6 Platforms You Shouldn’t Miss for AWS Certification in 2022 – Everything You Need to Know & More

AWS certifications are quite easy to find on the internet. However, you need a platform that provides the ideal content for AWS exam preparation

To help you with this task, we’ll highlight 6 platforms that have AWS-related courses. Moreover, we’ll also discuss multiple FAQs along the way

Quick Summary

By the end of this post, we’ll cover the following topics:

Let’s jump right into it. 

Top 6 AWS Certification Platforms Courses You Should Use

Over the past few years, Amazon has branched itself into multiple online services. With its expansions, Amazon has introduced various certifications that you can use professionally. 

These certifications help you develop skills for web development, web design, management, and machine learning. Now, let’s check these platforms in detail


Our first choice is Coursera. We picked this platform because it features detailed courses for multiple AWS certifications. 

You can access these courses without any membership. Moreover, most of these courses are quite cheap. 


Does Coursera have its own certification system?

Besides the AWS certification exam, Coursera also provides its own certifications. However, you have to pay extra for these certifications. 

We must also mention that the courses and certifications on Coursera are authentic. Most of them are provided by big companies. 


Next up we have Udemy. We picked this platform because it provides expert-level courses at an affordable price. 

You can find a long list of AWS-related courses that are taught by industry professionals. This helps you learn various lesser-known skills.


Does Udemy provide specific courses for AWS certifications?

We must also mention that you can find specific courses for specific AWS certifications. You can even filter courses based on the AWS certification exams. 

Moreover, Udemy also has a master class feature. You can use this to further expand your skill set for a specific AWS certification like machine learning. 


Next platform on our list is Udacity. We chose this platform because it provides free courses, programs, and exercises for AWS certifications. 

You can simply create an account and access over 100 AWS-related courses. Each course has unique content and a timeline for you to keep track of the progress. 


How many courses can I access at once on Udacity?

We must also mention that Udacity features an in-house management portal. You can use this to keep track of all your active courses. 

Moreover, this portal also lets you manage over 30 courses at once. This way, you can easily learn multiple courses tied to different AWS certifications. 


For the next platform, we have edX. We picked this platform due to its introductory-level courses. 

You can use this platform to learn various AWS skills. Besides that, each course is developed by a university professor with authentic content. 


How long are the courses available at edX?

We must also mention that most of the courses available at edX span 2 months. This helps you learn everything in detail. 

Moreover, each course comes with extensive assignments and a built-in workshop. This enables you to test your skills in real-time.


Next platform on our list is Lynda. This platform is developed and maintained by LinkedIn and integrated with LinkedIn Learning

We picked it because it features courses that are taught by industry professionals. You can find unique courses that focus on various AWS certifications. 

linkedin learning

How much do I have to pay for courses on Lynda?

Since most of the courses are taught by professionals, each course has a different price. You can access some beginner-level courses for free as well. 

However, compared to other platforms, Lynda AWS courses are quite expensive. Mostly because they are taught by the professionals themselves. 


Lastly, we have Amazon on our list. The reason we picked Amazon is that it provides everything you need to know about AWS certification. 

You can use it to learn about various AWS certifications and enroll yourself in the exams as well. Moreover, you can also validate your previous certifications here. 


Are courses free of cost at Amazon?

We must mention that AWS courses available at Amazon cost more compared to other platforms. However, their content is completely authentic and concise. 

Other than that, you don’t have to choose from a list of various course providers. This helps you save a lot of time. 

Important Tips to Keep in Mind

Now, let’s check out some important tips you need to keep in mind at all times. 

  • Always start from basic AWS certifications and progress towards the difficult ones. This will help you learn various aspects of AWS in detail.
  • Always choose courses that are skill-oriented. While the theory is also important, the practical aspect is far more crucial compared to it.
  • Focus on a single AWS certification at a time. It is good practice to put all your effort toward one aspect of AWS rather than trying to master everything at once. 
  • Validate your AWS certifications regularly. As a rule of thumb, you should validate your existing certifications every 6 months or so. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Which AWS certification should I get?

There are numerous AWS certifications that you can choose from currently. However, from the extensive list, AWS Cloud Practitioner and AWS Developer are the basic ones. They are easy to learn and only take a couple of weeks to prepare for the exams. 

What is the procedure for AWS certification exams?

Once you go to the AWS main website, you’ll find various certifications for it. Each certification has its own training program and at the end, it has the option to get certified. Simply sign up on that form and wait for your test dates to be announced. 

Can I use AWS certification for other platforms?

One main advantage of AWS certifications is that they are universal. You can use them anywhere in the IT sector. Even though they are centered around Amazon’s online services, you can still use those skills for other jobs.

Why do I need to validate my AWS certifications?

Even though AWS certification validation isn’t required, it is quite necessary. This is mainly because it shows the individual is active and currently working in the respective field. So, if you decide to move platforms, it becomes easier for you to find the next job. 

Wrapping Things Up…

This brings us to the end of our post on 6 Platforms You Shouldn’t Miss for AWS Certifications in 2022. We hope this information proves to be beneficial for you. 

AWS certifications are high in demand by many big companies. While it is easy to find a starting point, you still need the right platform to achieve expert-level skills. 

Let us know what you think of these platforms in the comments below.