What is a Click Funnel and Should You Use It? Full Breakdown

As an online course creator, you might come across the concept of a click funnel when you try to promote your content. But what exactly is it?

In this article, we will explain in detail what a click funnel is and how it works for online course creators like you.

Quick Summary

Along with the basics of click funnels, we will discuss the following topics as well.

  • How can you benefit from the click funnel sales process?
  • Why is it important to use a marketing funnel like click funnels?
  • Lead generation and funnel marketing.
  • How to make an effective sales funnel?
  • Best sales funnel software available in the market.

Let’s get into it.

What Is A Click Funnel?

In order to run a successful online business, like course selling, you need multiple tools. One of these tools is a click funnel. 

A click funnel is a part of a bigger sales funnel that acts as a step-by-step guide for customers. If you develop your own sales funnels, you might have come across them in your drag and drop editor.

It is important to note that Click Funnel is a marketing technique and not a product/service. There is a similar funnel builder by the name of ClickFunnels. It is a marketing tool that uses techniques like sales funnels and click-funnels to maximize sales.

What is an example of a click funnel?

Let’s say, you sign up for a weight gain program on a website. You select your desired program and proceed to checkout.

Along the way, through multiple marketing processes, the website offers you additional products to help your program. Ever wondered why it is like that?

That is a click funnel. It acts as your guide to refer more products to assist the program of your choice. However, it is your own personal preference to buy them or not.

It serves the final goal of increasing your online sales. In the Sales and Marketing world, everything depends on how much you can push a customer toward buying your products.

Because ultimately, you want to maximize your sales and compete with other online businesses. Otherwise, you’ll be left behind by your direct competitors.

Click Funnel and Landing Pages

what is a click funnel

Landing pages and click funnels are both designed to accommodate your sales process. However, they are quite different in their procedure.

A landing page takes a lead to one specific page embedded with your product or service. Whereas a click funnel is quite versatile. You can use present potential customers with different services and products depending on what part they are exploring on your site.

What is better for online course selling, Landing pages, or Click funnel?

Over the last couple of years, deep funnel strategies have tested sales funnels with landing pages and click funnels.

Both approaches have shown promising results. But when it comes to potential customers and turning them into permanent customers, the click funnel approach has always stood out.

When you create sales funnels, you choose your own funnel elements. One of these elements is how your presentation of other products or services.

The Click Funnel approach is quite efficient in that. You can use it with all sorts of sales funnel templates.

On the other hand, if you wish to go for the landing page approach. Your sales funnels have to be in a lead magnet funnel design. Otherwise, the landing page is not going to work at all.

What is the opinion of experts on this matter? 

Across multiple services online, professionals and experts always prefer the sales funnel builder with click funnel option.

Landing pages are specifically designed to promote a single aspect of your business. For example, you are advertising a course on your website.

If you use a landing page, the lead from that advertisement will only get to see that single course. But with the help of the click funnel approach, you can also refer to similar courses. 

But what if customers don’t buy the products presented via a click funnel?

As an online business, you have to present your products first. Buying or not buying comes at a later stage. 

If you don’t advertise or present your products in the first place, the leads that come to your website won’t even know about them.

Let’s say you present your products via a click funnel and they choose not to buy them.

In such a case, it is still beneficial to you as an online course seller. Why is it so?

Because at the very least, your leads will have the information about the availability of a course on your website. 

So, further down the line if they need a course like that, they will come to your platform first instead of searching around on the internet.

What is more beneficial in the longer run, a landing page or a click funnel approach?

Digital marketing is the foundation of every online business. How you present your products to new customers can go a long way in developing a permanent customer base.

A lot of conversion tracking strategies have shown that in order to make more money, you have to use a click funnel approach. 

It is a slow and gradual process but provides online businesses like yours with a permanent customer base.

All the lead capture funnels available in the market use the click funnel approach.

What is the difference between Click Funnel and ClickFunnels?

