made templates
Creates sales leads
Software sometimes slows down due to overpressure 

Best Sales Engagement Platform 

The best sales engagement platform is Groove because it helps you identify which strategies are most effective for marketing your business. Moreover, the software provides you with a complete list of tasks carried out at the end of each week. 

If you are not satisfied with these tools there are other Email Management and Marketing tools like Socialdrift, FileMail, Zoho, and Mailbird.

Guide to Buy

sidekick b hubspot

High-End CRM Tool

It is crucial for businesses to have an effective CRM tool that can help you store user information and increase interaction. 

This will allow you to build long-term customer relationships by keeping them connected to your website. 

Hubspot CRM allows you to send your customers tracked emails and get instant notification whenever the user opens it. 

Customizable Templates

Your software should allow you to use premade documents and templates. By adding this feature your sales team could close deals at a faster rate. 

Research shows that over 73% of employees state that users are more inclined towards customizable services. Moreover, it also increases customer loyalty in the long run. 

Task Scheduling

You will never miss a meeting with your team if your software allows you to sync your Gmail with your calendar. 

Users look for software that provides automated services. According to research, 80% of users prefer calendar alerts because it helps them divide the workload. 

Effective Marketing Software

It is crucial for businesses to have effective marketing software that can help increase engagement. This will help you draw in potential customers and identify potential leads for the future. 

Desktop Alerts 

Enabling desktop alerts could help you identify any pending tasks or missed meetings. Moreover, in case of any third-party activity, your software should be able to instantly notify you. 

While creating and selling online courses can be very profitable, it’s not easy. Take a look at our guide to help you go through each step.

Wrapping Things Up…

Managing your business is crucial if you want to attain profitability. Sidekick helps you schedule meetings and tasks with not just your employees but with your customers as well. 

Since marketing plays a vital role to help increase customer engagement. Sidekick allows you to create effective strategies to reach out to your target audience.

If you’re looking for software to help you generate leads, we would recommend using Sidekick. However, you could also pick from the other two alternatives that we have mentioned above.