Tutorvista Review – Is it Really a Scam?

If you are looking for ways to earn passively as an online course creator then online tutoring is a great opportunity for you.

You can use Tutorvista that provides you with a virtual classroom to engage students in learning. 

While Tutorvista is a great platform for tutors to teach students from kindergarten to undergraduate levels, some people call it a scam.

Therefore, in this Tutorvista review, we will discuss if this tutoring platform is really a scam or is it legit? 

To discuss this in detail, we will discuss the pros and cons, benefits, features, and alternatives of Tutorvista in this post. 



Tutorvista provides a live platform for tutors to teach students through a chat window and whiteboard. It offers one-on-one classes with a tutor on any topic of any subject.  

Alternate #1

Chegg Tutors

Chegg is a very popular learning website that offers student solutions and a ton of useful tools. Tutors can find job opportunities with Chegg Tutors as well.

Chegg Tutors

Alternate #2


Preply has been a very popular tutoring site that allows tutors to teach subjects they are best at and earn regularly on personalized pay rates.


Quick Summary of the Main Product

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Tutorvista was founded in 2005 by an India-based company called Byju. Since e-learning was not widely practiced, therefore, Tutorvista became quite popular. 

This online tutoring platform consists of over 2000 teachers present in:

  • India
  • UK
  • China
  • Australia, 
  • United States
  • Southeast Asia  

These tutors can instantly connect with students whenever they require assistance. Each tutor is expected to work 4 hours minimum every day and at least have a master’s degree.

Even though Tutorvista is an online platform, it provides a live teaching environment. The tutor can teach through a chat window and a whiteboard with the help of graphic and designing tools. 

Subjects commonly taught on Tutorvista include:

  • Math
  • Biology
  • English
  • Essays
  • Chemistry
  • Physics

Features and Benefits

Tutorvista Scam

The claim that Tutorvista is a scam is not entirely accurate

They use marketing techniques to convince you to upsell after advertising-free courses which are uncommon in other online course platforms.  

Moreover, students have complained that some tutors drag lectures unnecessarily to force students to purchase more hours. Some tutors might unconsciously make small talk.

We believe this is not a part of a scam, however, we do condone such activities. 

Online Tutors

Tutorvista hires experts on the market to teach courses online. The tutors are required to have a graduate degree to be allowed to teach on the platform. 

Online Tutoring

An online tutor is much more efficient at dealing with a student’s personal requirements than a school or college teacher. 

Schools follow a standardized curriculum, while tutors on Tutorvista design personalized courses according to student requirements.

Employee Reviews

The Tutorvista employees have positive reviews regarding the platform. However, there are some complaints about lower pay.

Moreover, employees would like a more flexible schedule as well.

Employees have also complained about “lazy and rude students”.

We should point out that these issues are true of any online tutoring platform and not just for Tutorvista.


To become a tutor on Tutorvista, you need to have a Master’s degree and be fluent in the English language.

Moreover, you should have a computer with a good broadband connection and Microsoft Office should also be installed.

If you do not have a digital pen and pad then you should purchase one.

The schedule is not very flexible since Tutorvista is offered in different countries therefore you need to be available around tutoring hours.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Tutorvista

Tutorvista Cost 

Tutors can join Tutorvista free of any cost. It is just like getting hired for a job by a company for your service.

On the other hand, students are charged $4/hour to $18/hour according to the subjects and sessions they take.  

Tutorvista Payment 

There is not much information available on Tutorvista pay rates.

As a tutor on this platform, you should not expect to be paid a lot. Full-time tutors on this site who offer homework help among other helpful education services still get a minimum pay.

If a student pays $18/hour, which is the maximum price, and assuming that Tutorsvista cuts a significant amount for operational costs. Then you can expect to be paid $8/hour.

User Experience 

As the best-selling education company, you would expect a user-friendly website. However, this is not the case.

While the website can be accessed through a mobile device, tablet, or computer, it is rarely ever up and running. It can be extremely difficult to access the website.

Moreover, customers have complained about technical errors on the website due to which they cannot use their subscriptions. 

Students have also reported that the company does not reimburse or extend memberships either.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Tutorvista

What we likedWhat we didn’t like
Good tutors
Online academic assistance
Personalized teaching
Available across multiple platforms
Website is often unavailable even for paying students
Poor quality of education is surprising for such an expensive platform.

Social Proof

The employee experience is quite great on Tutorvista. They claim that the communication is good and colleagues are helpful as well. Moreover, employees receive tax depositions and payments in time. 

Tutors have reported that working on Tutorvista has proven to be a satisfying job because it is a very good platform for teaching. You can still get some flexibility as it is online and does not follow regular school hours.

Some of the comments we found online include


Tutorvista Review – Chegg (Recommendations)

#1: Best Online Tutoring – Chegg Review

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Formerly known as InstaEDU, Chegg Tutors instantly gained popularity among educators and students. 

InstaEDU was bought by Chegg Tutors back in 2014 and both the companies were combined.