There is a common misconception between click funnel and ClickFunnels in the marketing sector.

This is mainly due to the similarity between the names. Click funnel is a marketing approach while ClickFunnels is a funnel editor and allows you to build sales funnels.

You can build your own funnels using ClickFunels’ funnel builder with just a few clicks. Among other marketing tools, ClickFunnels is the most beginner-friendly.

But how do I use click funnel with ClickFunnels?

It is easier than you think. When you are using a sales funnel builder, it allows you to set up your funnel step by step. 

One of these steps includes the option to choose a click funnel or a landing page for your product promotion.

You can simply just opt for the click funnel approach and it will allow you to add further elements to your sales funnel.

Let’s look at the benefits of the Click Funnel approach in detail.

Benefits of using Click Funnel in your Sales Funnel

As a modern approach to maximize the amount of money online, a click funnel comes with a bunch of other benefits.

Some of these benefits are given below.

Sales Automation

In the sales and marketing sector, automation is highly preferred for any and every online business. Why is that?

Because in order to manually handle all the leads and promote your product or service takes a lot of labor and time.

How does automation help me as an online course seller?

The time and labor you’d otherwise spend on monitoring new leads can be used somewhere else to improve your business outlook.

But how does Click Funnel help in the automation process?

As we have already mentioned, click funnels are designed to automatically show your site visitors new and related products/services.

This removes the headache of separately advertising your lesser/new products or services. 

Hence, saving your time and other resources for better use.

Click Funnel is often referred to as an invisible funnel. Since most of its work is done in a passive way compared to an active marketing or sales funnel.
The click funnel approach is also a crucial part of funnel hacking.

Product UpSell

Product upsell is always good from whatever way you can achieve it. It ultimately increases your sales and improves the outlook of your business.

A lot of split testing results have shown that the click funnel approach increases the sales of lesser products by 15% on average.
That is 15% more sales that you wouldn’t be able to achieve otherwise.

How does it increase product upsell for an online course creator?

Let’s take an example for it. Say you have a course on your website regarding a difficult topic. You also have some prerequisite courses that can help your site visitors with that topic.

So, if you use a click funnel, you can easily place those courses along with that difficult topic. Hence, increasing the sales for both products.

Should I use this approach for every product? 

While building sales funnels, you have to be careful about using this approach. Click funnel works best when you have a similar product or service that can benefit the main thing a customer is trying to buy.

For example, you have a couple of courses that are similar to each other but are written by different authors. You can advertise them along with your main seller.

Customer Guidance

In the Sales and Marketing sector, a lot of people build follow-up funnels to make sure that the customer stays on their website. 

What is a follow-up funnel?

A follow-up funnel acts as a guide for a customer that decides to buy or not buy your product. It is quite similar to a split test, what happens if a customer goes one way or the other.

For example, if a customer chooses to buy the product, the site guides them to the information filling section. If the customer decides to not buy the product, the site guides them to other products.

How does click funnel help me with this?

A click funnel removes the necessity for a click funnel. It acts as a bridge funnel between your main and secondary products.

You don’t have to use a separate funnel or an email marketing tool to guide the site visitors around your different products.

You can easily integrate other products with the main sales page as well. This reduces the use of resources on different pages and funnels.

When you make your own sales funnel, be sure to test out the click funnels you are using. Otherwise, they can create a lot of bugs in practice.
This will put a bad reputation on your brand.

Now let’s take a look at one of the leading tools you can use to create click funnels of your own.

ClickFunnels Sales Funnel Builder

what is a click funnel

As we mentioned earlier in this article, ClickFunnels is a marketing automation software that allows you to make all sorts of funnels.

These funnels include different types of survey funnel, event funnels, funnel hacking, membership funnels, and sales funnels.

Besides that ClickFunnels comes with a share funnel feature that allows you to import and share funnel URLs between people. Such a feature is quite handy for a business like online course selling.

