6 Tools to Help You Make Money Online

Earning money online is quite straightforward. But with the help of the right tools, you can further expand your income streams and maximize your overall earnings. 

These tools include different social platforms and programs that you can use in various ways. The only thing required on your end is a basic understanding of how a certain tool works. 

Quick Summary

In today’s post, we will cover the following topics:

  • Why is it important to use tools?
  • 6 unique tools for you to use

Why Do You Need Tools? 

To put it simply, online tools are a means to help you explore opportunities. You can find a handful of online jobs or side hustles but given the scale of the internet, the chances are slim. 

This is where the online websites and tools come into play. For example, Facebook is a platform that lets you join specific communities where you can find such opportunities. 

What if we told you that there are online platforms specifically built for this purpose?

earn money online

On one hand, these tools can help you find new opportunities in a wide variety of fields. While on the other hand, you can also increase the overall cash inflow from passive income streams.

According to several online surveys by Statista, people who use multiple tools to find online work have an 80% increased chance of doing so. 

Different Tools To Make Money Online

The tools we are about to explore come in different forms. Some are websites to build your gig while some are programs that you can use to your advantage. 

Let’s check them out one by one. 

1. Fiverr 

It’s no surprise that Fiverr made the list. This website has been the hub of online work for freelancers for quite some time now. 

Fiverr lets you build a gig that advertises your services. You can then price different services according to the market trends. 

Interesting Fact: As of 2020, Fiverr has an active user base of 3.92 million users.

For example, you can build a gig for proofreading material. It lets you categorize what sort of material you can proofread. 

Interesting Fact: In the fiscal year 2020, Fiverr generated $189 million in revenues.

Furthermore, you can put a different price tag on each category. 

What sort of services can I advertise?

You can advertise any service as long as it is under the terms of condition. For starters, you can advertise graphic designing, content writing, and content planning

Basically, any skill you have can be turned into an income stream. Just make sure that you clearly state it when creating your gig. 

2. Upwork 

Upwork is a modern freelance platform that features P2P and B2P dynamics. People and businesses can advertise any service they require.


Compared to Fiverr, you don’t have to make an elaborate profile with services and pricing. All you have to do is create a profile and state your experience in a related field. 

Interesting Fact: Upwork mainly operates on the B2P model. There are 75% of active businesses on Upwork looking for freelancers.

Let’s suppose you are a graphic designer. To start your Upwork profile, you will have to state what sort of designing tools you are proficient at and what designs are your specialty. 

How do I find work on this website?

After you create your profile with all the necessary credentials, Upwork lets you explore the main page with various filters.

Here you can find different ads from people and businesses that require the service you provide. In a couple of minutes, you can find a bunch of jobs. 

3. Affiliate Marketing Programs 

Affiliate marketing has been on the rise over the past few years. Due to this reason many people have picked affiliate programs as a side hustle. 

You can basically sign up for the marketing of a product or service. Once you do so, every sale that is made through your referral link is credited to your account.  

What sort of brands features such a program?

One good example of such a program is from ClickFunnels Affiliate Program. The brand itself provides sales funnel solutions. 

ClickFunnels Affiliate Program

Here’s our detailed explanation of the ClickFunnels Affiliate Program.

You can earn a viable income from it with the help of their affiliate program. But that’s not all, you don’t need any previous experience in the field to do so. 

Then how can I earn from it?

You basically have to advertise/market their product or service. Your job is to simply generate clicks and that’s about it. 

4. Online Course Platforms

The online market is filled with a wide variety of platforms to earn money. You can use these platforms to earn some quick cash or develop a long-term income stream. 

Udemy, Teachable, and Pluralsight are some examples of such platforms. These platforms enable you to publish online courses related to any topic. 

Can I publish individual courses?

It depends on the type of platform you choose. For a better understanding, you can check our comparison of Udemy vs Pluralsight and Udemy vs Teachable.

5. Online Stores

Another cool way to earn online is by developing a store for your products or a standalone brand. You can choose to make a store from scratch or use templates. 

Let’s take an example. Shopify is an online store that can be used to sell products. You can sell individual products or create an entire page.

online store

Can I sell online courses on it?

As a matter of fact, you can. There is a similar platform to it by the name of Storenvy. We have made an elaborate comparison between Shopify and Storenvy for you as well. 

6. Craigslist 

If you want to make some quick money, Craigslist is your way to go. It is known as a hub for people to buy and sell products in a quick manner. 

You can earn money by buying various products at a cheaper rate and selling them at a slightly higher rate.  

Is it better than other methods?

Statistically speaking, other methods are far better because they yield higher and more stable income streams. However, this method is convenient and less time-consuming. 

Final Thoughts…

Earning money online may seem hard at first but with the right tools, you can get started in no time at all. The tools we mentioned can be used to start small and gradually build your way up.

We hope this information proves to be useful for you and lets you earn a substantial income in a stable manner.