Zoom vs Facetime – What’s the Difference & Which is Better?

For an online course provider, picking the best conferencing software is crucial if you want to convert your audience. 

Zoom works great for online classes since it enables you to reach out to a wide population. Whereas, Facetime comes with your Apple device and is completely free. 

Through this guide, we will conduct a complete comparison between Zoom and Facetime in terms of which one is:

  • More affordable, 
  • More user-friendly
  • Better for audience conversion

So, let’s get into it. 

FeaturesZoom Facetime 
Device Compatibility You can access Zoom through various platforms without any inconvenience.  Facetime can only be accessed through Apple devices. 
Price Zoom has a free version that lets you make unlimited one-on-one calls. However, their paid version starts from $14.99.For Apple users, Facetime is completely free. 
App integrationZoom is integrable with a wide range of applications.You can only integrate Facetime with Siri to automate video/audio scheduling.

If you are confused about which conferencing software is best for you, read our in-depth Zoom vs Facetime guide to help you make an informed decision. 

Zoom Review – Convenient and Easy to Use 

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If you want to convert one-time visitors into a full-time audience for your online content creation business, it is important to build trust and keep your audience engaged. 

Audience Engagement

Zoom offers a wide range of features that include video calling, screen sharing, and live chats to enhance audience engagement.

Budget Friendly

In case you are on a strict budget, you can continue to avail of their free version and create online meetings with up to 100 participants. 

Download it to Your Device

You can download the Zoom application to any device and create an online webinar to interact with your customers. 

Features of Zoom 

  • You can password-protect each Zoom meeting 
  • Zoom has a browser extension feature for easy access to the software 
  • Great compatibility with other servers 
  • You can invite students from anywhere in the world through a single link 
  • Easy collaboration with whiteboards, breakrooms, and chats
Pros Cons
Provides all-around control

Extremely affordable

 Has a free version 


 Integrable with several other softwares 
You have to sign up to avail of their services 

Benefits of Zoom 

It is crucial for online course creators to select software that enables them to reach out to as many potential customers as possible. This increases the number of audiences that convert for their online business. 

Zoom is available for students around the world. It is well-known and accessible to students, teachers, and course providers. 

Once you identify your target market, by simply sharing a link, you can make your online courses available to interested users across the globe. 

Moreover, through Zoom, you can communicate with your users through several communication channels. These include private chats within Zoom classrooms, audio, and video calls. 

You can also increase audience engagement by allowing your participants to screen share and give their ideas through screen sharing directly through Zoom calls.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Zoom 

Automatic Voice Detection 

Probably the most dynamic feature of Zoom is that the software automatically detects the participant’s voice and displays their profiles on the front screen. This ensures that participants are well aware of who spoke during the online conference.  

Large Meeting Add-On Feature

Once you avail of Zoom’s large meeting add-on, the admin can add up to 1000 participants in a single Zoom call. However, you will have to purchase this feature monthly if you want to continue to use it. 

Zoom Scheduling  

If you want to plan your conferences ahead of time, the Zoom scheduling features enable you to create meetings and schedule them through your calendar. 

Screen Sharing

Online creators can share their entire screen or even individual applications during a video call. Zoom also allows attendees to share their screens at any time of the video conference. The host can restrict the screen sharing feature as well. 

Device Compatibility 

You can easily perform video calls through your IOs or Android device. Zoom has a  Cross-Platform feature that makes video conferencing easy through Windows, Linux, Apple Ecosystem, and Android.  


In case you record your meetings, you can upload them to Blackboard Learn, OneDrive, Youtube,  Box, or to your personal drive. Zoom also backs up to cloud storage, which means you won’t have to worry about your space running out. 

What Do the Customers Think?

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Zoom has satisfied customers around the world. Our team reviewed several customer responses to understand the features users are most satisfied with. 

Manage Your Content

We noticed that content creators were extremely satisfied with the amount of control Zoom gave to the Hosts. They can mute participants, allow them to share screens, or remove spam accounts at any time of the meeting. 


Not just this, users claimed that Zoom’s advanced features also come at an affordable price. For content creators who just started their business, Zoom offers budget-friendly bundles. However, most of them continued to use Zoom’s free version since it allows them to conduct meetings for up to 40 minutes. 

Schedule Ahead of Time

Moreover, customers were also satisfied with the plugin scheduling options. This allowed users to plan ahead of their time and schedule meetings in advance.

Best user-friendly and convenient software 

The best user-friendly and convenient software is Zoom because it allows you to create zoom meetings through various devices. Moreover, their free version allows you to conduct personal or business meetings for up to 40 minutes. 

Facetime Review – Best Video Calling App for iOS

iphone apps

If you own an Apple device, you can easily interact with other Apple users through audio and video calls. 

You can easily access your student list through your contacts and start up a real-time video call free of cost. Through Facetime, you can easily video call up to 30 people at one time. 