How do I use ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is very straightforward and easy-to-use software. You can build any funnel from scratch. Furthermore, it comes with a detailed dashboard and a built-in analytics tool.

The software is also beginner-friendly. It guides you and tells you what to do as you build your sales page.

It also shows the competitor funnel elements that other leading businesses are using to maximize their overall revenue. 

What are the features of ClickFunnels?

Following are some of the main benefits you can get by using ClickFunnels funnel builder. 

  • Detailed dashboard for all sorts of funnel building.
  • Versatile designs and pre-made templates.
  • Hassle-free editing.
  • Split testing for every single page.
  • ClickFunnels Affiliate Program
  • Unlimited funnels.
  • In-house training programs and boot camps.
  • Automated sales page and PayPal integration.

What is the ClickFunnels Affiliate program?

ClickFunnels has its own affiliate program that allows you to earn extra money by marketing and referring their products/services to other people. 

It is highly beneficial if you are trying to cover some expenses and get a passive source of income.

The affiliate system works on lead generation and how well you can market a product or service.

Now that we have explained everything there is to know about the Click Funnel Approach, let’s see if you should use it or not.

While creating and selling online courses can be very profitable, it’s not easy. Take a look at our guide to help you go through each step.

Should you use the Click Funnel approach?

This question is currently being asked by every up-and-coming business online. A lot of successful businesses have already switched from the landing page approach to Click Funnels.

But there is one thing you need to be highly cautious about. Even though Click Funnel has proved to be a high sales turnout technique, there are still some parameters for it.

What are the parameters for using the Click Funnel approach?

A landing page, at its core, is designed for small businesses with a handful of products. Click Funnel on the other hand is made to incorporate a large number of products.

You should analyze and determine how many products you can advertise along with your main seller. 

If you use Click Funnel with every single product, you will run out of products to advertise very soon.

Another thing you need to look out for is the synergy between your products. 

Why is synergy important?

The main reason businesses use Click Funnel is to promote their products with a lot of similarities. 

If you try and promote products with different uses or nature, your customers will most likely ignore them and you won’t be able to get the desired sales. 

This is a common mistake made by beginners while creating their sales funnel. You should not use the click funnel approach at all if your products have no similarities.
The landing page approach is preferred in such conditions.

So, should you use the Click Funnel technique?

Yes, absolutely. A lot of experts prefer the use of a click funnel once your business reaches a certain size.

It is good practice to start from a landing page and then move towards the click funnel area once you have more than 15 courses on your website.

This will allow you to optimize your sales funnel and further increase your sales.

Now, let’s take a look at some frequently asked questions from around the web.

After reviewing the best funnel builder software available on the market, our team created the perfect guide for you to decide which funnel builder to choose for your online business. CLICK HERE to take a look at it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Funnel Hacking?

A funnel hack is a technique through which you monitor your competitor’s sales and try to reenact them with your business model. It is another way to make more money while keeping your business in its original shape.

When should I start funnel hacking?

A lot of experts suggest that funnel hacking is only beneficial when you have stable and linear sales. Otherwise, you won’t be able to optimize it to your benefit.

When is the landing page approach preferred?

You can use the landing pages when your site has 15 or fewer products. This way you can make an individual image around each product instead of linking them with each other.

Which funnel builder should I use?

There are multiple options available on the market which include ClickFunnels, LeadPages, Kartra Funnel Builder, and GetResponse Funnel Builder. All of these have unique features and can provide a lot for your business.

Final Thoughts

This brings us to the end of our article on Click Funnel and whether you should use it or not. 

Click Funnel allows you to advertise your similar products while using minimum resources and manpower. It will also help you to optimize your business model as a whole and increase your sales in a gradual fashion.

We hope this article proves to be beneficial for you and allows you to make an informed decision about your business plan.

Do let us know what you think about Click Funnel as a marketing tool.