Stripo: The Best Email Builder for Marketers in 2023

In the digitally connected era where communication is key, email marketing continues to be a vital cog in the marketing machine. With over 4 billion email users globally, the importance of engaging, responsive, and well-designed email content has never been more crucial. Enter Stripo, a tool designed to empower businesses and individuals alike to create captivating email designs that resonate.

Stripo’s main purpose is to simplify the often complex process of crafting responsive email templates. Leveraging a vast library of pre-designed templates alongside a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor, Stripo democratizes email design, making it accessible to both seasoned designers and those just dipping their toes into digital marketing waters.

But Stripo isn’t just another email template builder; it’s a comprehensive solution designed to integrate seamlessly with various email marketing platforms, enhancing the efficiency of marketing workflows. Its adaptability and innovative features have garnered acclaim, making it a popular choice among marketing professionals, agencies, and businesses of all sizes.

In an age where responsiveness in design isn’t just a luxury but a necessity, Stripo emerges as a creative ally. Whether fine-tuning existing templates or building customized designs from scratch, it’s geared to ensure that emails not only reach inboxes but also make a lasting impression.

The rise of Stripo is a testament to the evolving needs of modern business communication. As email continues to be a dominant channel, tools like Stripo that prioritize ease of use, customization, and responsiveness, stand at the forefront of a marketing revolution that’s personal, engaging, and relentlessly creative.

Stripo Features

Stripo’s features are a blend of creativity, functionality, accessibility, and collaboration. Whether you are a small business looking to engage customers or a large enterprise aiming for intricate design perfection, Stripo has woven its features to suit diverse needs. From a treasure trove of templates to responsive design capabilities, integration, and collaboration, Stripo positions itself as more than a tool; it’s a comprehensive email design partner for the modern age.

Template Library

Variety and Quality of Pre-Designed Templates:
Stripo’s template library is an Aladdin’s cave for email marketers. It offers over 700 pre-designed templates, ranging from simplistic elegance to intricate designs, catering to various industries and occasions. The quality of these templates is maintained at a professional standard, ensuring a visually appealing starting point for any campaign.

Customizability and Ease of Editing:
Flexibility is at the core of Stripo’s template offerings. Users can modify these templates with ease, adapting them to match brand colors, add logos, and even rearrange layouts. This allows for creativity without the need for intricate design knowledge, a blend that fosters innovation without frustration.

Drag-and-Drop Editor

Functionality and User-Friendliness:
The drag-and-drop editor is Stripo’s crown jewel, offering the ability to build emails literally by dragging elements and dropping them into place. With an intuitive interface, the process becomes almost playful, inviting even the least tech-savvy user to participate in design.

Options for Customization Without Coding:
What if you want to go beyond the basics? Stripo’s editor offers advanced customization without requiring HTML or CSS knowledge. From animations to interactive elements, the ability to craft unique emails is at your fingertips, sans coding.

Responsive Design Capabilities

Adaptability Across Different Devices:
Stripo recognizes that emails are read on various devices and designs must adapt accordingly. Its responsive design capabilities ensure that emails look equally stunning on desktops, tablets, or smartphones, a must-have in today’s multi-device world.

Preview and Testing Features:
Before hitting send, Stripo allows users to preview emails across different devices and email clients. This testing functionality adds a layer of assurance that the design will render as intended, reducing the guesswork and potential mishaps.

Integration with Email Marketing Platforms

Supported Platforms and Ease of Integration:
Stripo integrates with over 30 major email marketing platforms, including Mailchimp and HubSpot. This seamless integration ensures a smooth transition from design to deployment, making it a versatile tool in a marketer’s toolkit.

Automation Features and Workflow Compatibility:
Beyond simple integration, Stripo offers automation compatibility, allowing the designed emails to fit effortlessly into existing marketing workflows. This streamlines the process, saving time, and enhancing efficiency.

Collaboration Tools

Multi-User Collaboration and Team Management:
Stripo is not just for lone designers; it’s a collaborative platform. Team members can work on designs simultaneously, with role-based access ensuring everyone has the right level of control.

Feedback and Revision Functionalities:
The collaborative experience extends to feedback and revisions. Comments can be made directly on designs, and a history of changes is maintained, allowing for iterative refinement without confusion.


The blend of usability and robust customer support forms the bedrock of Stripo’s success. By creating a platform that is welcoming to both novices and experts, and backing it up with quality support and resources, Stripo has forged a path that encourages exploration, creativity, and growth in the world of email marketing. The focus on user experience and comprehensive support showcases a brand that not only understands its product but also appreciates the diverse needs of its user base.

