Team Treehouse vs Codecademy – Which One’s Worth Your Money?

Computer Science subjects such as coding and programming are difficult to learn. 

If you want to learn more about coding for your students as an online course creator, then this is where to begin.

Codecademy and Team Treehouse are great platforms to learn beginner courses for more coding knowledge. However, only one will help you the most.

To help you decide, we have compiled benefits, factors to consider, and the pros and cons of both platforms in this Treehouse vs Codecademy post. 

FeaturesTeam TreehouseCodecademy
Pricing4 stars4 and a half stars
Courses4 stars4 and a half stars
User Interface4 and a half stars4 stars

Let’s review each of the two platforms thoroughly in this Codecademy vs Treehouse post. 

Treehouse Review – Best Code School

soft business skills treehouse techdegree treehouse vs codecademy

Treehouse is a self-paced video learning platform for coding and programming courses. It is mainly video-based with fewer interactive lessons. 

Coding is an intimidating field when it comes to the data science program. Therefore, Treehouse offers high-quality courses created by professional instructors to make it easier. 

This platform is best for beginners to learn the coding language since the Treehouse courses are quite basic. 

Features of Treehouse

  • Quizzes
  • Code Challenges
  • Detailed Code Reviews
  • Real-World Projects
  • Techdegree
  • Segmented Learning
  • Learning Tracks
  • Dashboard
  • Workspaces
  • Built-in Coding Environment
Pros Cons
High-quality courses

Self-paced learning

Real-world projects

Mobile app

Variety of courses

Easy for beginners
Quality varies due to non-optimization from platform

Monthly costs add up

Not for advanced users

Benefits of Treehouse

We recommend the paid version called Treehouse TechDegree for you. This version offers a lot of benefits. You only receive a certification of completion through this version.

We highly recommend it because it costs half the price of a college degree and prepares you for a successful career in the tech industry.

The Tech Degrees include:

  • PHP Development
  • UX Design
  • Front End Web Development
  • Python Development
  • Full-stack Javascript 

TechDegree provides professional prep to students for code development.  

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Treehouse

Treehouse Subscription

You can avail Treehouse features and tools for free through their 7-day free trial and free program.

team treehouse vs codecademy

Treehouse subscription plans include:

  • Basic plan for $25/month
  • Tech Degree for $199/month
  • Course Plus plan for $49/month
team treehouse
team treehouse

Treehouse Courses

There are 300+ courses targeted towards novices. These courses consist of video content, quizzes, and coding challenges. 

team treehouse

Each course is further broken down into sections, such as you can learn Python through:

  • Meet Python
  • Types and Branching
  • Functions and Looping
  • All together now

Moreover, the courses are grouped in Learning Tracks which is a great resource because it helps beginners follow courses easily.

Treehouse offers more than 40 Learning Tracks, some of which include:

  • Beginning Data Science
  • Beginning Python
  • Object-Oriented PHP
  • Learn React

User Interface 

The interface is clean and intuitive. It is easy to find courses and navigate through the site.

team treehouse

The student dashboard displays:

  • Student forums
  • Progress
  • Courses

On the left, there is a menu that displays:

  • Account Settings
  • Forums
  • Help
  • Class listings

What Do the Customers Think?

Customers who have used Treehouse to learn code for the first time are highly satisfied with the platform. They became experts at coding basics because of the thorough hands-on experience Treehouse provides.

Some of the customer reviews we found online include:

Best Code School

Treehouse is one of the best career path programs for beginners to get started at coding. It is affordable and allows users to learn complicated course topics efficiently.

Codecademy Review – Interactive Learning Platform

one course business literacy other students

Codecademy offers interactive lessons with less video content. It involves a single browser for you to do all of your work.

This includes:

  • Mini projects
  • Code editor
  • Multiple-choice tests

This platform also offers career paths and if you are unsure of their features, you can take the free courses instead. 

Codecademy is generally focused on beginner and intermediate students. Some of their starter courses involve Java, Python, and Ruby.

If you want more features then you can choose Codecademy Pro which offers live sessions with instructors and customized courses.

