5 Differences Between UpWork and Fiverr – Detailed Breakdown, Tips, & More

UpWork and Fiverr are both at the forefront of the freelancing world. You can hire all sorts of services and individuals to do unique tasks at an affordable price. 

However, even with all the similarities, there are some key differences between the two platforms

In this post, we’ll reflect on these differences for you. 

Quick Summary

By the end of this post, we’ll discuss the following topics: 

  • 5 major differences between UpWork and Fiverr
  • Important FAQs and tips

Let’s jump right into it. 

5 Unique Differences Between UpWork and Fiverr

UpWork and Fiverr are quite common when you are looking for anything related to freelancing. Both provide different types of services around the world. 

But if you take a closer look, the platforms are quite different from each other. One is designed to benefit freelancers while the other is designed to assist buyers. 

Now, let’s check these differences in detail. 


The main difference between UpWork and Fiverr is the type of workflow. UpWork is designed for freelancers that are looking for long-term work. 

You can find various opportunities from companies and individuals that can turn into full-time jobs. On the other hand, Fiverr is quite the opposite. 


How is Fiverr’s workflow different?

Fiverr is designed to provide one-time services. It goes both ways. Even if you are a buyer or a service provider, most of the opportunities are only one-time transactions. 

This mainly comes down to the dynamic of each platform. UpWork helps you build your identity, whereas Fiverr is only designed to buy services. 

Verification Standards

When it comes to buying or selling on a freelancing platform, verification is a considerable standard. It helps you determine which individual is worth your money

UpWork has a strict system for verifying its service providers. You have to provide all your important credentials and wait a certain period before you are allowed on the platform

Verification Standards

Fiverr, on the other hand, doesn’t verify most of its service providers. This leaves a lot of room for scammers to thrive. 

How does that impact the buying/selling dynamic?

The verification process makes it quite easy for you to buy or sell a service on UpWork. Whereas, the entire process is ambiguous at best on Fiverr. 

As a buyer, you want to pay money for the services you list. Otherwise, every single penny is wasted on either low-quality work or no work at all. 


There is no doubt about Fiverr being a cheap platform for all sorts of services. You can list various services for as low as $5. 

Along with that, Fiverr also covers the buyer’s fee for people below a $40 purchase. This takes a lot of weight off your shoulders as a buyer and a seller. 

Moreover, as the price of your gig goes up, you are also paid extra by Fiverr. Currently, Fiverr pays 5% extra to every seller beyond the $40 mark. 


What about the pricing on UpWork?

On the other hand, if we take a look at UpWork’s pricing system, it is quite different. All most every fee is paid for by the freelancer themselves. 

In most cases, you’ll have to increase your buying prices to cover these fees. Ultimately, this will make it difficult for you to land buyers on the platform. 

On top of that, you aren’t paid by the platform if you land big projects. However, UpWork does deduct a 3% processing fee from buyers. 

Profile System

Next up on our list is the freelancer profiles. In terms of visible skills and other criteria, both platforms are similar. 

You can find applicable skills, reviews, ratings, previous projects/gigs, and certifications on a freelancer’s profile. However, it is the presentation that differs. 

How is the profile system different on UpWork and Fiverr?

Fiverr’s profile system is designed to give a quick outlook on the services a freelancer has to offer. Whereas, UpWork is designed to present a freelancer’s profile as a resume. 

Profile System

While it is good to have a detailed outlook of a freelancer’s skills and sample work, it can make the process just a bit tedious. 

You can easily go on Fiverr and search for a service and list it based on the ratings or reviews. Whereas on UpWork, you’ll have to scroll and check multiple pages. 

In a world where time is more valuable than money, this can change an interested party into a long-term buyer. 

Dispute System

Lastly, we have the dispute resolution system from both platforms. It is quite normal that a buyer and seller to get into an argument on a number of things. 

It can be the pricing or late delivery of a service. Both platforms have their own way to deal with such types of matters. 

Fiverr, on one hand, only provides one solution to this problem. If you are unhappy with a gig, it offers a reporting system. 

How does the report system work on Fiverr?

You can go to a freelancer’s profile and report their gig with the respective reason. It will issue a Report to the officials. 

The officials then decide whether the account is worthy of a warning or a refund to the buyer. This process takes a couple of days to complete. 

UpWork, on the other hand, has a dedicated dispute specialist for this purpose. You can report the matter on their platform and it will issue an oversight. 

Dispute System

How does UpWork handle reports about freelancers?

In most cases, the dispute specialist will refund the money and bind the buyers to not use the provided service in any shape or form. 

However, if a resolution is not determined, the buyers are allowed to take legal action as per UpWork’s terms of service. 

Important Tips to Keep in Mind

Following are some essential tips you must always keep in mind. Let’s check them out.

  • Keep an eye out for reviews. They are a clear reflection of the freelancer. In most cases, it can help you determine whether a person is worth your time or not. 
  • Always convey your demands clearly. This will clarify the demands from both ends and create a path for a smooth transaction for both parties. 
  • Ask around. It is crucial that you ask other people before you list a freelancer for work. You can find a lot of help on forums like Reddit or Quora. 

Wrapping Things Up…

This brings us to the finish line of our post on 5 Differences Between UpWork and Fiverr. We hope you can use this information to your advantage. 

UpWork and Fiverr are both designed to promote freelancers. While Fiverr is made for fast-track transactions for buyers and freelancers, UpWork is made for long-term solutions. 

Tell us what you think in the comments below.