6 Basic Platforms for Graphic Design Courses – Everything You Need to Know, Tips, & More

Graphic design is an extensive field that offers many opportunities to grow professionally. To learn graphic design skills, you can select from various platforms. 

However, with a vast number of options, it can be hard to go for the right one. In today’s post, we’ll go over multiple platforms that provide courses related to graphic design

Quick Summary

By the end of this post, we’ll cover the following topics:

  • 6 Platforms for graphic design courses
  • Essential FAQs

Without further delay, let’s get you started. 

6 Platforms You Should Use for Graphic Design Courses

When it comes to graphic design, there are multiple niche areas that you can target. You can either go for dynamic graphic design skills or just simply learn various tools. 

Every single platform on our list provides a unique value or skill for graphic design. Some are related to basics, while some are targeted toward somewhat experienced individuals. 

Let’s check them out in detail. 


The first platform on our list is Udemy. We chose Udemy because it provides multiple programs filled with tons of graphic design courses. 

You can either select individual courses or choose a program to develop certain skills. It is important to note that each program has an extensive course plan in it. 


How much do I have to pay for courses on Udemy?

The pricing for courses on Udemy varies based on the skill they target. Some courses can be obtained for as low as $30. 

While on the other hand, advanced courses that also teach the use of various tools can be bought for up to $200. 


  • Suitable for entry-level courses
  • Easy to manage courses
  • User-friendly interface
  • Budget-friendly


  • No option for tutors

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Next platform on our list is Skillshare. You can use this platform to learn almost anything related to graphic design. 

The platform features courses for picture and video editing with countless lesser-known tricks. This can help you learn new skills and use them efficiently. 


Does Skillshare have a membership option?

We must mention that Skillshare offers a 30-day trial period. You can use this to get accustomed to their available content. 

This helps you determine whether their courses are worth your money or not. If you do like their content, the platform provides an option to buy programs filled with multiple courses. 


  • Courses with video tutorials
  • Content for skill development
  • No membership required
  • Easy to use


  • Handful of expert-level courses

Udemy Masterclass

For our next pick, we have Udemy’s Masterclass. While it is not an individual platform, Udemy Masterclass acts as a sub-platform. 

You can find multiple expert-level courses and programs in this sub-section. It is also important to note that each program/course is taught by an acclaimed professional. 

Are Udemy Masterclass programs expenses?

We must mention that Udemy Masterclass courses aren’t cheap by any means. The base price for every single program is $1000. 

The main reason behind such high pricing is the knowledge these programs provide. Since industry professionals teach them, you can learn various new skills. 


  • Expert-level content
  • Taught by acclaimed individuals
  • Exclusive courses
  • One-time payment


  • Quite expensive


Next up on our list is Teachable. The main reason for it is the utility of tutors. You can select courses and also obtain available tutors from the platform itself. 

Teachable makes sure that you are provided with an experienced individual. Moreover, every tutor has a higher level of certification for the course you applied for. 


How does that help me as a beginner?

For some individuals, even entry-level graphic design tools and skills can be hard to grasp. A tutor can help you gap that bridge easily. 

On top of that, you can also ask questions that can confuse you otherwise. This helps you learn and implement new skills in a better way. 


  • User-friendly interface
  • Low-priced content
  • No membership required
  • Tutors available


  • Limited number of tool-based courses

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The next platform on our list is Coursera. This platform is widely regarded as the biggest database for courses related to almost everything. 

We found over 10000 courses for graphic design on this platform. You can choose courses based on skill development or tool learning. 


What is the pricing of courses on Coursera?

As it turns out, every single course on Coursera is priced differently. Some courses are free, while some are priced between $200 to $500. 

Other than that, we must also mention that Coursera also offers cheaper options for long-time users. This helps you save money and explore new content at the same time. 


  • User-friendly platform
  • Easy to manage courses
  • Extensive curriculum for courses
  • Assignment-based courses


  • Hard to find expert-level courses


The last platform on our list is Lynda from LinkedIn. We chose this platform because it acts as a gateway for professional opportunities. 

You can find multiple courses related to graphic design skills and tools on Lynda. Moreover, every single course has multiple assignments tied to it. 


How does an assignment-based course help me?

To put it simply, assignments put your skills to the test. This way, you understand and outline your shortcomings. 

As a professional, this can significantly polish your skills and provide new insight into your field. Moreover, this helps you keep track of your progress. 


  • Professional outlook
  • General and niche courses
  • Extensive learning plan
  • Budget-friendly


  • Membership-based

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Important Tips to Keep in Mind

graphic design

While it is easy to simply select a platform, it is also important to keep some things in check. Let’s see what they are. 

  • Always select courses with built-in tests and assignments. This will help you test what you have learned throughout the course. 
  • Keep track of the timeline. It is important to learn stuff as intended by the course. This will help you pace your progress and learn things efficiently. 
  • Do your research. The pricing for programs and courses is often different based on the popularity of a platform. You can find a cheaper option on competitor platforms. 
  • Utilize your free trial. Almost every single platform provides a trial period. Make sure to use it to explore various aspects of a platform. 

Wrapping Things Up…

With this, we come to the finish line of our post on 6 Basic Platforms for Graphic Design Courses. We hope you can use this information to select the right platform. 

Graphic Design courses can be found everywhere on the internet. However, the right platform can help you learn/develop new skills and master them at the same time.  

We hope this article was helpful to you. Let us know which platform you use in the comments below.