Zoho vs G Suite – Which is Better? In-Depth Comparison & More

If you are looking for a collaborative and productive software suite, G suite and Zoho are the best in the market. 

Zoho Workplace and Google Workspace provide quality features including email bundles, chat support, document management, and calendar management.

Since G Suite and Zoho both provide similar features, we have done the hard bit and researched both products extensively for you. This guide will discuss which of the two is the best fit for your online business. 

FeaturesZoho MailG Suite
Business Apps Zoho offers business apps including Sheets, Workdrive, Mail, meeting, and ConnectGoogle workspace offers apps including Gmail, Chat, Sheets, Cloud search, Vault, and App scripts.
Customer SupportThey offer self-service, knowledge-based ticketing. They offer training certificates, support forums, and 24/7 customer support through various channels. 
Security Two-factor authentication and encryption for mail and storage.G suite instantly notifies you in case of suspicious activity. 

If you want to learn the main differences between G Suite and Zoho, then look no further as this guide will give you all the necessary information you need. Let’s discuss their similarities and differences in detail. 

 ZOHO Review – Best Customer Support Software:

Choose Zoho Workplace

If you are looking for customer relation management (CRM) software, ZOHO is probably the best in the business. 

Their software allows you to generate leads and effectively engage with your customers. Their easy-to-use cloud-based application allows you to manage your customer relationships without any hassle and clunky hardware stored locally. 

Moreover, ZOHO allows you to monitor your sales and marketing techniques under one platform.

Features of ZOHO:

  • Allows business companies to generate sales
  • Acts as a common platform between stakeholders
  • Enables you to create quick market surveys
  • Allows sales and marketing automation
  • Protects customer’s privacy
  • High-end office productivity suite
Pros Cons
Allows you to convert more leads 

Helps you engage with your customers 

Affordable Video conferencing

Easy to use 
Zoho requires a lot of customization before you get started.

Benefits of Zoho

Customer Engagement

For an online course creation business, it is crucial to understand your target market and connect with them. 

Zoho allows you to engage with your customers through various channels. You can easily reach out to users through phone, email, and live chats. 

Instant Alerts

Moreover, Zoho will notify you instantly when users engage with your online websites. The application will keep track of the level of traffic your online website generates and aid you in finding new domains for your course creation business.  

Zoho Analytics

You can also manage your sales performance based on geographical distribution. We found this feature to be very useful in identifying and keeping track of your current performance. 

Zoho generates reports based on what your users are looking for. The application distributes content based on the number of searches for a particular topic. 

Identify Growth Opportunities

Through our tests, we discovered that Zoho has the ability to automatically make future predictions and identify potential growth opportunities. 

While this system is by no means perfect, it may help you stay ahead of the competition. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Zoho

Auto Lead Generation 

Zoho helps you identify information that could help boost your CRM data. This feature is very helpful in identifying leads in advance. You could possibly close more deals by finding appropriate domains.

The application also enables your website to capture leads from a number of landing pages including WordPress, Unbounce, and Joomla.

The best bit about this is that it is all possible without having to write a single line of code.

Intelligent Alerts

By syncing your calendar with Zoho, the application will instantly send you task reminders and help you manage your missed emails

As if this wasn’t enough, you will receive instant alerts in case of any sort of breach. If the application recognizes an attempt from a third-party address, you will instantly be sent an alert.

After speaking with other industry experts we recognized that it is incredibly convenient if you manage multiple projects at once. The software gives you effective methods to carry out more than one task effectively thus increasing efficiency. 

Social Media Monitoring

Zoho Site24x7 gives you a detailed insight into the user experience by enabling you to collect instant feedback from your customers. 

The application closely monitors what users are searching for on your website, allowing you to generate leads that are not in your CRM.  

Once you have downloaded the Zoho Site 24×7, the app will monitor your user activity, downtime, and other linked applications. 

Build Strong Customer Relations

Through this software, you can attain real-time information about your potential buyers. You can also contact them through various channels and build long-term relationships. This is crucial for your business as it increases the profitability and the number of loyal customers.

By engaging with your customers through Zoho, you will receive instant feedback about the issues your users are facing. Resolving these issues will improve the features of your website and allow your customers to feel that their opinion is valued.

Customized Email Solution 

Zoho’s customization tools allow you to personalize your emails based on your preferences. The software also helps with this personalization by recommending successful strategies to engage with your customers. 

You can easily create an email template and use it for your website. With the help of their customizable feature, this template can then be easily modified whenever you want to. 

What Do the Customers Think?

social proof
zoho social proof

Countless user reviews claim the same thing. Zoho provides all the quality features they need at an affordable price. The software provides great value for your money as it delivers more than what it claims to. 

The best part is you can easily secure your web page by adding two-factor authentication and protect your website from hackers. 

Whilst the software may seem daunting, Zoho has excellent customer service. They are quick to identify the problems of the users and provide instant solutions to their problems. You can easily contact them through several channels. Zoho’s helpline was always quick to respond to your problems and help us out during testing. 

Furthermore, users claim that Zoho CRM is highly customizable. This allows customers to modify their business plans.  

Not just that, Zoho offers a flexible package as it allows you to modify your email templates. 

