6 Key Platforms for Web Development Courses – Detailed Guide, Pros, Cons, & More

Web development is one of the most used skills in the current digital landscape. You can learn app development, web maintenance, and numerous other skills.

However, it can be a time-consuming task to find the right platform to learn these skills. This is why in today’s post, we’ll focus on some viable platforms for web development courses. 

Quick Summary

Today’s post will cover the following topics:

  • 6 platforms for web development courses
  • Essential FAQs

Without further delay, let’s get started. 

6 Main Platforms for Web Development Courses 

While the web development field pays generously, it can be hard to find the entry point as a beginner. This is mainly because this field requires specific skills.

To learn these skills, you need a platform with the right courses. Now, let’s check out these platforms in detail and learn about their various features. 


First platform on our list is Microverse. We picked it because it is a beginner-friendly platform that provides multiple practical, entry-level courses. 

You can find courses that focus on various fields of web development. It helps you learn about online web apps, pages, website development, and much more. 

Do I need a membership for Microverse?

Unlike other online platforms, Microverse only requires an initial membership on sign-up. After that, you don’t have to pay any amount.


We found that the membership fee is $250, and it enables you to access every course free of cost. Moreover, Microverse doesn’t charge you any money until you land a job. 

How do I manage courses on Microverse?

You can simply search for a course related to your niche and add it to your library. Once it is in your library, you can either access it through the browser or download it on your desktop. 

Furthermore, every course has a progress timeline. You can track your completion progress with its help. 


Next platform on our list is Codenga. This platform is mostly related to coding courses, but we found multiple entry-level web development courses on it. 

You can learn HTML and CSS from scratch and go all the way up to the master level. Furthermore, you can also find various assignments and exercises related to HTML and CSS. 

Is Codenga expensive?

There are two ways to access courses available at Codenga. You can either become a member or pay for individual courses. 


While both ways are viable, members get special discounts on multiple courses. However, you have to pay an extra member’s fee at sign-up. 

How many web development courses are available at Codenga?

We found 8 main courses related to HTML and CSS. HTML has two introductory courses and 2 expert-level courses. 

On the other hand, Codenga has 3 basic courses for CSS and 1 course related to exercises. You can also find multiple short courses related to HTML and CSS. 

Envato Market

For our next pick, we chose Envato Market. This platform is quite unique in terms of the courses it has to offer. 

Unlike other platforms, you can find various courses that are only 15-30 minutes long. This helps you develop various skills in no time at all. 

What is the pattern of courses available on Envato Market?

We found that most of the courses are designed in the form of guides and tutorials. Every single course has a text and visual guide with it. 


Moreover, you can also contact the course provider directly for any queries. This helps you eliminate any confusion related to the visual guide. 

Are courses at Envato Market cheap?

We must also mention that the majority of the courses at Envato Market are quite cheap. The most expensive course we could find is priced at $80. 

Moreover, these courses are available for download in multiple formats. You can get the text guide in pdf format and the visual guide in MP4 format. 


For the next platform, we have Coursera. It provides various skill-based courses that are designed to help you professionally. 

You can learn multiple skills that are currently in demand. Moreover, these courses come with an acclaimed certification. 

Are Coursera courses cheap?

We noticed that Coursera offers a mix of free and paid courses. The difference is that the free courses do not have a certification attached to them. 


On the other hand, paid courses are developed and taught by industry professionals. They fall between the $100 to $500 price range. 

How do I manage multiple courses on Coursera?

Another major benefit of Coursera is the management of courses. You can use their in-house portal to keep track of multiple courses at once. 

Moreover, you can also separate your courses that are completed. This enables you to keep your active courses ready for access. 


Next up we have Udemy. We picked this platform because every single course on this platform is provided by an industry professional with a decorated background. 

This helps you learn various industry-demanded skills with deep insight. On top of that, these courses also feature various exercises and workshops. 

Are Udemy courses affordable?

While the Udemy courses are highly exclusive, you have to pay a substantial amount for them. Most of these courses are over the $500 price range. 


The reason why these courses are so expensive is the certification. You are provided with an industry-acclaimed certification for professional benefits. 

How do I access courses at Udemy?

You can access the courses at Udemy by simply creating an account. Once you create an account, the platform enables you to explore various courses and preview them. 

This helps you determine whether a course is suitable for you or not beforehand. You can save time and money with this feature. 

Code Academy

Last, we have Code Academy on our list. We picked this platform because it provides expert-level backend courses for web development. 

These courses mainly focus on the coding aspect of websites, apps, and web pages. Moreover, we also noticed that these courses are concise and practical. 

code academy

Do I get certifications for Code Academy courses?

We found that almost every single course on Code Academy has a certification with it. You can even get certifications for beginner-level courses. 

This help you expand your professional portfolio. Moreover, it enables you to find jobs easily in the corporate sector. 

Wrapping Things Up…

With this, we come to the finish line of our post on 6 Key Platforms for Web Development Courses. We hope this information proves to be useful for you. 

While it is to find web development courses, the right platform can help you in the long term. You can polish your skills and further improve with the help of courses provided by industry professionals. 

What platform do you use for learning web development? Let us know in the comments below.