Features of Codecademy

  • Career Paths
  • Challenges
  • Videos
  • Projects
  • Articles
  • Forums
Pros Cons
Videos to explain difficult concepts

Friendly for beginners

Support community

12 programming languages

Variety of courses
No free trial 

Difficult to navigate through lessons

Benefits of Codecademy

Our team recommends Codecademy if you are a beginner because most of the courses are introductory

Codecademy offers videos for slightly difficult concepts, but the content is still fairly easy.

We found that Codecademy is quite userfriendly as compared to other platforms. 

It offers a built-in code editor and interactive sessions that help you follow a step-by-step guide to solve coding problems on one browser. This allows you to avoid set-up costs for tools and the environment.

Moreover, our team observed the gradual increase in difficulty level in each course helps cater to the learning style of all students. 

You can start with introductory courses and move to Codecademy Pro for intermediate courses.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Codecademy

Codecademy Pro Subscription 

The Basic Plan is for free and offers:

  • Basic Courses
  • Peer Support

Whereas, Codecademy Pro costs $19.99/month and $15.99/month billed annually. 


The Pro plan offers:

  • Basic Courses
  • Members-only content
  • Unlimited Mobile Practice
  • Peer support
  • Real-world Projects
  • Step-by-step guidance
  • Certificates of completion

Note: The annual billing plan saves $48 per year. 

Codecademy Courses 

There are 75+ courses and Codecademy offers interactive lessons with minimal videos to allow maximum content retention. 

It is primarily focused on beginner and intermediate students who want to learn the coding language. 

For Example:

The introduction to Python 3 involves quizzes, videos, lessons, and mini projects for you to learn:

  • Strings
  • Control Flow 
  • Loops
  • Syntax
  • Lists
  • Functions

Once you are done with the introductory course then you can get a Pro subscription to learn courses from career paths.

Career Paths

These paths are similar to learning tracks and contain multiple courses that will give you the skills and knowledge focused on a specific career field.

Usually, a career path takes six months or a year to complete.

There are six career paths in Codecademy:

  • Computer Sciences
  • Data Scientist
  • Code Foundations
  • Back-End Engineer
  • Front-End Engineer
  • Full-Stack Engineer

User Interface

The interface is user-friendly and clutter-free. It is easy to use for beginners. The code editor allows users to use a single browser for all of their coding work.


What Do the Customers Think?

Customers find the courses on Codecademy easy, comprehensive, and well-planned. The platform is very beginner-friendly and progresses gradually to build up concepts efficiently. 

Users have the option to practice after learning new concepts. The lesson builds up and contributes to the next lesson therefore it is helpful to follow an order. There are chat forums and solutions available for extra help.

Some of the customer reviews we came across on Trustpilot include: 

Best Interactive Learning Platform

Codecademy is a comprehensive, interactive online learning platform that caters to beginner and intermediate students to help them code. As an online course creator, you can learn coding easily through this platform as well.

Treehouse vs Codecademy – Buyers’ Guide

team treehouse vs codecademy

You can increase the number and variety of courses offered on your online course website by introducing new topics. To learn new areas of subjects such as coding, you can visit online course platforms that have a specialty in them.

The factors you should consider to choose a platform are:


Online courses can be quite expensive. Monthly subscriptions can add up costs and make it difficult to pay bills. 

These platforms offer annual subscriptions with some sort of discounts so make sure never to miss out on them.

If you do go for an expensive plan, then make sure the platform offers more features and a variety of courses to provide greater value. 


All online course platforms offer a variety of topics but specialize and focus on a particular field. Therefore, the best way to choose which website you want to start learning with is to determine the type of topic you want to learn beforehand.

User Interface

A clean user interface provided by e-learning platforms will help you:

  • Track your progress
  • Find courses
  • Follow learning paths
  • Organize resources
  • Participate in chats and community forums
  • Fine instructors of your choice

While creating and selling online courses can be very profitable, it’s not easy. Take a look at our guide to help you go through each step.

Codecademy vs Treehouse – Final Verdict

This concludes our post on Codecademy vs Treehouse. 

Both of the platforms are code schools and can help you in web development, data analysis, and quality engineering in IT through multiple development tracks.

We advise you not to choose only one option. You should start out with Introduction courses on Codecademy and then take beginner lessons with Treehouse.

Finally, you should convert back to Codecademy Pro for intermediate learning. 

If you are already familiar with coding for beginners then you should register with Codecademy Pro directly. 

Let us know what you decide.