The Best Customer Support Software

The best customer support software is Zoho because of its affordable price. The company allows you to modify your Zoho mail without being heavy on your wallet. Moreover, Zoho mail allows you to stay in contact with your customers and helps you build strong long-term relations. 

G Suite Review – Fast and Efficient: 

Best productivity apps for your enterprise plan

G suite is an intelligent software package created by Google. These allow you to effectively communicate with your potential buyers. G suite helps provide collaborative tools that could help you run your business smoothly. 

You will be given complete access to Gmail accounts and other office products. 

These business apps comprise a number of different tools including Google Docs, Sheets, Forms, and Slides. 

Features of G Suite:

  • Gmails allows you to engage with your potential customer, 
  • Cloud productivity suite helps you share files easily
  • Google Docs provides collaboration tools
  • G suite helps you to manage data security 
  • Variety of google apps including google docs
  • G Suite offers video call functionality
Pros Cons
Highly affordable

Allows you to keep track of your apps

Effective security 

Unlimited cloud storage

Google offers instant file sharing

Web conferencing
G Suite does not have project management

Benefits of G Suite


G suite is ideal if you want to engage with your customers. You can easily customize your own website domain through Google Workshop based on your preference. 

Unlimited Storage

Moreover, you will get unlimited storage through Google Drive. If you run an online business, you will need a lot of storage to store your data. With G Suite’s unlimited storage feature, you can easily store your online customer information, content files, video, and audio recordings as well. 

Video Conferencing

Unlike other web hosting pages, the G suite allows you to video conference through Meet Video. You can easily chat, voice call or video call your clients if you want to speak to them.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy G Suite

Uptime and Maintenance 

You will be glad to know that G suite rarely ever has any downtime. Moreover, it is extremely unlikely that your web host will shut down due to maintenance issues. 

G suite Alerts 

The integrated app system will instantly notify you in case of any sort of third-party interference. Moreover, if you sync G Suite with your calendar, you will be notified about any upcoming event instantly. 

Social Media Tools 

You will be able to connect with other apps through the G suite app integration feature. This will allow you to create documents, access cloud storage, and secure your data at the same time. 

Personalized Templates

By selecting a premade template and personalizing it according to your requirement, you could save yourself a lot of time and money. Moreover, you can easily choose a domain name for your blog and customize it as well. 

Customer Relations

You can easily contact G suite for help through various channels including telephone, live, chat, and even email. They will instantly respond to your request and provide a solution to your problem.

What Do the Customers Think?

g suite social proof
socal proof

Customers who use G Suite are extremely satisfied with their experience. Users found it incredibly easy to use and have found it to be the perfect web host for their business. 

G Suite gives you the freedom of customizing email templates. This allows users to modify themes according to their preferences. 

Furthermore, customers claimed that G Suite is extremely affordable. They were extremely satisfied with the features that were provided and this value for money is something we can verify. 

The Best Efficient Website Planner

The best efficient website planner is the G suite because of its easy-to-use features. G Suite gives you an unlimited storage folder sharing facility. This means you can easily share documents without worry about storage space running out. 

There are other services like Filemail, Socialdrift, and Sidekick for you to look at before making the final decision.

Zoho Vs G suite – Buyers’ Guide

buyer's guide


It is important that you consider software that is affordable. This will help you manage your budget, especially if you are starting new. 

Zoho workplace offers packages starting from $2 per month. Whereas, Google Workspace offers monthly packages starting from $6. Moreover, Both Zoho and G suite offer a wide range of features for larger organizations at an affordable range.


It is crucial that your web provider allows you to secure your content. This will prevent hackers from stealing your work. This is also critical to help build trust between your customers and your company. Both Zoho and G suite businesses provide security controls over your documents.

For both Zoho and G Suite, you can enable the alert system, which will instantly notify you in case of third-party fraudulent activity. 

Document Management 

If you are debating between G suite vs Zoho, which gives better documentation, you would be pleased to know that both g suite and Zoho give workplace efficiency. 

You can build your account with a professional email address for Zoho and G Suite with your own domain. This is essential for larger companies and credibility. 


It is important that you estimate how much file storage space you get with each package. Google Drive gives you enough cloud storage for your office. However, for large enterprises, you may be required to purchase more storage. For most business owners this will not be the case.

You can always purchase more storage in case you feel you need more for your website. 

Customer Engagement 

Your email management provider should enable you to keep in contact with your users. Modern providers often offer further communication methods bundled with their email software. This will help you build trust and create brand-loyal customers for the long term. For many businesses, this is crucial as it increases their sales and boosts their revenue. 

Google hangouts enable you to make audio calls and video conferencing. Whereas, Zoho enables you to video conference with up to 3 individuals only. 

Customer service

You should consider a service provider with a high-end user-friendly experience. This could help get real-time information on how to fix your problems. You should be able to contact the customer help team for technical support.

Both Zoho and G suite have an excellent customer support program. You can easily contact their team for any sort of information.

Not just that, you can reach out to them through various channels including live chat, phone, and email. 

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Final Verdict

The debate between G suite Vs Zoho is endless since they both provide sophisticated and professional features for your business, which is why it is difficult to pick a clear front runner. 

Where Zoho workplace is comparatively more affordable, G Suite offers a wide range of Google apps that are beneficial for your business. 

Read the guide carefully, it will help you understand which of the two you should choose based upon the nature of your business.