Social Drift Review – Is it Worth the Money?

Social Drift helped users automate their Instagram growth. 

However, it was shut down because the software was unable to generate accurate reports. Moreover, they were unable to manage authentic customer service. 

The good news is that there are Social Drift alternatives that provide quality tools for your business’s organic growth. 

In this guide, we will discuss the features of Blog2Social and Viral Content Bee in detail. After reading the pros and cons, you can decide which feature is the best for your personal needs. 

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Social Drift Review

Social drift helped users manage their Instagram accounts. It also allowed businesses to distinguish between real and fake followers. However, due to unwanted pressure, Social Drift was forced to shut down because it was unable to maintain its features. 

Alternate #1


If you want to automate your social media posting, Blog2Social will manage your post schedules for you. 
Moreover, you will be able to cross-promote your blogs through a variety of different platforms. 

Alternate #2

Viral Content Bee

If you’re looking for software that could help increase customer engagement, we would highly recommend Viral Content Bee. This software will help you generate traffic and find new domains for future prospects.

Quick Summary of the Main Product

Social Drift will allow you to automate the process of sharing and posting content on several platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. You can also automate the process of creating templates for multiple platforms. 

You can upload content on multiple sites through one software and divide the workload. 

This saves you a lot of effort and allows you to manage other important tasks for your online course creation business. 

Through Social Drift, you could increase your Instagram followers in no time. This increased your reach and engagement for your personal website.  

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#1: Best Social Media Managing Software – Blog2Social Review 

If you’re looking for Social Drift alternatives that could help you in marketing and automating your business processes, Blog2Social is the best for the job. 

Blog2Social will help you increase engagement and visitor traffic for your website. Moreover, it will help you cross-promote your posts on various social media forums such as Facebook, Google My Business, Linked In, Twitter, Instagram accounts, and much more.

This software is an effective tool to auto-post and manage your WordPress blog posts faster. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Blog2Social

Social Media Scheduling 

Blog2Social has a built-in time manager. This feature allows you to pre-schedule the time of your blog posts.

The software also allows you to manage and choose where you want your posts to be published. 

This automated posting feature will help you save a lot of time by automatically posting scheduled blogs on your designated social media platforms. 

Cross-Posting and Promotion 

Promotion is a crucial part of marketing your website. Blog2Social will automatically adapt to the format of the social media platform you want to post on. The software enables you to customize default templates to make the process easier and faster for your sales teams.

You can post a single template on multiple social media forums, and Blog2Social will automatically adjust the formats for you. 

Track Your Shared Blog Posts 

Blog2Social has an inbuilt calendar that will help you filter your blog posts. By dragging and dropping your posts in your calendar, you can schedule them for later.  

The software allows you to track your post and manage where you want the post to be published and the desired time.

Automated Posting 

Once you get your WordPress license, the software will share your posts with authors who have the same license. 

Moreover, the software’s automation tools will automatically post your work on your designated websites.  

Monitor Your Marketing Strategies 

Blog2Social allows you to easily measure your marketing performance and success through Google Analytics. By analyzing your social media campaigns, you can get an insight into your growth reports. 

You can make amendments to your social media strategies after analyzing the results of your growth reports. 

What we liked What we didn’t like
Allows you to reshare your posts on Facebook and Instagram accounts.
Available in several languages
URL tracking 
Allows you to edit tags 
Helps you share videos, link, and images
You may not be able to share your posts on LinkedIn

Social Proof 

After conducting a thorough market review and analysis of the customer’s feedback, we noticed that most users recommended Blog2Social to other online course creation businesses. 

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social drift account instagram services focus data service comments example followers note explain target platform support

The Best Social Media Managing Software

The best social media management software is Blog2Social because of its effective marketing management feature. This will help you identify if your implemented strategy is profitable, and if not, the software will help you analyze an effective strategy to increase engagement. 

#2: Best Social Media Promotion Platform – Viral Content Bee Review 

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Increasing your customer reach is crucial for online businesses to attain profitability. 