Overall User Experience, Navigation, and Layout:

Stripo’s design is predicated on user-friendliness, and it shows. The user interface is clean and intuitive, with tools and options laid out logically. Navigating through the platform, whether choosing a template or diving into the editor, feels natural and uncluttered. The layout facilitates creativity rather than hinders it, providing a pleasurable experience for all levels of users.

Learning Curve for Beginners and Advanced Users:

For beginners, Stripo’s drag-and-drop editor and extensive library can turn the daunting task of email design into a manageable and even enjoyable endeavor. There are enough tutorials and tooltips to guide newcomers through the process. Advanced users, on the other hand, will find enough depth and flexibility in customization options to satisfy their needs without feeling restricted. It’s a balance that caters to both ends of the spectrum.

Accessibility Across Various Browsers and Devices:

Stripo doesn’t falter across different browsers or devices. It is accessible and fully functional on major browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. Whether accessed via desktop or tablet, the experience remains consistent, reflecting a commitment to inclusivity and broad appeal.

Customer Support

Quality and Responsiveness of Customer Support:

Support is an area where Stripo shines. With various channels available, including live chat and email, help is never far away. The responsiveness of the support team is commendable, with issues generally resolved in a timely and professional manner.

Availability of Support Channels (Chat, Email, Tutorials, etc.):

Aside from direct support, Stripo offers an array of resources to assist users. Tutorials, webinars, and an extensive knowledge base are available, providing answers and guidance for common questions and challenges. This self-help approach is complemented by more direct support when needed, creating a holistic support ecosystem.

Clarity and Usefulness of Online Guides and Documentation:

The online guides and documentation are well-structured and articulate. Whether a user is seeking a step-by-step guide to building their first email or looking for advanced techniques, the information is presented with clarity. This further enhances the learning curve and provides a valuable resource for continuous learning and improvement.

Stripo Pros and Cons


  • Extensive Template Library: With hundreds of quality templates, creativity has a solid starting point.
  • Intuitive Drag-and-Drop Editor: Allows users to design without coding knowledge.
  • Responsive Design Capabilities: Adapts across devices to ensure a consistent look.
  • Robust Collaboration Tools: Enables teamwork in real-time, fostering a collaborative environment.
  • Strong Customer Support: Various channels and resources are available for assistance.


  • Some Advanced Features Require Learning: Although generally user-friendly, some advanced features may require time to master.
  • Limited Free Plan Options: The free plan is somewhat restrictive, potentially limiting experimentation for those not ready to invest.

Considerations for Different User Needs:

  • Small Businesses: Stripo’s affordability and ease of use make it an attractive option for small businesses looking for professional email designs without a big budget.
  • Large Enterprises: With collaboration tools and integration with various platforms, large organizations can find value in Stripo’s comprehensive features.
  • Freelancers: The flexibility and customization options provide freelancers with a creative playground that caters to various client needs and styles.

Comparisons with Competitors

How Stripo Stands Against Similar Products

Stripo manages to stand out in a crowded market with its blend of user-friendliness and advanced features. While competitors may offer similar drag-and-drop functionalities, Stripo’s extensive template library, responsive design capabilities, and collaboration tools position it a step ahead for many users.

Unique Selling Points and Differentiators:

  • Preview and Testing Features: The ability to preview emails across devices and clients sets Stripo apart from many competitors.
  • Integration with Over 30 Email Marketing Platforms: This broad integration capability ensures compatibility with a wide array of marketing tools and workflows.
  • Role-Based Collaboration: The collaboration aspect isn’t just an add-on; it’s a well-thought-out feature that facilitates teamwork and enhances productivity.

Stripo – The Verdict

Stripo stands as a testament to well-thought-out design and user-centric focus. It’s not merely a tool but a partner in crafting engaging and responsive email content. Its unique selling points, combined with attention to user needs, position it as a valuable asset in the ever-competitive world of email marketing.

In a realm where communication is key, and email continues to be a formidable channel, Stripo emerges as a beacon for creativity, collaboration, and convenience. Its attributes resonate across various spectra of users, making it more than just a product but a catalyst for innovation and engagement in the dynamic field of digital communication.

Whether you are taking your first steps into email marketing or are a seasoned pro looking for a tool that can keep pace with your creativity, Stripo’s blend of features and focus on user experience makes it worthy of consideration. It’s a tool designed not just to meet a need but to inspire and empower, a trait that sets it apart in a crowded marketplace.