What Comes After the Seed Launch of an Online Course? – In-Depth Guide with Tips, FAQs & More

Seed launching can really help you familiarize your product with the target audience as well as help refine your online course. 

That being said, this can only be done when you know how to analyze the results and figures following your seed launch. 

In this post, we’ll detail how you can judge the results that arise from seed launching your online course and what actions you can take to make your online course more effective. 

Analyzing Feedback from Participants 

If you followed our post regarding how to conduct a seed launch, you will have added feedback forms at the end of each lesson within your online course. 

As a result of this, you’ll now have access to a large number of feedback from participants from different backgrounds and experience levels. 

Before you start to take action on the feedback provided to you, it’s important that you classify it effectively. 

As you may already know, you’re not going to take action on every piece of feedback that you get. Sometimes, the feedback you get may not be very helpful when it comes to improving your online course. 

Thus, it’s important that you classify helpful and non-helpful feedback before making any changes to your online course. 

Start by populating a list of all the helpful feedback you’ve received that you intend to take action on. 

Once you’ve gone through the list of all feedback and populated the list of effective feedback, you can begin taking action according to the latter. 

Making Changes According to Feedback 

Once you have a list of effective feedback, you can start making changes to your online course accordingly. 

Some changes may be simpler than others but it’s important that you don’t miss out on anything because otherwise, the seed launch would’ve been for nothing. 

Getting feedback from others especially related to audio and video content is crucial. 

An example of this is because when it comes to auditory content, you can’t objectively tell whether your words are clear and legible or not because you will have most likely heard the recordings a million times. 

Making somebody else listen to it can really put things into perspective and give a clear answer as to whether or not your audio content is acceptable or not. 

Making changes to auditory content can be difficult but to make it as easy as possible, you should only record the single sentence where the problem arises and insert it into the existing audio file using an audio editing tool. 

You can similarly make changes to video content by inserting a small clip into the existing video where the problem occurred. 

Making changes to written content is fairly simple and you can do that just with the press of a few buttons. 

Analyzing Metrics from Your Seed Launch 

Another important thing that many new online course creators skip when it comes to conducting seed launches, is to analyze how their seed launch performed among audiences. 

For example:
If you chose to promote your seed launch through social media as well as through an email marketing strategy, it’s a good idea to check how many participants you got from each avenue. 

This may give you some insight into which strategy is more effective for your particular type of online course when it comes to gathering an audience. 

The great thing about seed launches is that they can give you important clues into what works for your particular product so that you can implement that same strategy at a larger scale when you properly launch your online course. 

So, if you found that you got a much better reception from social media rather than from email marketing, then it can be a good idea to allocate more budget towards social media ads during the marketing phase. 

Product launch tools can be very difficult to choose from since there are a large number of tools available that cater to different types of marketing strategies and tactics. We have compiled a guide for you to make this process easier.

Developing Your Marketing Strategy Using the Seed Launch

After your seed launch, you will most likely make some changes to your online course depending on the feedback that you’ve received. 

After that, you’re pretty much ready to publish the course and with that, you’ll have to start work on its marketing and promotion online. 

You can think of seed launching as a test run for your actual marketing efforts as you’ll have to employ marketing strategies during it at a smaller scale. 

Thus, when you seed launch an online course, it’s important to take notes and ensure to learn from any mistakes you make so they don’t happen during the actual marketing of your online course. 

For example:
If during seed launching, you run social media ads that didn’t gather much traffic because they didn’t have pictures or incentives to attract customers. Take note of this and ensure you don’t repeat it during actual marketing efforts. 

Maintaining Authority and Relationships After the Seed Launch

One of the benefits of a seed launch is that it helps you nurture relationships with possible future customers and also, helps you build some authority and prominence within your niche’s online community. 

After the seed launch, it’s important that you maintain that prominence and ride that wave of popularity until your online course is adjusted according to feedback and fully launched. 

You need to stay prominent.

Always keep in mind that people on the internet have very short memories. It’s important that you keep engaging with your niche’s online community through social media and emails in order to maintain your relevance before your online course is released. 

If you manage to successfully stay prominent until your online course is launched, people will be much more likely to buy from you as they’ll remember the value you offered them before (and most likely, will offer again). 

Getting into the online course business can be daunting. Therefore, we have compiled a complete step-by-step guide for you to follow and make the best of your business. 

seed launch

Wrapping Things Up… 

Many online course creators skip seed launches entirely and even those who don’t tend to not use it to their benefit properly. 

There are many things to take note of and act upon after you seed launch your product so that you can use it to its fullest potential. 

If you follow the steps outlined above after you seed launch your online course, you will be left with a product that’s highly refined and ready to be sold. 

Let us know in the comments what your routine is after you seed launch your online course.