Skrill vs Paypal – What’s the Difference? Full Comparison

Online payment service is the backbone of every online business. As an online course selling business, you need a reliable money transfer service to receive money from your clients. 

But which service is better, Skrill or PayPal? Both of these payment solutions have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Quick summary

In this article, we will discuss the following points.

  • Skrill Review.
  • PayPal Review.
  • Skrill and PayPal payments pricing.
  • Utility and Application in different areas.
  • PayPal and Skrill customer feedback.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Skrill Online Wallet


Skrill is an online payment method that is designed for individuals and small businesses. It is made just like a regular wallet for your convenience and to streamline online transactions.

It is quite easy to learn and use. With its detailed dashboard, you can sort out your financial details and keep track of your day-to-day trading.

What can I use Skrill for?

Skrill can be used for just about anything. You can use this service for receiving money, sending money, online purchases, or just using it as your e-wallets. 

Skrill ensures that your funds are secure and can be used at any given time with just a touch. Skrill supports all the major brands in the online world. 

You don’t have to worry about making transactions and thinking if a certain brand supports it or not.

Features of Skrill

Skrill provides a bunch of useful features for all sorts of purposes. Let’s take a look at them one by one.


Skrill has designed a versatile and detailed dashboard for the convenience of their customers. You can access your dashboard by using their mobile or desktop app.

Moreover, the dashboard contains a variety of easy access features. It includes your payment history, your account details, and your frequently used beneficiaries.

What else can I use this dashboard for?

You can use the dashboard to categorize your funds as well. It allows you to divide your account balance.

This way, you can organize and better manage your monthly expenses and online payments.


You can create your Skrill account free of cost. It doesn’t matter if you are going to use it for personal or business purposes. 

Furthermore, there are no monthly service charges. Skrill doesn’t charge any user extra charges just to keep their account active.

However, you need to do at least one transaction in a 12-month time period to keep your account active. 

What happens if I don’t keep my account active for 12 months?

After 12 months of inactivity, your account will be deactivated and Skrill will charge a $3 service charge per month.

Email Transactions

Skrill enables its users to conduct transactions without the need for an app. You can be anywhere in the world and use your email address as a payment gateway.

Credit Card Transactions

You can also use Skrill for paying your MasterCard debit card/credit card bills on online stores. Besides that, it can also be used to receive payments from the same sources.

Customer Feedback

We found some customer reviews on, people praised Skrill for its zero deposit fee on startup.

Some customers also mentioned the payment gateway utility and how it has saved their time in certain conditions.

Benefits of Skrill

Following are some of the benefits you can get if you use Skrill to receive payment.

  • Easy to use dashboard
  • No extra fees besides the international transaction fee
  • Available in more than 100 countries
  • One-click bank transfer
  • Cost-effective funds management

Our Thoughts on Skrill

Skrill is highly useful for businesses like Online Course Selling. You can easily manage your incoming and outgoing funds. The instant transfer paired with a zero-delay transaction system enables you to form a streamlined purchase system for your customers.

Interested in finding out how to get into online course business easily, take a look at the complete guide on our website.

PayPal Money Transfer Service


PayPal is the leading service in money exchange around the world. It is directly linked with your bank account and removes the need for intermediary companies like Visa and MasterCard.

You can set up a PayPal account for personal and business purposes. Moreover, PayPal has the option for a Merchant Account as well if you are looking solely to receive PayPal payments.

Why is PayPal the leading service in money transfer?

PayPal is widely accepted as one of the most secure payment methods compared to other payment gateways due to its strict security measures.

Every activity on your account is recorded and confirmed before it is finalized. Each transaction requires multi-step verification from your and PayPal’s end to go through.

As an online course selling a business, this feature saves a lot of trouble when it comes to confirming your purchases.

Features of PayPal

Over the years, PayPal has added different forms of payments to accommodate their customers on business and individual end. Let’s take a look at these methods and some other features.

Payment Methods

Apart from being a basic funds transfer service, PayPal lets you deal and pay in a different currency based on your location.

You can receive payments in a foreign currency and have it instantly converted into your local currency as well.

How else can I use PayPal for transactions?

As the Crypto market is growing, PayPal is integrating its system to accommodate people who like to use Crypto for payments.

Currently, you can use and offer people to pay in Bitcoins. Customers can easily choose to pay with whatever form of currency they want to.

PayPal Mobile App

One big difference between PayPal and Skrill is the options provided by their apps. PayPal’s mobile app allows you to completely remove the need of carrying a credit/debit card.

You can pay at any counter by just scanning a simple QR code. Besides that, it has built exchange rate information and currency conversion.

It removes the trouble of keeping track of the ongoing changes in currency rates.

PayPal Payments Pro

The PayPal Payments Pro option allows you to set up a merchant account with lesser transaction fees. It comes in handy for online businesses that rely on PayPal payments.

Since PayPal charges small amounts of fees on every transaction, you can reduce this expense by signing up for PayPal Payments Pro.

Besides that, PayPal Payments Pro enables you to divide your incoming and outgoing funds in a detailed manner for better management.

Customer Feedback

Here are some of the reviews we on by various users.

A lot of people mentioned how easy it is to receive and send PayPal payments with the mobile app. 

People also mentioned the multi-step verification to be a definitive security measure that a lot of services lack.

Benefits of PayPal

Some of the benefits of using PayPal are given below:

  • Automatic currency conversion
  • Detailed analysis of every transaction
  • Customer history at your fingertips
  • PayPal Payments Pro for small businesses
  • PCI Compliance standards

Our Thoughts on PayPal

PayPal does a great job at keeping payments streamlined. It has an integrated security system to reduce the risk of a breach or misuse. Moreover, PayPal offers multiple account options to customize your transaction fee structure.

Take a look at how Paypal compares to Transferwise by clicking HERE.

skrill vs paypal

Final Thoughts

When it comes to choosing a payment method for your online business, the right choice can save you a lot of money and time.

The decision between Skrill-PayPal is quite hard to make. Skrill is designed to be simple and easy to use while PayPal is jam-packed with basic and advanced features. Skrill doesn’t charge any transaction fee but PayPal has their pwn fixed fee on every transaction.

In our opinion, Skrill is more suitable if you want to use it for a personal purpose or just your day-to-day transactions. On the other hand, you should go for PayPal if you want a more business-oriented payment service.

We hope this article proves to be informational for you.

Do let us know what you think about these payment services.