However, Facetime is only available for users who have Apple devices. You can not facetime call android users or create one on one meetings with other video conferencing softwares. 

Features of Facetime 

  • Their SharePlay feature allows you to share content with other Apple users 
  • Voice Isolation feature automatically cuts down on background noises 
  • You can incorporate their portrait mode to blur the background 
  • Group call up with up to 30 people 
  • End to End encryption 
Pros Cons
Great sound quality

Allows you to switch between audio and video call

 Easy to use

Extremely convenient

Free for Apple users
You can only connect with Apple users

Consumes a large amount of cellular data

Benefits of Facetime

Facetime allows you to have encrypted video conferences with your users. Once you start the meeting, you can shift between audio and video calls or simultaneously run both. 

You can also integrate Facetime with Siri and automate meetings. This also allows you to use Facetime on your Apple TV. 

If you use Facetime you will get access to their additional features such as photo capturing and transferring calls. 

Facetime makes it easier to connect with your audience and allows you to create one on one relationships. In case your audience consists of young adults, Facetime offers parental control features as well. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Facetime 

Technical Support 

Apple allows you to contact their support team through various forums such as direct call, online chat, and email. You can also contact their team from your Apple ID. 

Integratable with Siri 

You can integrate Facetime with Siri and give direct commands to schedule calls. Siri will automatically create a chat room and contact the recipients. 


Facetime is extremely user-friendly and easy to use. This software is ideal for casual conversations and interacting with your audience. 

Device Compatibility 

It is important to understand that Facetime is not compatible with android devices. You can only contact users who own an iOs device. 

Customizable Video Emojis 

Facetime allows you to customize video/audio features. You can make creative emojis to enhance customer interest. These might be beneficial for a younger audience. 

What Do the Customers Think?

social proof facetime

There is no doubt that Apple has a huge loyal customer base. However, after thorough research, we were able to conclude that Facetime might not be the best platform to sell your online course.

Facetime limits the number of participants per video conference. You can only add approximately 32 people per call. This limits the number of audiences you can reach out to in a single session.

Probably the biggest drawback of Facetime is that it limits you to Apple users only. Each participant who has an Apple device is added individually to the meeting. You can not contact android users or sell your content through Facetime.  This reduces the number of audiences you can reach out to. 

Best Video Calling App for iOs

The best video calling app for iOs is Facetime because it provides quality audio and video calling at a free price. 

Before making a decision, take a look at other services like WebinarJam, Curse and Skype.

Zoom Vs Facetime – Buyers’ Guide

zoom vs facetime



Zoom offers a free plan that lets you host up to 100 people. However, the video call will automatically end once you reach the 40-minute time limit. You can subscribe and purchase their bundles to avail their advanced features and other benefits. 


However, Facetime is completely free of cost and does not offer any premium plans. The biggest limitation of Facetime is that it is only accessible to Apple users.  

Video Quality 


Through Zoom you can enable their HD quality video to utilize 720p or 1080p for a meeting or an online webinar. The Zoom HD video quality feature is ideal for online calls and professional purposes.


The quality of your Facetime video could depend on which version of the android device you have. Apple supports 1080p for devices that have updated to the iOs 14.2. You can also add their advanced features such as noise cancelation and portrait mode to improve the video quality. 

Target Customer Size 

If you want to sell your courses to your audience, it is important to interact with your target audience. 


Zoom allows you to reach out to 100 people through their free version. However, you can purchase their bundle if you want to add more participants. 

Moreover, Zoom allows you to reach out to a global audience. They do not have any device restrictions, by simply sending a link, you can connect to users easily. 


However, through Facetime, you can only reach out to Apple users. You will have to individually add participants to your Facetime contact list if you want to add them to your call.

Facetime only allows you to add up to 32 participants per call.  This limits the number of people you can target through Facetime. 

Conference Control 

For an online class, it is important to have control over your meetings and avoid distribution. 


Zoom allows the Host to screen share, remove participants, and add them at any time of the meeting. 

Moreover, Zoom also allows attendees to share their screens if the host gives permission. At any time of the conference, the Host can mute a participant as well. 


However, Facetime has limited controls. 

You can not share your screen, mute, or remove participants during a call. In addition to this, you will have to add each participant individually and include them in your Facetime call. 

Device Compatibility 


Facetime is only compatible with iPhone, MacBook, Apple TV, and other Apple devices. You can only access customers that are linked with the iOs ecosystem. 


You would be glad to know that Zoom can be accessed through any android, Windows, and Apple device without any restriction. They also have a wide range of plug-ins and extensions to make your experience more convenient.

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Zoom Vs Facetime – Final Verdict

Zoom and Facetime are made with completely different users in mind. After thorough research, we can conclude that Zoom has the upper hand because it is accessible to a greater audience. 

If you want to convert your audience to sell your online course, read our Zoom vs Facetime article above to make a well-informed decision. 

Zoom is a clear winner for us. However, do let us know which one you chose to market your online course.