If you own an online course creation business you will never have to worry about user engagement decreasing. 

Viral Content Bee helps you market your website and create effective engagement strategies. You will automatically attract more user traffic.

Moreover, you can find more leads for future prospects and assure quality domain creations without any sort of hassle. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Viral Content Bee

Social Media Marketing 

Marketing your service to your selected target can help you get more users almost instantly. Viral Content Bee helps increase your engagement by automatically sharing your posts on the top social media websites and search engines. 

Generating Leads 

You can find new leads by tracking and analyzing what your customers are looking for. This will help you identify new domains and potential posts for your online course creation business. 

Generating leads can also increase website traffic and increase customer engagement. Your software will help you convert visitors into potential customers. 

Managing Your Social Media Accounts 

You can integrate all your accounts and manage them through one central Viral Content Bee account. 

Viral Content Bee allows you to manage up to five different social media accounts including Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Flipboard, and Mix.  

Additional Credit Score 

Viral Content Bee has a number of influencers that you could easily reach out to. Other authors could bump your articles to increase your credit. Once your score increases, you can reshare evergreen content consistently. 

Automated Blog Posting 

Viral Content Bee allows you to schedule your posts for uploading. You can choose your choice of social media forum and automate the uploading process. This will save you a lot of time, which means you can prioritize other important tasks.

What we likedWhat we didn’t like
Automated blog posting
Link your web page with other authors 
Increase your traffic 
Generate new leads
The software could slow down due to overload.

Social Proof 

Our team conducted research on the user comments to understand what they had to say about the software. 

We were able to conclude that most users were extremely satisfied by their social media marketing tool. Users claimed that the software helped their customer engagement increase, which made the number of visitors quickly grow by a significant amount. 

instagram social drift support social drift
instagram social drift support social drift

Best Social Media Promotion Platform 

The Best Social Media Promotion Platform is the Viral Content Bee because it is incredibly easy to use. Moreover, it helps new businesses draw in more traffic and generate leads for future prospects. 

Some other worth mentioning tools are Sidekick, Filemail, MailBird, and Zoho.

Guide to Buy

social drift

Customizable Workflow 

An effective workflow management tool will help you manage work tasks without any inconvenience. 

This is important especially for an online course creation business as it helps you prioritize and manage tasks smoothly. 

We noticed that software that helps you improve workflow and provides more convenience to the users. 

Softwares that have a high-end workflow feature allow you to automate business processes including tracking customer engagement and blog schedule.  

Moreover, they automatically inform you about new updates and advanced features. You should be able to select and customize workflow features according to your preference. 

Converting Leads into Customers

If you own an online course creation business, we advise you to look for software that will help you convert leads into customers. 

This will help direct your visitors to your webpage automatically. 

You could create a login for your directed users by allowing them to create an online account instantly. The software will automatically save the personal information of potential customers. 

Application Integration

Software integration could make processes incredibly faster and easier for you. By integrating all your applications, you will be able to centralize all business decisions. 

You should be able to integrate your Facebook, Linked In, and Instagram account with your software. 

Marketing Automation 

It could be almost impossible to effectively manage all the decisions of your course creation business at the same time.

Allowing your software to automate marketing decisions could help make promoting your website easier for you. Your software will automatically choose the best search engines and increase your user engagement.

Sales Leads 

Finding new leads is crucial if you want your online course creation business to grow. Most importantly, your software should be able to recognize what your followers are looking for. 

You can conduct an instant analysis and identify new leads for your business. This will help you create new domains and attract more customers. 

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Wrapping Things Up… 

We understand changing your software could be difficult. However, there are a number of Social Drift alternatives that provide better social media automation options.

We recommend Blog2Social and Viral Content Bee as these are our personal preferences. These softwares provide high-end automated social media marketing tools and help you find updated domains for your platform.

Viral Content Bee and Blog2Social help you find real followers and manage your activity speed effectively. You could sign-up for their free three-day trial before making your final choice.

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