This platform was designed to provide helpful tutoring services to students on any subject or topic mentioned. A student can choose a tutor through their tutor profiles and schedule a session.

Chegg tutors are a great work-from-home job and have a lot of benefits. As an online tutor, you can earn a lot more money as compared to other platforms.

To apply for Chegg Tutors, you have to:

  • Submit a summary about how you are qualified for the job
  • Select up to 40 subjects you would like to tutor for
  • Mention teaching experience (if any)
  • Keep your answer clear and concise
  • Mention SAT and ACT scores 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Chegg

Chegg Cost

As a tutor, you do not have to pay for any charges on Chegg Tutors. This is a job opportunity and you have to fulfill the requirements mentioned above to become a tutor. 

The company offers great benefits for this job. You only get one opportunity to apply for this job, therefore, sound as professional as possible.

Chegg Payment

A Chegg tutor earns $20/hour for teaching any subject online. This hourly rate is determined by the time you spend teaching a student or preparing lessons.

Even if you spend 5 minutes teaching, you will still be paid $1.67

Payment management involves PayPal. You will be paid at the end of every week on Thursday mornings

User Experience

Chegg is popular throughout the world. Therefore, to maintain its reputation, all features offered by this platform are exceptional.

The user interface is one of the many great things about Chegg. The UX Design team at Chegg manages the interface intuitively to ensure a good experience. 

What we likedWhat we didn’t like
$20 hourly payment rate
Easy approval
100% work-from-home job
Flexible schedule
Earn referral bonuses
Competition due to many tutors teaching a variety of subjects
Student feedback can dent ratings
No promotions

Best Online Tutoring

Chegg Tutors is a great job opportunity for educators to teach online. You can choose any subject you have the ability to teach. The hours are quite flexible and you can deal with sessions on your own terms.

#2: Best Online Teaching Job – Preply Review 

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Preply is one of the most popular online teaching websites. The great thing about Preply is that you get to create your own tutor profile.

This means that you fix your own payment rates and create your own lessons. Students interested in learning from you can contact you to schedule a session.

Preply is a popular company that hosts a lot of educators and students. There are more than 800,000 students currently studying with Preply.

Preply offers:

  • Smart Calendar
  • Convenient Payments
  • Support Community
  • Stream of new students regularly
  • Interactive classrooms
  • Training webinars

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Preply

Preply Cost

It is completely free to set up your tutor profile. You can teach students and access Preply’s materials and tools for zero charges. 

However, Preply does charge a commission for your session:

  • 100% commission for your first session with each student
  • 33% for subsequent sessions that can decrease down to 18%
  • A lower rate of commission will be charged if you put in more hours

Preply Payment

Depending on the hourly rate that you set, you can earn a lot of money. The highest-paid tutor on Preply earns $550 per week.

A tip for newly registered tutors is to set a lower pay rate to attract more customers. Once they have built a big enough audience, then they can set higher rates.

User Experience

Preply has an intuitive user interface. It offers the best features to both teachers and students. The interface is clean and runs smoothly. It allows educators to interact with learners easily.

What we likedWhat we didn’t like
Set your own pay rate
Flexible hours
Fast start-up
Quick rate of response
Support community
High commission rates
No payments upfront
Unreliable job security 

Best Online Teaching Job

Preply is a very helpful company that assists educators to earn money easily. You can set your own hourly pay rates and avail great benefits from this online job.

Tutorvista Reviews – Guide to Buy 

Tutorvista Reviews

As an online course creator, we advise you to look for online tutoring options as well. This job market consists of great opportunities and offers a lot of diversity. 

You can get students throughout the world to learn from you.

If you decide to explore this job opportunity, then you should consider the following factors:


Usually, tutoring platforms do not charge any fees for you to apply for teaching jobs. You will be required to fulfill the criteria to be allowed to teach on these platforms.

The best thing is to review policies regarding hiring and costs because you might be signing up for commissions.

For Example:

Preply charges commissions for every session you hold with a student. 


To ensure that you earn weekly or monthly, you should research the payment plans of tutoring platforms. Make sure that you get paid regularly for your services. 

Moreover, review the payment processor used by the website you want to choose. If they use a processor that cuts a significant amount as transaction charges then it would be better to search for an alternative.

User Experience

Remember that you have to manage and create lessons, manage students and your own profile.

Management of multiple resources on a website with a cluttered user interface will hinder a good experience with it. Make sure you find a platform that offers a clean interface where you can easily search for resources and manage your files.

We have created a VERY detailed guide for you in which we talk about every single thing you need to know about making money by creating, selling, and managing online courses.

Wrapping Things Up…

We are at the end of our Tutorvista Review. 

Tutorvista is a very helpful website that offers a variety of topics on any course subject required. These courses involve branches of English, Physics, Math, and languages. 

However, Tutorvista reviews do not compliment the website. It has a lot of technical issues and customers are not too satisfied with the company.

Therefore, we highly recommend Chegg Tutors. While it is expensive for students, it ensures quality and consistency in services. 

Let us know what you decide.